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Aim for an ageless face! [Are you worried about your tired face? ] Face massage method to wipe out facial fatigue

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What kind of facial care do you usually do? ?? Skin care using creams and serums that are suitable for your skin is also important, but in fact, facial massage is important to achieve 100% of its effects.

This time, I would like to tell you about a simple facial massage method that can be adopted immediately in order to maintain a healthy and youthful skin without getting tired of facial expressions. By exercising your face as well as your body, you can maintain and improve your youthful skin strength. Let’s aim for an ageless face with transparency and elasticity.

■ Effective for tired faces-How to make your face transparent and firm

The face is made up of many layers of acupoints and muscles. Let’s stimulate the acupoints according to your worries.

① When you are worried about
the nasolabial fold, press the acupoint called Geiko next to the nose for 10 seconds. Repeat this 2-3 times.

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(2) When you are tired of your eyes and want to make your
eyes transparent, the acupuncture points called Seimei and Sanchiku are located on the inner corners of your eyes. Many people have tired eyes due to personal computers and mobile phones. Repeat here as above.

③ When you want to remove the dullness of the skin and improve the transparency
A place where many acupoints and lymphatic flows are gathered around the ears. Hold your ears and rotate it around for about 1 minute until your face feels warm. Your blood flow should improve and your face should be brighter.

④ If you
have time to improve your skin with a hot steamed towel, moisten the towel and heat it in the microwave for 30 seconds to make a hot steamed towel.
Apply it to your face to soften your skin, and skin care will improve your penetration. It also improves blood flow, which removes the dullness of the face and eliminates the feeling of tiredness.
At this time, if you put a towel on the back of your neck, it will also be effective for stiff shoulders, so please try it.

⑤ It
is also recommended to massage the inside of the cheeks in the mouth with your fingers to make your face look nice with a massage in your mouth. Move your mouth while opening your mouth wide, such as “A, I, U, E, O”. Make a nice smile with a raised corner by moving your facial muscles firmly.

If you feel a little tired on your face, please take it in between.

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