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Oil that you want to incorporate into your diet, which is indispensable for improving the moisture of your body

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Every woman wants to maintain youthful beauty. On top of that, it is essential to take in “high quality oil” that helps to moisturize the body on a daily basis. Speaking of oil, from the image that it is only used for stir-fry, recently, the effect of oil that is taken in unheated state called “drinking oil” is also attracting attention. In any case, the oil is easy to ingest, such as “just sprinkle or apply”. The feature is that it is easy to continue every day. Therefore, this time, we will introduce the oils that you want to actively incorporate into your diet and their effects.

What are the benefits of taking oil?

As it is said that supplements will not be effective unless you continue to take them for at least 3 months, it is difficult to obtain the desired effect even if you take in oil for only one day. The point is how to continue on a daily basis without difficulty. Most oils generally have strong antioxidant power and are effective for maintaining beauty and health. By taking an appropriate amount of high-quality oil, it is useful for beauty effects such as returning moisture to a dry body and maintaining daily health.

Types and characteristics of oil

There are various types of oil in a word. Therefore, we have selected high-quality oils that are recommended for maintaining beauty and health. Let’s check it together with the features.

Green nut oil

Also known as Sacha inchi oil, or Inca inch oil. It is rich in omega 3 α-linolenic acid and is effective in improving blood flow. It is rare for Omega 3 oils that are sensitive to heat, and is characterized by being resistant to heat.

Perilla oil

It contains omega 3 alpha-linolenic acid and should be taken unheated. It breaks down the oil consumed in food, makes it difficult for fat to accumulate in the body, and helps burning.

Hemp oil

Linoleic acid and α-linolenic acid are blended in an ideal balance of 3: 1. It also has good health effects, such as smoothing the muddy blood. It is an oil that has been used as a raw material for cosmetics for a long time. Non-heating required.

Coconut oil

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Coconut oil has a high content of medium-chain fatty acids and hardens at room temperature, which is unusual for vegetable oils. Medium-chain fatty acids are characterized by their rapid metabolism and are converted into energy while using the fat accumulated in the body. Therefore, it is also called “thinning oil”.

Flaxseed oil

It contains α-linolenic acid and has the effect of lowering cholesterol. Since it is rich in α-linolenic acid, it must be used without heating. It is said to be good for preventing rough skin and activating the brain.

Recommended way to take according to the characteristics of the ingredients

What is common to high-quality oils with high antioxidant power is that they contain a large amount of essential fatty acids, which are omega 3. It is a rule of thumb to take them unheated (raw), as many of them break their ingredients when heated. To do this, know which oil has what effect and how to use it based on how it is used.

Oil that can be heated

“Green nut oil” and “coconut oil” are typical oils whose ingredients do not break even when overheated. Green nut oil is an oil characterized by a blue and refreshing scent. It can be used for various dishes as long as it is used for stir-fry, but if you are concerned about the astringency of blue, it is recommended to use it for stir-fried dishes with strong aroma and Western dishes.

Coconut oil has a unique sweet scent. Not only sweets, but also curry and Asian dishes, as well as rice, noodles, seafood and meat. It can be used for a wide range of dishes.

Unheated inevitable oil

Typical examples are “hemp oil,” “perilla oil,” and “linseed oil.” It is a rule of thumb to use these without heating, so it is recommended to use them for salad dressings and carpaccio. It also goes well with pasta, natto, and other foods that have a strong taste.

As for hemp oil and perilla oil, it has a flavor similar to that of sesame and nuts, so it can be used as an accent for Japanese food such as spicy sauce.

How was it? It’s easy to feel that it’s difficult to use properly, such as the difference between heating and non-heating, but once you get used to it, you should be able to enjoy the arrangement.
By all means, let’s practice “consciously taking in oil” in your daily diet.

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