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Skin care for whitening! For transparent skin with no stains or dullness

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Prevention is the most important factor for whitening. Spots are difficult to care for after they have been created. Let’s take in UV care and whitening cosmetics on a daily basis!

Whitening mechanism & tips on how to select and use whitening skin care items

Let’s think about the mechanism of whitening from the mechanism of whitening cosmetics.
First, when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays, a command is issued from inside the epidermis to produce melanin, which causes blemishes. On the other hand, whitening cosmetics have the roles of “blocking the ingredients that produce commands” and “blocking the ingredients that are produced from the commands that make melanin.” What is important in whitening is the prevention of spots that may be possible in the future and the improvement of spots that have already been made.

Next, I will introduce the main ingredients that are effective for whitening.

[Camomila ET]

Suppresses the action of “endothelin” that issues a command to make melanin

[Tranexamic acid]

There is also an ingredient to prevent rough skin. Suppresses the production of melanin


Suppresses the production of the signal transmitter “prostaglandin” that conveys the command to make melanin

[M-tranexamic acid]

Suppresses overproduction of melanin


Approach multiple messenger substances to promote normal melanin production

[Vitamin C derivatives]

Representative of whitening ingredients. It also has the effect of suppressing the substance “tyrosinase” that changes to melanin and acting on the existing black melanin to lighten the color.


Prevents the binding of “tyrosine” and “tyrosinase”, the first ingredients that can be made after the command to make melanin

[Kojic acid / ellagic acid]

Prevents activation of “tyrosinase”


Has the effect of repelling tyrosine

【Placenta extract】

Has whitening ingredients and is relatively inexpensive

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Eliminate accumulated melanin

[Magnolignan / linoleic acid]

Decomposes “tyrosinase”

Normalization of turnover is essential to bring out the power of these whitening ingredients. This is because if the turnover is disturbed, melanin will accumulate and stains will form. Take regular keratin care to remove dead skin cells. It is also recommended to improve blood circulation by massage etc. to promote metabolism.

Should I change skin care for whitening by age group or season?

For effective whitening care, it is also important to identify the type of spots. Depending on the type, the whitening cosmetics you are using may not be effective or may worsen. Here, we will introduce the symptoms of stains that are often seen by age group and the effective ingredients for them.

■ 20s

It develops “inflammatory pigmentation” caused by incorrect cleansing, acne, and insect bites, and so-called freckles “freckles”. The former is caused by inflammation, so it may be applied to the whole body regardless of age. Whitening cosmetics are effective as soon as they are made, but if they are thick or widespread, an ointment such as “hydroquinone” is recommended. The latter has a strong genetic component, but I want to suppress melanin production first. Keep in mind both UV care and whitening care.

■ 30s

More and more people are suffering from chloasma. Female hormones are greatly involved, and in some cases, they heal naturally after menopause. It can also be caused by frictional inflammation. In addition to taking tranexamic acid, medical creams such as retinoic acid and hydroquinone are effective.

■ 40s and 50s

Some people have “seborrheic keratosis” in which the keratin of the originally spotted area becomes thicker and swells in brown. Evidence that it has been damaged by UV rays for a long time. Let’s treat with laser etc. at the clinic and take measures against ultraviolet rays. Also, in the 50s, “senile pigment spots” caused by the influence of ultraviolet rays are a typical problem. Vitamins, C, E, K and LI cysteine ​​are effective.

Seasonal UV care is also important

UV rays start to increase from March to April, so be careful not to forget to apply sunscreen. It is also the season when pollen and dryness make the skin rough and sensitive. Take care that is as gentle to your skin as possible. In summer, take thorough measures against UV rays! On days when you are likely to be exposed to UV rays for a long time, it is recommended that you start whitening care from the day before and eat foods with antioxidant effects such as vitamin C. Autumn tends to be dry and turnover is delayed. Remove dead skin cells and moisturize them well. Since it is also a holiday season, UV protection is essential. In winter, make your skin ready for spring when UV rays start to increase. Use a daytime serum that moisturizes well and protects against UV rays.

Skin care bean knowledge for whitening!

・ Thorough measures against UV rays and countermeasures after being exposed to UV rays

Ultraviolet rays fall all year round, which means that melanin is also produced all year round. Let’s continue the measures 365 days a year. Use a wide variety of sunscreens according to your needs, and use sunglasses, hats, accessories, etc. to prevent UV rays as much as possible.
In addition, UV A waves that cause stains, wrinkles, and sagging pass through the window glass, so you want to be careful even indoors.
After being exposed to UV rays, your body may be dehydrated first, so remove plenty of water and cool it with a damp towel. Once the redness has subsided, moisturize with whitening cosmetics containing vitamin C derivatives. It is also effective if you use foods with antioxidant properties to further reduce the effects on the skin. On the other hand, the substance “psoralen” contained in citrus fruits and cucumbers increases the sensitivity to ultraviolet rays, so refrain from taking it before going out.

・ Supplement vitamin C etc. with supplements!

Vitamin C, the most well-known ingredient for whitening and anti-staining, has a versatile ingredient for beautiful skin. The key to choosing a vitamin C supplement is timing. Vitamin C is water-soluble, so it metabolizes very quickly and cannot be stored in the body. Therefore, the correct answer is to drink diligently, but if that is difficult, choose a type such as continuous type or time release type. Vitamin C is also easy to oxidize, so it is wise to take it with vitamin E and take advantage of its reducing action.

・ Not only the face but also the whitening care of the body is important!

I think there are surprisingly many people who say, “Even if you do skin care and make-up every day, you can leave your body alone …”. However, like the face, the skin of the body also causes various troubles due to external stimuli and influences from the inside of the body. Moisturize your shoulders, back, and chest for spots such as “petal-like pigmented spots” that can be left on your chest, décolletage, dullness on your upper arms, and a clear sunburn on the back of your hand. As with the face, it is important to encourage turnover. Let’s take care by combining a body cream containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid with a cream containing active ingredients such as vitamin C and arbutin!


Whitening should be done in a day. The care you are doing now will lead to your skin condition in the future. Keep in mind that slowing turnover also delays melanin excretion, so take daily UV protection and whitening care!

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