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Whitening care for transparent skin! How to care and how to use whitening cosmetics

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I think there are many women who yearn for white, beautiful and transparent skin. If you want to have clear skin, it is important to take proper care with whitening cosmetics. It is also important to review your usual face washing and moisturizing care. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the correct whitening care method and how to use whitening cosmetics for those who aim for transparent skin.

What is the effect of whitening care?

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The following effects can be expected for whitening care that prepares white and beautiful skin.

Suppresses melanin production and prevents spots

Prevents dark spots and dullness by suppressing the production of melanin. By approaching the melanocytes that produce melanin, it is possible to prevent the production of melanin.

Improvement of fresh stains

It is difficult to completely prevent blemishes, but new thin blemishes may be improved with whitening care. It is important to start whitening care before the stains darken.

Adjust the texture of the skin and tone up

You can expect to tone up the skin by removing dead skin cells and adjusting the texture. Get in the habit of proper cleansing and moisturizing care.

Why can I have stains? Mechanism for stains

Blemishes are melanin deposited on the skin. Melanin is a pigment that prevents stimuli from reaching deep into the skin, and melanin itself is not a problem.

Melanin is naturally excreted by the turnover of the epidermis, so it usually does not cause blemishes. However, if you continue to be exposed to UV rays for many years, melanin will be excessively produced, disturbing the turnover and depositing on the skin. In other words, the point is how much to prevent irritation such as ultraviolet rays and friction.

For fair skin! What is a whitening care method?

If you want to have fair skin, it is important to suppress the production of melanin and promote its excretion. After dark spots, it becomes difficult to eliminate them with whitening care alone. Make the following whitening care habits and aim for clear skin.

Wash your face properly without rubbing your skin

Rubbing the skin stimulates the production of melanin. Therefore, it is important to wash your face properly without rubbing your skin. Rubbing or rinsing with hot water will dry your skin.

When dry, the skin becomes sensitive to irritation and promotes the production of melanin. Get in the habit of washing your face properly as follows.

(1) Wash your
hands If dirt or oil remains on your hands, the cleanser will not foam well. If you don’t lather the cleanser enough, it will irritate your skin, so wash your hands first.

(2) Pre-
wash with lukewarm water Wash off dirt and dust on your face with lukewarm water. Washing with hot water will remove more sebum, which supports the barrier function of the skin. The point is to wash with lukewarm water about the size of human skin.

(3) Sufficiently whisk the
cleanser Take the cleanser in your hand and whisk it well with a small amount of lukewarm water. You can easily whisk with a whipping net. Let’s make fine and elastic foam.

(4) Wash your skin so that your
hands do not touch it. It is important to apply foam to your face and wash your hands so that they do not come into direct contact with your skin. Wash the foam so that it rolls on the surface of your skin. It is important to wash in the order of T zone and U zone, which secrete a lot of sebum, cheeks, and around the eyes and mouth.

Rinse carefully Rinse carefully with lukewarm water as the remaining bubbles will irritate the skin. We recommend rinsing 20 to 30 times. Also, make sure there are no bubbles left in the U zone or hairline.

I wash my face twice a day, morning and evening. Do not wash more than twice a day, as over-washing can lead to dry skin.

Carefully moisturize with lotion and milky lotion

After washing your face, be sure to moisturize with lotion or milky lotion. Old skin keratin and sebum have been removed, making it easier for the skin’s moisture to evaporate. Moisturize your skin with a lotion and replenish your oil with a milky lotion.

For those who tend to dry, we recommend adding a moisturizing serum. Apply cream to areas where you are concerned about dryness, such as around the eyes and mouth.

Thorough UV protection

Use sunscreen or a parasol to prevent UV rays that cause stains and dullness. It is important to choose a sunscreen cream that suits your outing time, season, and location. Keep an eye on SPF and PA when choosing sunscreen.

SPF shows how long it takes to prevent UVB, which causes inflammation on the surface of the skin. PA also exhibits the ability to reach deep into the skin and prevent UVA, which adversely affects the firmness of the skin.

For light sports outdoors or going out for a short time, SPF30-40, PA +++ or so is fine. For leisure and marine sports under the scorching sun, SPF50 or higher and PA ++++ are recommended. Also, the sunscreen will be washed away by sweat, so reapply it frequently.

Incorporate whitening cosmetics

Incorporate whitening cosmetics that contain ingredients that suppress melanin production and promote melanin reduction. Although the spots do not lighten immediately, habitual care with whitening cosmetics may alleviate the worries of spots and dullness.

Effective use of whitening cosmetics

It is important to use whitening cosmetics in the correct way. Let’s hold down the following points to bring out the effects of whitening cosmetics.

Use on the entire face

It is important to use whitening cosmetics not only on areas where you are concerned about age spots and dullness, but also on the entire face. When used on the entire face, it promotes the reduction of melanin, which is still invisible, which helps prevent dullness and age spots.

Protect usage

Whitening cosmetics do not enhance the whitening effect when used in large quantities. The proper amount to use is the amount that can be spread thinly over the entire face. Find the amount that suits you, as the amount you need depends on the area of ​​your face.

Continue to use

Whitening cosmetics are effective when used continuously. If used only occasionally, it will not adequately suppress the production of melanin, resulting in dark spots and dullness. Even if you get the effect of reducing melanin, you may not be able to keep up with the speed at which melanin is produced unless you use it continuously.


The basics of whitening care are face washing and moisturizing, UV protection, and whitening cosmetics. By practicing the correct method for each, you can lead to transparent skin. It is important to accumulate whitening care every day, so let’s continue patiently.

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