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Melano Shot White D, which works directly on the source of stains What is the secret of its whitening power?

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“There are a lot of whitening essences, but which one is better?”
I want to come across this one that answers such a question!

I’m looking for a whitening essence, but I don’t know which one is better.” “Is there really a whitening essence that can see the effect?” “I want to have clear and transparent skin, but it will take time.” Questions and worries about the whitening serum that Momo has. Isn’t there a lot of people who want to come across a dish that makes them think “this!” Before the full-scale summer comes?

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With its quick and direct effect, the
whitening power of Melano Shot White D, which is a hot topic now, makes you want to continue using it.

May, when you start to worry about the effects of UV rays on your skin, not only when you go out but also when you are indoors. If you want to start whitening care properly, you want to use a whitening serum that works as soon as possible. Therefore, the decisive factor in choosing a whitening serum that you think is “this is it!” Is its whitening power.
ONE BY KOSÉ Melano Shot White D is Kose’s No. 1 * 1 beauty essence, a medicated whitening beauty essence that cuts off stains from the root * 2 . It has a “direct effect” on the source of stains and makes the source of stains colorless * 3 . We will approach thoroughly without creating dark spots or conspicuous spots. Kojic acid, an active whitening ingredient, works directly on melanocytes that cause blemishes, leaving your skin clear and clear. Melano Shot White D responds to the voice that you do not want to make stains and do not want to see dark stains. A whitening serum that is chosen to be used forever.

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