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Penetrates so as to be integrated with the skin * 1 Beauty oil and oil mask that give a firm firmness and luster

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The stress on small skin accumulates and
somehow the skin is unwell …

As the word “summer heat” says, this time of year, my body is getting tired without realizing it. The tiredness gradually appears on the skin. I do skin care in the morning and evening as usual, but for some reason my skin is dry and has no firmness or luster, and my makeup is not good. There are no major problems, but there are many people who feel that their skin is in poor condition. A small amount of stress may have accumulated and the skin may be giving a sign of SOS.

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Plus special care that makes your skin feel comfortable when you are tired

The harsh heat, the temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, the friction and stuffiness on the skin caused by the mask, etc., make the skin that has spent the summer more stressful than expected. If you think you are tired, it is important to take care of your skin by adding special care to your daily care.
Infinity Skin Integration Oil is a two-layer type beauty oil that contains 24 carefully selected botanical oils and a high-concentration * 2 skin-beautifying ingredient, Senkyu Water Megumi. Moisture is poured into every corner of the stratum corneum while being integrated with the skin to awaken the radiant luster and fluffy elasticity. Since it is a two-layer type that is mixed immediately before use, it can be luxuriously blended with water-soluble moisturizing ingredients, has a high affinity with the skin, and penetrates smoothly * 1 . By blending while massaging, it supports the promotion of blood circulation in the skin.
Also, as a further trump card for special care, we would like to introduce a fresh sheet mask that mixes beauty oil and serum mask just before use, Infinity Skin Integration Oil Mask. With a concentrated oil-rich feel, it comfortably wraps the skin.
If you use it not only as a special care when your skin is sick, but also as a regular care, you should be able to keep your skin with a bright impression full of elasticity and luster forever.

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