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Don’t let your guard down even after the summer is over! Explaining the points of UV care

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Many people may think that it is okay to take measures against UV rays in the fall as much as in the summer.

But in fact, don’t let your guard down even after the summer is over. Here are some reasons why you should continue UV care in the fall and tips on how to apply sunscreen.

UV protection is necessary even after summer

Autumn, when the heat and sunshine have calmed down a little, and people tend to take care of UV rays. However, sufficient care is still needed in the fall. Let’s review the reason and knowledge about ultraviolet rays.

Ultraviolet rays reach the ground regardless of the season or weather

Ultraviolet rays that fall on the ground all year round. The amount of UVA (ultraviolet A wave) that has a long wavelength and reaches the dermis layer peaks from April to August, but in other months, more than half of the peak amount is measured.

UVB (ultraviolet B wave), which has a short wavelength and easily damages the skin surface, begins to increase in April and peaks from May to August. From October to March, it will be relatively low, but it will not be zero.

Also, the weather does not matter. Assuming that the sunny day is 100%, it is said that 70% of the ultraviolet rays reach the ground even if it is cloudy and 30% even if it rains.

Even in the fall, it is more important to take measures against UV rays throughout the year, regardless of the season or weather.

Is there any merit in being exposed to ultraviolet rays in the first place?

Ultraviolet rays are often regarded as bad people when thinking about the skin, but they also have merits.
When UVB (ultraviolet B wave) hits the skin, vitamin D is produced, which promotes the absorption of calcium and supports bones and muscles.

It also has the function of boosting immunity and activating “serotonin” called “happiness hormone”.

The reality is that it is difficult to get the vitamin D needed for a day from the diet alone. Ideally, you should take appropriate measures and benefit from the sunlight.

Benefits of UV care

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While it has a nice effect, if you think about your skin, you want to be aware of UV care.
Let’s reconfirm the benefits you can expect from UV care.

Prevent spots and freckles

As many people know, exposure to UV rays makes it easier for spots and freckles to form.

Originally, “melanin” is made to protect the skin from external stimuli. Normally, it is discharged with turnover, but if it is exposed to excessive ultraviolet rays, it will continue to stay on the skin and become spots and freckles.

If you prevent UV rays and prevent excessive melanin production, you will be less likely to have spots and freckles.

Prevents dryness and rough skin

Ultraviolet rays reduce the moisture content of the skin, resulting in dryness and irregular texture.

When the moisturizing power of the keratin decreases, the barrier function is also disturbed, making it easy for rough skin to occur. It is even more susceptible to the effects of UV rays, which can lead to a vicious cycle.

Prevent photoaging

Did you know that 80% of the causes of skin aging are UV rays?

Wave A has a longer wavelength than wave B and reaches the depths of the skin (dermis layer). It destroys and denatures collagen and elastin, which support the elasticity of the skin, leading to reduced firmness, wrinkles, and sagging.

Although it does not change immediately, the damage accumulated on the skin over the years causes aging to progress gradually. Thorough UV care will make a difference to your skin in the future.

Leads to the prevention of shine and acne

When exposed to ultraviolet rays, the amount of water in the skin decreases, causing sebum to be secreted in an attempt to prevent dryness. In addition, UV light oxidizes the sebum on the surface of the skin, which can induce acne.
Even if it doesn’t seem to be relevant at first glance, UV care can help prevent shine and acne.

How to use sunscreen that you want to be careful about

It is a sunscreen that is indispensable for UV care, but it may be difficult to obtain the effect depending on how it is used. Finally, I would like to introduce how to use sunscreen that you should be careful about.

Number and timing of painting

It is a must to reapply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours, not “once applied and finished”.

No matter how high the SPF / PA value is, the effect will diminish over time. Consider rubbing with clothing and running away with sweat or water, so reapply it frequently.

How to apply (amount / how to put out)

The point is to spread it thinly and evenly so that it does not become uneven.

When applying to the face, put it on the back of your hand, place it on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, and then spread it.
When applying to the body, take out the sunscreen directly from the container in a line on the skin, and then apply it in a circular motion with the palm of your hand.

Be careful of areas that you tend to forget to apply

Be careful not to forget to apply small parts as well as large and easily exposed parts such as the face, arms and legs.
Be especially careful when applying the following areas, which are especially easy to forget.

・ Neck, nape
, ears
, décolletage
, feet (instep, ankle)

Utilizing spray type etc.

A spray-type sunscreen is convenient to have one.

It is useful for UV care of hair, scalp, etc., including the back, which is difficult to reach. It is also convenient when repainting.

However, the spray type tends to be uneven, so it is recommended to use it as a supplement. When used in combination with regular sunscreen, it can block UV rays more firmly. Also, after spraying it, let it blend in well.


Although there are benefits, UV rays that you want to prevent properly if you think about your skin.
If you take good care of your daily UV rays, it will surely make a difference to your skin in the future. Please review how to use sunscreen again.

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