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For measures against dry skin of anxious adults. What is a skin care method?

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Collagen and hyaluronic acid, which are essential for skin firmness and luster, decrease with age. For dry skin of adults, it is important to first get acquainted with your skin, make up for what is lacking, and allow it to penetrate inside properly.

■ What is dry skin?

Is this dry skin? Do you apply to the check items?
✔ The skin feels taut after cleansing
✔ The surface of the skin is dry ✔ The skin
feels itchy
✔ Overall rough and stiff
✔ I’m worried about wrinkles due to lack of firmness ✔ Makeup glue in
winter It
gets worse ✔ The area around the eyes and mouth is powdery and peeled
✔ Makeup floats

Surprisingly many people have problems with dry skin. For healthy skin, the stratum corneum is properly supplemented with sebum, natural moisturizing factors, and intercellular lipids such as ceramide. However, if this balance is lost for various reasons, the skin will become dry. If it gets worse, the skin may break and bleed. Leaving dry skin peels off the stratum corneum and reduces the barrier function. The barrier function is to prevent the necessary water from evaporating, but allergens and stimulants from daily life may get into it and cause itching, which may lead to a vicious cycle of scratching and worsening. I have.

If you leave your dry skin untouched, it will cause two major factors that make you look old, “fine wrinkles and age spots.” Fine wrinkles become dry and rough on the surface of the skin, resulting in shallow and fine wrinkles, and if left untreated, they become deep wrinkles. The cause of blemishes is that the skin cannot turn over well and melanin is not excreted.

■ What is the cause of dry skin?

Dry skin is skin that secretes less sebum and has weakened water retention. Ceramide, which maintains water retention capacity, gradually decreases from the 30s and changes to dry skin. In addition, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands weaken, and the balance between oil and water is lost, resulting in loss of moisture.

Be aware that some skin care products can make dry skin worse without your knowledge. If the temperature of the hot water is too high when washing your face, it will put a strain on your skin. If you put the sheet pack on your skin for longer than the time specified in the instruction manual, the water that has penetrated your skin will be released, so be sure to keep the time.

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■ What should I do for adult dry skin care?

What are the key points of dry skin care?

First, let’s review the basic facial cleansing method.
If you are worried about dryness, you will want to apply plenty of high-quality beauty essence and cream with high moisturizing ingredients, but the biggest cause of dryness is dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin such as old keratin, so first of all, it is necessary to cleanse properly. it’s important. By doing so, new keratin will be born from under the skin, and it can be expected that it will not dry out.

The point of skin care after cleansing is to moisturize the skin and to adjust the function of the skin. Give your skin a proper amount of moisturizer to keep it dry.
We also recommend a cream that smoothes the turnover of the skin and eliminates the cause of dryness. Choose a moisturizing serum that keeps your skin moisturized from the inside. The area around the eyes dries easily, so apply eye cream diligently. It is also important to replenish water and oil to prevent wrinkles. The foundation should be a liquid type with high moisturizing power, and the cleansing should be one that can remove stains while leaving moisture.

For base makeup when it is extremely dry, we recommend simple care such as applying beauty essence or cream, or leaving only petrolatum. Refrain from sunscreen and apply a powder foundation to block UV rays. If you are worried about powder floating during the day, apply beauty essence over your makeup. Apply with the sensation of gently pressing without rubbing to replenish moisture.
If the water is soaked, try applying a cream that protects the skin or only vaseline for a while. When the skin recovers, add beauty essence and return to normal skin care.

■ Measures for dry skin that can be done at home

At home, use a steaming towel to eliminate the stiffness of your skin caused by dryness. Gently cover your face with a steaming towel to soften the surface of your skin. After that, let the milky lotion blend in. It is an image that blends in from the inside to the outside of the face. Apply the steamed towel to your face again for about 30 seconds and gently wipe it from the inside to the outside in the same way. It is a care that removes dead skin cells and removes the roughness of hardened skin. You can rest assured even when your skin is sensitive.
If it’s too dry and you feel tingling no matter what you put it on, put cotton soaked in purified water.


When it comes to dry skin, not only facial skin care but also skin care for the whole body is attracted by the word “moisturizing ingredients” and it is easy to reach out. You’ll want to rely on high-performance moisturizers, but first clean the surface of your skin. If you moisturize more than necessary, it will rather accumulate in your skin and may become heavy and sagging.
It is an adult’s dry skin where the power of turnover weakens and unnecessary cells are hard to peel off, but by helping the skin by washing the face, you can increase the number of new cells with a lot of water.

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