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A milky lotion that also has a whitening effect! How to use whitening emulsion and points to choose

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If you want to keep your skin beautiful without blemishes and dullness, it is important to review your cosmetics. When it comes to whitening care, many people think of beauty essence. It is recommended to use a milky lotion that has a whitening effect after the beauty essence. This time, we will introduce in detail the effects of whitening emulsion, how to use it, and the points of how to choose it.

What is the effect of whitening emulsion?

Speaking of whitening care, many people may think of care using whitening serum, but in fact, there are also milky lotions that can be used for whitening care. It is characterized by containing a certain amount of whitening active ingredient approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and can be effectively cared for when used in combination with a whitening serum.

Furthermore, if you choose a lotion containing whitening active ingredients, both moisturizing and whitening care will be possible. Since daily accumulation is important for whitening care, why not take in whitening milky lotion or whitening lotion.

What is the effective use of whitening emulsion?

Whitening emulsion is effective when used correctly. Let’s use it as follows.

(1) Take half of the appropriate amount and warm it lightly
. If you apply too much milky lotion, the oil content will be excessive, so it is important to apply it little by little. Also, lightly warming it will make it more familiar to the skin.

Apply to the entire face Apply evenly to the entire face to prevent stickiness.

③ Take the other half and stack it on the center of the
eyes and mouth. Since the eyes and mouth are easy to dry, it is important to stack the emulsion. Drying makes the skin more susceptible to irritation and increases the risk of age spots and dullness.

④ Completed when the
whole skin is chewy If the whole skin is moisturized, it is proof that the water and oil are well supplemented.

Now, let’s consider when to apply the whitening emulsion, along with the points of skin care.

When should you apply the whitening emulsion?

Apply the whitening emulsion at the same timing as the usual emulsion. By following the skin care procedure, you will be able to give your skin a moisturizing and whitening active ingredient. The correct skin care procedure is as follows:

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① Cleansing
Makeup Let’s remove stains firmly. Cleansing is necessary as it does not come off sufficiently after washing your face. We recommend that you use natural make-up so that you do not have to use oil cleansing, which has strong detergency.

(2) Cleanser
Let’s wash away dirt, excess sebum, and old keratin on the face with a face wash. Gently wash with plenty of foam to avoid irritation to the skin. Rinse carefully so that the cleanser does not remain on your skin.

③ Toner
Let’s rehydrate the skin. Hyaluronic acid, ceramide, and natural moisturizing factors are recommended.

④ Essence
Apply a beauty essence containing whitening active ingredients. If you only need whitening emulsion for whitening care, use a moisturizing and firming serum.

⑤ Whitening emulsion
As introduced earlier, apply whitening emulsion to make it sticky.

⑥ Cream
Apply cream to areas where you are concerned about dryness. Use cream when you cannot supplement the oil with milky lotion. It is sticky when used by people with active sebum secretion, so it is important to carefully check the points to be applied.

Skin care points

It is important to apply the emulsion by hand, not cotton. Not only can cotton not be applied evenly, it can also irritate the skin. When applying, have an image of infiltrating with a hand press instead of rubbing.

And it is important to take in not only lotion and milky lotion but also beauty essence and cream for efficient whitening care. No matter how much the whitening active ingredient penetrates into the skin, the lack of moisture will dry the skin. As a result, damage such as friction and UV rays will accumulate, causing stains and dullness. Keeping the skin moisturized leads to beautiful skin.

What are the key points when choosing a whitening emulsion?

There are various whitening active ingredients contained in whitening emulsion. Some whitening emulsions contain highly moisturizing ingredients. Let’s check the characteristics of each ingredient so that you can choose the one that suits your purpose.

Contains whitening active ingredients

Vitamin C derivatives: Ingredients that enhance the stability and absorption of vitamin C into the skin. It is metabolized by enzymes in the skin and works as vitamin C. It suppresses the production of melanin, which causes dark spots and dullness, and promotes reduction.

Alptin: A component that suppresses the excessive production of melanin by inhibiting the action of tyrosinase, which is necessary for the production of melanin.

Contains high moisturizing ingredients

Next, let’s look at the ingredients contained in the type that contains high moisturizing ingredients.

Hyaluronic acid: The skin is composed of the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous tissue in that order from the surface. Hyaluronic acid is a highly water-retaining ingredient in the dermis. A small amount of hyaluronic acid holds a large amount of water and keeps the skin elastic. Hyaluronic acid contained in cosmetics does not reach the dermis, but it moisturizes the skin.

Collagen: A mesh-like component that maintains the elasticity of the skin in the dermis. Collagen contained in cosmetics keeps the skin moisturized, and as a result, it has the function of suppressing the decrease in collagen.

Ceramide: A component that fills the gap between corneocytes. The barrier function is maintained by sufficiently filling the gaps in the corneocytes with ceramide. When ceramide is insufficient, external stimuli enter through the gaps in the stratum corneum, causing skin problems.

Squalane: A shark-derived ingredient that mixes with the water on the surface of the skin to support the function of the sebaceous membrane. Even if there is enough ceramide in the stratum corneum, lack of sebum will reduce the barrier function of the skin, so it is important to supplement the oil with squalane.


Whitening emulsion is a cosmetic product that supplements the skin with water, oil, and whitening active ingredients. By using it together with lotion or serum, you can take care of whitening while enhancing the barrier function of the skin. Daily accumulation is important to maintain beautiful white skin. Take proper care with a whitening emulsion that contains moisturizing ingredients such as ceramide, collagen, and hyaluronic acid, as well as vitamin C derivatives and arbutin.

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