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The No. 1 part that makes you age is “wrinkles on your neck”! What kind of care do you want to start right now?

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It’s not just the skin on the face that needs aging care. The neck is originally easy to dry and lacks daily care, so it is said that you can tell your age by looking at the neck. You must be careful!

This time, we asked Yumi Fujii, an All about anti-aging guide who is also involved in writing beauty articles and developing cosmetics, about care that nurtures a beautiful neck.

There are two types of wrinkles on the neck: vertical wrinkles and horizontal wrinkles.

The neck is actually a part that moves more than you can imagine, such as when you nod or change direction. Therefore, by repeating these operations, wrinkles are carved in the same position. This is the so-called horizontal wrinkle. It is said that high pillows and wrong posture cause horizontal wrinkles, but in reality it is not so related and even teenagers have horizontal wrinkles. And unfortunately, the reality is that horizontal wrinkles are difficult to remove by skin care. What the aging generation should be concerned about is vertical wrinkles!

Vertical wrinkles are dry and wrinkled skin. If you leave this vertical wrinkle alone, the level will get worse and worse. At first, from the state of “Isn’t it dry and somehow transparent or firm?”, To vertical wrinkles like fine crepe wrinkles that can be formed around the eyes. And finally, on the neck of wrinkles like grandma …

Dryness and UV rays cause vertical wrinkles

So why do vertical wrinkles occur? The neck has fewer sebaceous glands than the face and cannot be moisturized without care. Furthermore, in addition to normal ultraviolet rays, the accumulation of ultraviolet rays due to reflection reduces the function of collagen that keeps firmness and prevents sagging. Ultraviolet rays enter areas that are not well maintained and are not moisturized, and vertical wrinkles become more and more noticeable.

If you turn it over, there is a chance of a big reversal as those who have not consciously taken measures against wrinkles on the neck so far! Most people in their 50s are still at the crepe level, so if you take proper care from now on, you will be able to regain a youthful and beautiful neck.

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Make your neck beautiful with skin care + massage!

Neck care is basically the same as skin and is not difficult. However, it is sweet just to extend the face, such as adding the rest of the skin care on the face. That would be a lack of moisture for the aging generation. It is essential for the aging generation to be aware that the neck is parallel to the face, that is, “the area of ​​the face will expand”, and to take good care of it.

In addition to moisturizing skin care in the morning and evening, it is a good idea to add a simple massage to prevent the smartphone from slackening around the neck due to the continued posture that tends to be depressed. After applying a generous amount of lotion or milky lotion to your neck, apply pressure with your fingers in three places from top to bottom. After that, turning the shoulder blades will be more effective, so be sure to do it as a set.

Make sunscreen a habit every morning

As with facial skin care, it is a rule of thumb to apply plenty of sunscreen to your neck. However, even people who apply sunscreen on sunny days tend to be alert, saying that it’s cloudy today … it’s okay if you’re indoors and just by the window. In fact, UVA is more scary than UVB, which darkens the skin. UVA has the property of easily passing through clouds and windowpanes, reaching deep into the skin and gradually affecting wrinkles and sagging. No matter what the weather, 365 days a year, make it a habit to apply sunscreen and complete your morning skin care.

Special care for a little special day

Special care is recommended for lunch parties with friends, dates with your husband for the first time in a while, and so on. In the morning, apply plenty of lotion to your neck, then apply the sheet mask used for your face to your neck and wrap it in your hands to allow the moisture to penetrate. If you put the milky lotion and sunscreen on top of each other for 15 minutes, the applied skin care will calm down and the makeup will not easily collapse. Finally, apply body powder for adults containing fine pearls to the neck and décolletage to create a glossy and transparent neck.

Start today with “moisturizing + UV” care for your neck so that you can enjoy the décolletage fashion with confidence.

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