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Moisturizing and aging care. What is a moisturizing method for adult skin?

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What kind of skin do you imagine when you hear “beautiful adult skin”?
The skin you should aim for is “U-na-ha-ta-ke”. It represents “U = Moisture”, “Na = Smooth”, “Ha = Hari”, “Ta = Elasticity”, and “Ke = Blood color”. Moisturizing and moisturizing skin is when the skin on the cheeks sticks to the fingers when the palm is applied to the face and then gently released.

■ Is it moisturizing properly?

What is the role of moisturizing? The epidermis on the surface of the skin plays an important role in protecting the body from external stimuli through the skin and in transmitting information to nerves in the unlikely event that a foreign substance enters the body. It also prevents the evaporation of water in the body and keeps the skin moisturized. The dermis under the epidermis acts like a cushion to keep the skin elastic and firm.
As the skin grows older, the function of the dermis decreases, the skin cannot be supported, and wrinkles and sagging occur. It is a condition of beautiful skin that both the epidermis and the dermis function properly, and moisturizing is essential for that purpose.

What I want to aim for is skin that can create moisturizing substances and store water in the stratum corneum. If the moisturizer works properly, it will not evaporate water and prevent it from drying out.
The number one moisturizing ingredient is ceramide. It has the property of sandwiching water like a sandwich, and once it catches water, it does not evaporate even when the humidity reaches 0%, making it a reliable ingredient.
Unfortunately, ceramide also decreases with age. Ceramide is made from something like cholesterol, but you can’t increase ceramide directly when you take it from your diet. It is very difficult to make ceramide from inside the body.
Therefore, let’s introduce moisturizing cosmetics made to supplement ceramide. Since ceramide is not water-soluble, it is included in beauty essences and emulsions, not in lotions. There are different types of ceramides, so be careful when choosing the ingredients that contain ceramides 1-3.

It is easy to think of skin moisture as lotion, but it evaporates quickly, so moisturizing only with lotion is not perfect. Let’s choose a lotion with a feeling of use that you like, expecting the effect of freshening the skin.
Essence supplies the skin with various active ingredients such as moisturizing ingredients, whitening, and anti-aging. If you choose it for moisturizing purposes, the one with ceramide is recommended. Once you find a moisturizing serum that suits your skin, you don’t have to change it from season to season. Adjust the amount used, such as slightly more in the dry winter and less in the summer.
Emulsions and creams supplement the oil and keep the skin soft and smooth. When it comes to adult skin, the water content and oil content will decrease, so apply a ceramide-containing beauty essence and then layer the milky lotion or cream on the eyes and mouth, which are easy to dry.

■ How to moisturize and choose for adult skin

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Even if you apply ceramide serum, it is meaningless unless it penetrates the skin. Use a moisturizing pack that moisturizes deep into the skin. Sheet types are popular these days, but we also recommend the type that hardens when spread on the skin because of its high airtightness. Prevents the evaporation of water and delivers moisture to the depths of the skin. Adding this kind of care to daily skin care is also a point to enhance the moisturizing power of adult skin. If you do it regularly to replenish the moisture in your skin and keep it in a beauty essence that you will use later, you can expect further improvement in your skin.
Special care should be able to add a glossy skin effect to moisturized skin. If it is glossy, you will not be worried about some stains and wrinkles. Gently apply a whitening lotion to hyaluronic acid, which enhances the water retention of the skin. Next, apply a gel-like lotion containing Chinese herbal extract from areas with soft skin that are susceptible to stress and UV damage, such as the cheeks and around the eyes. The final cream should be rich in vitamin E and botanical extracts, which have strong antioxidant properties, and should be applied from the same delicate part. Let’s also attach it firmly around the neck where lymph flows. Choose something that has a different effect than usual and enjoy care!

Let’s also review oil care. The image is that oil = a lid on the skin, but if it is a water-friendly oil, it can be used before lotion. The skin whose sebum has been washed away by washing the face thickens the keratin and changes to hard skin so as not to let moisture escape. If you soften the skin with oil rather than moisturizing it as it is, it will be easier for the lotion and serum to be applied afterwards to penetrate the skin. It is NG to apply strongly. Let’s start with the delicate parts.

In addition to moisturizing, take in skin care that promotes blood circulation and supplements oil, especially in winter when moisturizing is required. In winter, skin care that takes care of your skin will prepare you for the next unstable season of spring. Adult skin with a turnover of 40 to 55 days requires skin care that is two months ahead.
When choosing basic cosmetics for adult skin when emphasizing moisturizing, let’s have an image of giving moisturizing ingredients rather than using a generous amount.
During the daytime, you may be worried about dryness in the office, and you may spray a spray-type lotion, but when the lotion dries, the moisture on your skin will be taken away together, which will lead to more dryness. .. Spread a moisturizing serum containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid and apply it to the dry area by gently pressing it. If you don’t rub it, you won’t be afraid of makeup breaking.

In the first place, feeling lack of moisture during the day is evidence of lack of regular moisturizing care. I would like to review the moisturizing items I have and try to keep them moisturized from the morning. Be careful of dryness and sunburn in the room, and replenish your skin with food. I especially want to take vitamin A. It promotes turnover and helps to create new, fresh and healthy skin. In addition to liver and green and yellow vegetables, iron, which is abundant in beans, is also important. It promotes blood circulation and also activates turnover.


As you get older, your skin begins to deteriorate rapidly. It is difficult to stop aging, but if you condition your skin, you can slow it down. What is important is skin care that emphasizes moisturizing. At the same time, when your skin is rough, always face your skin by using only petrolatum or mild cream

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