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What causes facial shine? Explain prevention and countermeasures!

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Every time I look in the mirror, I’m worried about the shine of my face due to sebum. Not only people with oily skin, but also many people may mention it as a summer skin problem.

This time, I will first explain the cause of shine, and then explain how to prevent and take measures with skin care and makeup. Start with what you can and keep your skin comfortable!

What is the cause of facial shine?

The cause of facial shine is excess sebum and sweat that have emerged on the surface of the skin. Both usually function as a protective film for the skin, but if they are excessively secreted for some reason, they can lead to “shininess”.

In addition, since many sebaceous glands are concentrated in the center of the body, the T zone (forehead / nose) tends to be shiny in the face. Let’s look at the main causes of sebum secretion.

Hormone imbalance

Androgens are involved in the secretion of sebum. Normally, it secretes the required amount of sebum while maintaining a balance with female hormones.

However, aging, excessive stress, sleep and lack of exercise are one of the causes of disturbing hormonal balance. When male hormones dominate, the amount of sebum tends to increase. The increase in sebum and acne during puberty is also an effect of hormonal balance.

Unbalanced diet

Those who often eat sweets, snacks, fried foods and meats should be careful. If it is moderate, there is no problem, but if it is frequent, it may cause an increase in sebum.

Effect of ultraviolet rays

When exposed to ultraviolet rays, the amount of water in the skin decreases, causing sebum to be secreted in an attempt to prevent dryness. In addition, UV rays oxidize the sebum on the surface of the skin, which may lead to other skin problems.

Inappropriate skin care and base makeup

Inappropriate skin care and base makeup, such as not being able to properly remove unnecessary stains, rubbing, and using items with a lot of oil, are also related to shine.

Also, it is NG to neglect moisturizing because it has a lot of sebum. Depending on the condition of your skin, it is good to keep the oil content modest, but if you lack water, you may get a lot of sebum.

Skin care to prevent shine

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To make your face look shiny, it is important to control “excessive” sebum. Moderate sebum looks glossy, but if it is more than necessary, it will lead to shine and make-up collapse.

Let’s look at skin care items and methods to prevent shine.

Cleansing and washing your face properly removes dirt

To prevent shine, it is important to properly remove unnecessary dirt and moisturize. For cleansing and washing your face, it is important not to rub your skin and rinse with lukewarm water.

The type of cleansing is basically selected according to the strength of the makeup, but for oily skin, for example, the following is recommended.
・ Firm make-up: oil or balm type
・ Natural make-up: gel type Make up the

cleanser well to prevent friction between the skin and hands. For those who are concerned about shine, we also recommend those containing clay or charcoal, which easily adsorbs sebum. If you are concerned about keratin plugs or darkening of the pores, it is also a good idea to take an enzyme facial cleanser once or twice a week.

Moisturizing with skin care

Use plenty of lotion to prevent excessive sebum secretion due to lack of water. As with drop care, be careful not to rub your skin.

Don’t forget to use milky lotion as the moisture will evaporate with just the lotion. If you are concerned about stickiness, we recommend oil-free or gel-like textured emulsions.

Complete UV protection with sunscreen

UV protection is a must not only to prevent shine but also to prevent skin problems and aging. Use sunscreen year-round to prevent excess sebum and to prevent oxidation if it does. Make good use of parasols and hats.

Tips for base makeup to prevent shine and makeup from collapsing

In order to prevent shine and makeup loss, it is important to block sebum with base makeup and finish it with a slightly matte finish. I will explain how to select items and tips on how to use them.

Block with a hard-to-collapse base

The makeup base has the role of making the makeup last longer and making it easier for the foundation to adhere. To prevent shine, choose a base that is resistant to collapse and has a long keep. It is recommended to use silicone that can block excess sebum.

If you are worried about sweat at the same time, check the waterproof type base. If you are concerned about the shine of only the T zone, such as mixed skin, you can use the partial base.

However, thick coating of any base may cause shine and collapse. Apply thinly and evenly, and if you apply too much, use a tissue or sponge to hold it down.

The foundation should have a good balance of oil and water.

A liquid foundation with a good balance of oil and water and a high degree of adhesion is recommended as a measure against shine. Avoid powder type as much as possible because it is easy to float due to sebum and sweat.

As with the base, be careful not to apply a thick coat. Finally, if you apply it with a sponge, the excess foundation will be absorbed and the degree of adhesion will increase, making it more difficult to collapse.

For smooth skin with face powder

Finishing face powder is essential to prevent shine. Since it adsorbs excess sebum, the shine will not be noticeable even if sebum comes out. Apply firmly until your skin is smooth.

A matte texture is recommended because it will look shiny if it contains pearls. In addition, the shape is a solid presto rather than a powdery loose, and the puff is easier to adhere to the skin than the brush, and the gloss is suppressed. Please pay attention to the texture and shape when choosing.


Shiny that can lead to makeup breakage and skin problems such as acne. Let’s devise skin care and makeup methods and take measures wisely. Please be aware of living a healthy life so as not to increase the secretion of sebum more than necessary.

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