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Face washing is important for whitening care! Correct facial cleansing method that leads to cleansing effect and whitening

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Did you know that cleansing your face, which you casually continue every day, not only cleans your skin, but is also essential for whitening care. However, using the wrong facial cleanser or a cleanser that does not suit your skin can be a burden on your skin. You want to know how to wash your face properly and how to choose a cleanser. Therefore, this time we will introduce in detail the reason why face washing leads to whitening care, the correct face washing method, and how to choose a cleansing pigment.

Why is face washing important for whitening?

There are many reasons why cleansing is necessary for whitening. Let’s check one by one.

Properly removes excess sebum and dirt

Facial cleansing has the role of removing excess sebum and dirt from the skin. Sebum increases for a variety of reasons, including hormonal imbalances and excessive fat intake. Also, when you go out, chemical substances, dust, pollen, etc. get on your skin and become dirty and irritate your skin.

If you leave it as it is, your skin will look dull and your skin will be easily irritated, so wash it off with a daily face wash.

Care for old dead skin

The outermost epidermis of the skin is composed of four layers. The top of them is the stratum corneum. New corneocytes are created in the basal lamina, which is the lowest layer, and rise to the stratum corneum. Then, it pushes out the old keratin and replaces it with the new keratin. This is called turnover and is an indispensable function to maintain the barrier function of the skin.

Careful cleansing will prevent old dead skin cells from staying on the skin and support turnover.

Eliminates pore clogging and improves penetration of next care

Facial cleansing also has the role of removing dead skin cells and sebum that have clogged pores and increasing the penetration of beauty and moisturizing ingredients. For whitening care, care with cosmetics containing moisturizing ingredients and whitening ingredients is indispensable. Careful cleansing will improve the quality of whitening care.

What is the recommended cleanser for whitening?

The facial cleanser used is a general one that can be purchased at pharmacies and drug stores, and there is no problem. However, it may not be enough to care for dead skin cells and sebum by itself, so it is recommended to use a special cleanser as a special care. Use the following cleansers.

Clay face wash: A cleanser that adsorbs and removes dirt from pores. Since it is a heavy burden on your skin, use once a week as a guide.

Peeling face wash … A cleanser that removes dead skin cells. Since it contains ingredients that dissolve proteins, frequent use can be a burden on the skin. Use about once a week as a guide.

Enzyme cleansing … A cleanser that breaks down dead skin cells. If it is a powder type, you can use it by mixing it with your usual facial cleanser.

Be careful not to overdo it, as every face wash can be a heavy burden on your skin. The point is to remove old keratin, excess sebum, dirt, etc. by washing your face normally, and approach whitening with special care.

About the effect of whitening facial cleanser

Three effects can be expected from the whitening cleanser. Let’s take a closer look at the effects of whitening facial cleansers.

Promotes skin turnover

By removing dead skin cells, it promotes skin turnover. Old keratin has a lower barrier function than new keratin, so if left untreated, the skin will be more susceptible to irritation. It is difficult to remove dead skin cells with normal face washing, so it is recommended to use a whitening cleanser.

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Care for pores

Removes dead skin cells and sebum that have clogged pores, and enhances the penetration of lotion and serum. Old keratin and sebum that are clogged in the pores are called keratin plugs, and they oxidize black when exposed to air. Black lumpy pores will be noticeable, so you’ll want to take care of them early.

Inflammation occurs when sebum is used as food to increase the number of indigenous bacteria on the skin. Scars may be left behind when strong inflammation occurs. Pore ​​problems can be a source of various worries, so take good care of them.

You can have transparent skin

By removing dead skin cells and sebum stains, you can restore clear skin. Your skin may be one tone up and you may feel confident even without makeup. Daily facial cleansing, moisturizing care, and whitening care are important for maintaining clear skin. If your lifestyle is disturbed or stressed, it will be more difficult to maintain clear skin.

Let’s adjust your lifestyle and take care of stress while regaining transparency with whitening care.

What is the correct way to wash your face with a whitening cleanser?

Even if you use a whitening cleanser, you cannot expect any effect unless you use it correctly. On the contrary, it causes dry skin and increases the risk of age spots and dullness. Follow the steps below to follow each point and wash your face.

Warm the pores with a hot towel etc. By warming the pores, the pores will open and it will be easier to remove dirt. Hot towels can be made by simply putting a squeezed towel in the microwave at 600W for about 1 minute. Let it cool to a temperature warmer than human skin before applying it to the pores.

(2) Whisk well
Let’s whisk the cleanser firmly to suppress irritation to the skin. With a whipping net, you can easily create elastic and fine foam.

③ Gently wash your
skin with foam Let’s wash your skin gently so as not to rub it. The point is to wash with a foam cushion between your hands and skin.

④ Carefully wash the areas of concern such as the nose. Carefully wash the
nose, which is easily noticeable due to sebum and dead skin cells in the pores. However, do not wash it gently, but gently wash it in a circular motion.

Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water Rinse with lukewarm water as hot water will wash away the necessary sebum. The point is to carefully rinse the forehead and face line so that no bubbles remain.

Immediately after washing your face, moisturize with lotion, serum, or milky lotion. At that time, using a whitening serum will lead to clear skin.


Proper cleansing is essential to prevent dark spots and dullness. In addition, regular special care with a whitening cleanser will lead to even more transparent skin. It is also important to adjust your lifestyle and take stress care to keep your skin beautiful. Efficient whitening care from the inside and outside of your body to keep your skin white, well-textured and healthy.

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