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There are so many whitening cosmetics that I can’t choose … Introducing effective usage and tips for choosing!

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Whitening cosmetics recommended for those who aim for beautiful white skin. I’m thinking of using it because I’m worried about spots and dullness, but I think there are many people who don’t know which one to choose. Whitening cosmetics are effective when used correctly, so you should also know how to use them. Therefore, this time we will introduce in detail how to select and use whitening cosmetics.

What is the effect of using whitening cosmetics?

Let’s take a closer look at the effects of whitening cosmetics.

  • Suppressing the production of melanin … You can expect the effect of suppressing the production of melanin, which causes dark spots and dullness. Active ingredients include hydroquinone, tranexamic acid, kojic acid, and chamomile ET.
  • Promotes skin turnover … Promotes the skin reincarnation cycle “turnover” and enhances melanin excretion. Active ingredients include vitamin A and vitamin B6.
  • Colorless melanin … By making the color of the melanin that is made colorless, stains and dullness are less noticeable. Active ingredients include vitamin C derivatives.
  • By using whitening cosmetics that are rich in such ingredients, you can effectively perform whitening care.


How to use whitening cosmetics more effectively

To get the full effect of whitening cosmetics, it is important to use them correctly. Use whitening cosmetics as follows.

Let’s start with serum

Whitening cosmetics include whitening serum and whitening cream. How about starting with a whitening serum? Whitening cream contains oil, so it is not suitable for people who have enough oil.

If it is a whitening serum, only the ingredients that suppress the production of melanin and promote the reduction are given to the skin. By adding to the usual moisturizing care, it is an advantage that you can easily care for stains and dullness.

Continue to use for at least one year

The effects of whitening cosmetics do not appear immediately. Continue to use it for at least one year and check the effect of improving and preventing dark spots and dullness. If you think it is not effective and stop it at an early stage, you will waste your beauty expenses.

Perform keratin care at the same time

Let’s do keratin care along with whitening cosmetics care. Delayed skin turnover leaves old dead skin cells on the skin, causing dullness. Also, if the turnover is delayed, the risk of stains increases because the melanin excretion is also delayed.

Use a peeling gel, cream, etc. to remove dead skin cells. However, overdoing it will damage your skin, so use it once a week as a guide.

Thorough sunscreen

Ultraviolet rays generate active oxygen and promote the production of melanin. Therefore, it is not possible to sufficiently prevent dark spots and dullness caused by UV rays just by taking care with whitening cosmetics. Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

For sunscreen, “SPF” that shows the effect of preventing UV-A that damages the surface of the skin and “PA” that shows the effect of preventing UV-B that penetrates deep into the skin and causes wrinkles and sagging are set. It has been.

“SPF10-20, PA ++” for daily life, “SPF20-30, PA ++-++++” for outdoor light sports, “SPF40 or above, PA ++-+++” for enjoying marine sports and leisure in the hot summer sun Choose a “+” sunscreen.

In addition to sunscreen, it is important to take measures against UV rays with a parasol, sunglasses, and a hat with a wide brim.

Points when painting

To get the best results from whitening cosmetics, you need to apply them correctly. Let’s paint as follows.

Whitening serum

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Take an appropriate amount of whitening essence, apply it pinpoint to areas where you are concerned about dark spots and dullness, and then apply it to the entire face. By doing so, you can approach the spots and dullness that have already been created, while preventing the spots and dullness from appearing on other parts.

Also, before applying the whitening serum, wash your face to remove dirt and rehydrate with a lotion. Since the beauty essence can easily penetrate, it can be expected to improve the effect.

Whitening cream

The cream hardens when it cools, so melt it at body temperature for your fingers. Place on both cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin and apply to the entire face. Also, since the neck is also a part where you are worried about spots and dullness caused by ultraviolet rays, it is a good idea to apply the cream left on your hands.

What criteria should I choose? How to choose whitening cosmetics

Choose whitening cosmetics that have a whitening effect as follows.

Check for whitening active ingredients

Check out the whitening active ingredients that are included. Make sure that it contains ingredients that suppress melanin production and promote reduction, and that it contains other ingredients that can deal with skin problems. There are the following whitening active ingredients.

Tranexamic acid: A component that suppresses the activation of melanocytes that produce melanin.

Camomila ET: A whitening ingredient made from chamomile. By suppressing the signal transmitter endothelin, it suppresses the activation and proliferation of melanocytes.

Placenta extract: A component extracted from the placenta of animals. It is expected to work to suppress the production of melanin. It also arranges turnover to promote melanin excretion.

Choose quasi-drug whitening cosmetics

Whitening cosmetics include “cosmetics” and “quasi-drugs”. Quasi-drugs contain a certain concentration of whitening ingredients approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and can be expected to be more effective than cosmetics. In addition, it is characterized by a low risk of skin problems because it is relatively less irritating to the skin.

Some whitening cosmetics are very irritating to the skin and may even promote the production of melanin. Daily use of such whitening cosmetics may increase dark spots and dullness in the future, so make sure that you are mild.


When choosing whitening cosmetics, pay attention to the ingredients they contain. We recommend quasi-drugs that contain ingredients that suppress the production of melanin and promote its reduction. In addition, whitening cosmetics alone cannot maintain skin without blemishes and dullness. Make sure to cleanse your face, moisturize your skin, care for dead skin cells, and live a regular life.

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