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Dullness cannot be eliminated by skin care alone! ?? Facial muscle massage that can be done in just 1 minute is amazing

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Unlike spots and wrinkles, dullness problems tend to be left as they are because it is difficult to notice. But are you feeling or being told, “Are you tired?” Or “You look pale?” Dull skin that loses its brightness and luster gives the impression of being older than its actual age.

So, this time, we asked Ai Tanaka, an All about small face guide who has gained popularity in facial muscle exercises and is active as a media appearance and a skin-beautifying instructor, about the secret to eliminating dullness and leading to radiant skin.

Dullness measures and skin care are not enough

Many people are trying to cover the dullness that suddenly started to become anxious after they were in their 40s by applying beauty essences, masks, and other beauty ingredients over the skin. It is true that skin care is important, but in fact, the skin that has been living with poor blood circulation since you were young is in a state where nutrition is not sufficiently delivered.

Skin with a good complexion and no dullness is slightly reddish, with the blood color of the capillaries flowing under the skin being transparent. On the contrary, if the blood circulation is bad, it may look pale or dull. In addition, when blood and lymph flow are blocked due to poor blood circulation, it becomes impossible to deliver sufficient oxygen and nutrients to cells throughout the body. This slows down the turnover of the skin and keeps dead corneocytes, which should have fallen off in 28 days, stay on the skin. These old keratinocytes contain melanin and have a dark color, which is another cause of dull skin. Disordered turnover causes all kinds of skin problems such as age spots and wrinkles, so poor blood circulation is a great enemy for the skin.

Eliminate poor blood circulation with facial muscle massage!

For skin with hyperkeratosis due to poor blood circulation, no matter how good cosmetics are used, the ingredients do not reach the depths of the skin and the effect cannot be fully exerted! First of all, let’s solve the problem of poor blood circulation.

To eliminate poor blood circulation, a massage that loosens facial stiffness and smoothes lymphatic flow is recommended. When it comes to massage, you may get angry, but this time we’re going to introduce a very simple thing that you can do with skin care. When I feel stressed, I personally experience that it never lasts long (laughs). There is nothing special to prepare, just your usual milky lotion, cream, and your fingers!


For those who have noticeable dullness and bears,
massage around the eyes (1 minute required)


1: The skin around the eyes is thinner than the cheeks, so soft touch is basic. Apply plenty of milky lotion or cream before you start.

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2: Use the part shown in the illustration with the index finger in the shape of a hook to massage the orbicularis oculi muscle around the eyes.

3: Pass from the inner corner of the eye to the bottom of the eye and trace the outside of the outer corner of the eye with your finger. Finally, push the temples with a painful strength.

4: Trace from the inside of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow along the bone of the eyebrow. Also push the temples at the end. Repeat 3 → 4 5 times each. It’s only a one-minute massage, but you can feel that the area around the eyes has become brighter.

For those who are concerned about the dullness of the entire face,
lymphatic drainage massage (1 minute required)

1: It is okay to put more effort on the cheeks and around the chin compared to the area around the eyes. Spread a generous amount of milky lotion or cream over your face to prevent rubbing irritation, and slide it with your index finger from the side of your nose to the front of your ear where lymph is concentrated.

2: Let’s slide the bottom of the chin to the front of your ears in the same way. It is even more effective to push the front part of the ear.

3: The forehead is a part that easily wrinkles, so if you take care of this too, ◎. Repeat 1 → 3 3 times. If you don’t have time, you can do it even once.

You can leave your makeup on! Press the acupoint in the clearance time

1: I didn’t have time to massage! In such a case, press the acupoints to loosen the stiffness of your face. Since you push using only the second joint of your finger (see illustration), you don’t have to worry about your makeup breaking. Please make good use of the clearance time.

2: It is effective under the eyes, next to the nose, under the cheekbones, in front of the ears, etc., but you do not have to think hard. The parts that you feel comfortable with when you press them are generally the same.

Recently, there are many facial rollers, but I like to massage by hand. When you touch your face, you can notice the slack and slack in your face. Another advantage is that you can immediately see when it is improved. Cosmetology should be more enjoyable by facing your skin while massaging.

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