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Make your skin beautiful with whitening makeup! What are the tips for making makeup that creates a sense of transparency?

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To create clear, fair skin, you must start by reviewing your daily care. If you want to get fair skin right away, why not try whitening makeup. With a little ingenuity, you can produce clear and fair skin. This time, I will introduce in detail the tips for whitening makeup that creates a sense of transparency.

What is whitening makeup?

Whitening make-up is a make-up that creates a transparent feeling on the skin. Although the skin is clear and white, it has a moderate complexion and luster, so you can naturally produce beautiful skin. If the makeup looks unnatural, it may be due to a problem with the makeup method.

Introducing whitening makeup methods and tips to create a sense of transparency

Make sure to check the basic methods and tips for whitening makeup so that it does not look unnatural. By holding down the following points, you can create a natural whitening makeup.

Firmly moisturize with skin care

It is important to carefully moisturize the skin so that the foundation and makeup base are firm. If the texture is distorted or dry, the foundation and makeup base will not be applied cleanly. Carefully moisturize with lotion or milky lotion before makeup, as you will not be able to create a sense of transparency.

The base is a control color for transparency

First, cover the redness of your skin with a control color makeup base. You can use the control color to hide skin problems and create a sense of transparency.

The foundation is liquid

If you want to create a sense of transparency, we recommend liquid foundation rather than powder foundation. The foundation does not float easily over time, making it easier to maintain transparency.

Keep eyeshadow modest

If the eyeshadow is dark, the face will be sharp and the transparency will be impaired. Keep your eyeshadow modest.

Naturally with cream blush

Cream cheeks are items that make your cheeks look ruddy. A transparent make-up shines by producing a moderate complexion. Also, because it looks fair and healthy, it makes a transparent make-up.

Produce a fair-skinned feeling with pink lips

Pink lips are a color that does not overemphasize the lips, so you can create a fair-skinned look. In addition, it does not give an unhealthy image because it has a moderate complexion.

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[Recommended for Mr. Jikuro! ] Points of whitening makeup

I think there are many people who are worried about how to make whitening. If you hold down the following points, you can produce transparent skin even for dark people.

Use blue and pearl control colors as the base

Blue and pearl control colors help reduce dark skin tones. It is indispensable for whitening makeup because it creates a sense of transparency regardless of the color of the skin.

Use a matte foundation

A glossy foundation is basically used for whitening makeup, but a matte foundation is recommended for those who are dark. The matte texture makes dark skin less noticeable and creates a sense of transparency.

Make it look bright with highlighting

Let’s highlight and create bright skin. Beige color and pearl highlights will give a natural finish even for black backgrounds. Matte highlights tend to give an unnatural finish and should be avoided.

Point makeup is simple

Even if you apply whitening make-up, if the point make-up stands out, you will not be able to impress the transparent skin. Keep point makeup simple and unobtrusive.

I want to get closer to fairness …! What you can do other than make-up

Some people can produce transparent skin with whitening makeup alone, while others are not enough. If you want to have fairer skin, let’s take a closer look at how to care for it.

Approach from the inside with supplements

Nourish with supplements and approach clear skin from the inside of the body. It is important to take nutrition that makes it difficult to make spots and promotes skin turnover. Choose a supplement that contains the following ingredients:

Antioxidant nutrients

Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, etc. have antioxidant effects. Antioxidant action is the action of removing active oxygen, and can be expected to suppress the production of melanin. Vitamin A is abundant in carrots and spinach, vitamin C is abundant in green and yellow vegetables, and vitamin E is abundant in nuts, so eat these foods consciously.

Lactic acid bacteria

Lactic acid bacteria can be expected to work to improve the intestinal environment. There is a theory that if the intestinal environment is disturbed, rough skin is likely to occur. Consciously take lactic acid bacteria to improve the intestinal environment. In addition, oligosaccharides and dietary fiber can also be expected to improve the intestinal environment, so it is recommended to take them consciously on a regular basis.

Apply sunscreen without fail

UV protection is the first step in combating dark spots and dullness. Be sure to apply sunscreen when you go out. In addition, it is important to thoroughly prevent UV rays by using various methods such as parasols, hats, and masks.

Check SPF and PA for sunscreen and choose the one that suits your needs. SPF has the effect of prolonging the time to inflammation by UVB, which causes redness on the surface of the skin. And PA shows the effect of preventing UVA, which penetrates deep into the skin and destroys or denatures the firm components such as collagen and elastin.

For daily life, SPF20 and PA ++ are sufficient, but for light outdoor sports and leisure, SPF30, PA +++, and for sports under the scorching sun, SPF50 or higher and PA ++++ are required.

Make your hair color transparent

You can create transparent skin by using a transparent hair color. However, it may be noticeable if you do not make it transparent to some extent. Ash and warm hair colors are recommended. There are many other transparent hair colors, so please consult with a hairdresser.


The key to whitening makeup is to suppress point makeup while devising makeup bases and foundations. In addition, taking antioxidant nutrition and taking thorough measures against UV rays will also lead to clear skin. In addition, let’s adopt various methods such as making the hair color transparent.

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