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For people whose skin becomes more sensitive as they grow up. What is the best skin care for sensitive skin?

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Sometimes my skin gets sick quickly, itching or skin care. As I get older, I think some people may start to feel such symptoms. Don’t miss the signs that your skin is becoming more sensitive and do the right skin care.

■ What is sensitive skin?

When hair or clothes touch the skin, it becomes tingling and itchy. Cosmetics stain or reddish. Eczema and rashes are likely to occur. The skin tends to get rough due to seasonal changes and stress. Sensitive skin responds to even the slightest stimulus. Some people think that they have sensitive skin by nature, but there are two types of sensitive skin. There are cases where you have become sensitive skin due to incorrect skin care, and cases where you have natural skin quality.

Wrong skin care is over-cleansing or using cosmetics that don’t fit. As a result, the skin becomes rough and causes dryness. It also reduces the resistance of the skin due to lack of sleep and irregular life, creating unstable skin.
If you are not this type of person and you are sensitive to skin care and daily life, you have natural sensitive skin. Originally, the skin is thin and it reacts excessively to external stimuli.

■ Why do you have sensitive skin?

Causes of sensitive skin include a decrease in the barrier function of the skin. “Adult sensitive skin”, which becomes sensitive skin as we get older, is mainly caused by the decrease in sebum secretion and dryness due to aging, and the deterioration of the barrier function due to dryness.
In addition, due to seasonal changes, physical condition, and changes in the environment, the skin may become unbalanced and temporarily become sensitive. When the skin becomes sensitive, the entire skin may become dry or itchy even with the same care as usual. This is a sign that the barrier function of the skin is weakened. The barrier function of the skin is carried out by the stratum corneum of only 0.02 mm. When this function weakens, the skin becomes rough and then fluctuates, creating a vicious cycle.

■ What should adults’ sensitive skin be careful about?

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People tend to choose additive-free or natural cosmetics just because their skin is sensitive, but these labels do not necessarily mean that they are gentle on the skin. Unlike foods, natural ingredients may be more prone to problems such as rashes. For example, even with a plant extract, one plant extract contains many ingredients, and if even one of them does not suit the skin, an allergic reaction may occur. Standards for additive-free cosmetics differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, and instead of containing no preservatives or fragrances, they may contain a large amount of surfactants. The best way to choose cosmetics is to have fewer ingredients listed on the ingredient label. It can be said that the smaller the number of ingredients, the better the skin and the less likely it is to cause allergies.

Let’s be more careful about sunburn than ever before. As we get older, the body’s physiological functions are lost, so-called aging, and the damage to the skin caused by ultraviolet rays is photoaging. When photoaging overlaps with aging, it increases the formation of stains and wrinkles. The skin becomes thicker, stiffer and darker. This is a symptom that occurs when the elastic fibers in the dermis that keep the skin firm are broken and hardened. The best way to choose sunscreen cosmetics is UV absorber-free. It is displayed as “No UV absorber”, “UV absorber free”, “Non-chemical”, etc.

Regarding skin care, we will focus on the barrier function. While making simple care so as not to stimulate the deteriorated barrier function It aims to soothe the most important symptoms for sensitive skin. First, in order to restore the barrier function, the entire skin is restored to a state where the skin is strong enough to accept skin care. Avoiding irritation is the highest priority. For skin care, choose one that has simple ingredients and contains anti-inflammatory ingredients.

You will want to nourish your skin, but first try to moisturize and soothe it. Cleansing is the most stressful on the skin, so be especially careful. Avoid irritating cleansing, and even if you choose oil cleansing that usually drops off, if you have sensitive skin, use a cream-type cleansing agent. It is necessary to change it. The cream type is recommended for dry skin and seasons because it feels firm and firm as if it was lifted from the inside. Furthermore, when the skin is delicate, it is a milk type. Let’s change. You can expect moisturized and transparent skin without damaging sensitive skin even at the turn of the season. It is also effective when you feel that cosmetics are not familiar because it softens the skin.

If you still feel irritated, use soap. A versatile player that suits any skin, it is refreshing and has almost no irritation. We recommend simple ones that do not contain surfactants or preservatives. Recently, there are some that contain beauty ingredients and some that have high moisturizing power while being washed cleanly.

You may also have atopic dermatitis if you experience intense itching as you dry, or if only the area around your eyes is red and dry. There is an image that symptoms appear from childhood, but recently, adult-type atopic dermatitis that develops in adulthood is increasing. We recommend that you go to a dermatologist once.


If you have sensitive skin, always check your skin condition. Touch the outer corners of the eyes with the pad of your finger to check the moisturizing condition, and touch the nose to check the condition of oil. If your fingers bounce, both are proof of a good balance. If it is sticky, there is too much milky lotion or cream, and if the outer corners of the eyes are dry, it means that there is insufficient moisture, so let’s review the amount.

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