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Skin care from inside the body! What about astaxanthin?

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Astaxanthin, an ingredient found in cosmetics and supplements. I’ve heard the name, but I don’t know many people … In fact, cosmetology has tremendous power. The Alafor Arafif generation, who are particularly interested in anti-aging measures, are paying attention.

Astaxanthin, a red beauty ingredient with excellent antioxidant power
Astaxanthin is a natural red pigment that exists in nature. It contains a lot of marine life such as salmon, crabs and shrimp to protect itself from the harmful effects of UV rays.

The most notable effect of astaxanthin is “antioxidant effect”. Active oxygen called “singlet oxygen” is a major cause of skin deterioration. When singlet oxygen increases when exposed to ultraviolet rays, collagen is denatured and the skin loses its elasticity and elasticity, causing wrinkles and sagging. Astaxanthin is an “anti-aging” ingredient that has excellent antioxidant power and is extremely effective in removing singlet oxygen.

In addition, astaxanthin has the function of suppressing the replacement of sugar taken into the body with fat, and is said to be good for dieting.

“Salmon” rich in astaxanthin for ageless beautiful skin

Salmon contains astaxanthin in Dantotsu. Salmon, which are born upstream of the river, migrate around the sea, and then climb the river again to lay eggs, are more active than other fish.

Although it has no color at the stage of fry, it produces active oxygen in the body when climbing the river and damages the muscles, so it eats shrimp and crabs and stores astaxanthin and turns red. Salmon are fully charged with astaxanthin to protect themselves. “Antioxidant fish” that is useful for creating beautiful skin without age!

The skin also contains a lot of astaxanthin, so it is recommended to eat it without leaving it.

Salmon power that nurtures “elastic skin” that is firm and does not sag even in medicinal foods

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As a medicinal food attendant, I propose medicinal foods that can be easily incorporated into daily life. When you think of medicinal food, you tend to think of a meal that uses crude drugs, but that is not always the case. Traditional Chinese medicine (traditional Chinese medicine), which is the basis of medicinal food, has long had the idea of ​​”getting in shape with a meal.” The fish, meat, and vegetables we usually eat are also medicinal.

Even in the world of medicinal food, salmon is highly recommended for beautiful skin. It is said to improve the metabolism of the skin and create elastic “elastic skin”, and it is a fish that is useful for improving sagging and lifting up. Salmon is exactly what you eat, “skin revitalizing cosmetics,” which is indispensable for creating youthful skin.

A medicinal recipe
“Salmon’s beautiful skin-chan-chan-yaki style” that aims for firm and pre-prepared skin

Let’s introduce a recipe for skin-beautifying medicinal food using salmon that is nice for such beauty.

In the medicinal food, “Cabbage”, “Shimeji” and “Nagaimo”, which are powerful vegetables that increase the metabolism of the skin and create “elastic skin” like salmon, are added. With a synergistic effect, you can aim for even more ageless and elastic skin.

<Material (for 2 people)>

Raw salmon fillet 2 slices
Onion (thin slices) 1/2 pieces
Cabbage (cut into slices) 1/4 pieces
Shimeji (cut roots, loosen) 1/2 pieces
Nagaimo (peeled, half moon slices) 5 cm
paprika (thin slices) 1 / 2 pieces
(2 tablespoons of miso and mayonnaise, 1 tablespoon of sake and soy sauce, 1/2 tablespoon of mirin)
5 g of butter
, appropriate amount of salad oil, salt and pepper

<How to make>

① Heat oil in a frying pan, add salt and salmon sprinkled with pepper, and bake both sides.
② Put all the vegetables on the salmon of ①, turn the mixed A into it, cover it, reduce the heat to low and steam it for about 10 minutes.
③ Put butter in ② and melt.

The mild “miso mayonnaise” is entwined with salmon, and the vegetables are rich and delicious. I’m going to eat. You can easily make it with a frying pan, so please give it a try.

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