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Smooth and smooth with a non-foaming “glossy face wash” to remove protein stains and make your skin smooth and smooth

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Morning skin that is worried about stiffening and dirt on pores.
Washing your face in the morning is an important step to prepare your skin with good makeup.

At night, many people should wash their face carefully with cleansing agents and washing pigments in order to thoroughly remove excess sebum and oily stains such as makeup. Then how about the morning? I often hear people say that they don’t use facial cleansers in the morning, saying, “Because it’s troublesome” and “I don’t think it’s dirty.” Certainly, it is said that morning skin has less sebum stains than night skin. On the other hand, it is also a fact that protein stains that cause stiffening and keratin plugs in pores are accumulated on the skin in the morning. Removing this protein stain is an important first step in preparing soft, glossy, and smooth skin.

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Approaches protein stains accumulated on the skin in the morning.
The effect of face wash and beauty essence gives your skin a glossy and transparent feeling!

Morning protein stain face wash” is the basis for creating smooth and smooth skin. For example, just as you use a special detergent for protein stains on clothes and contact lenses, a cleanser that specializes in protein stains is effective for morning skin.
Infinity Morning Renew is a new type of morning cleanser that focuses on protein stains that cause skin stiffness and keratin plugs in pores. By reducing the number of cleaning ingredients used to remove oily stains, the ratio of ingredients that approach protein stains and beauty ingredients has been increased. Essence gel, which has the effects of a cleanser and a beauty essence, reacts with water and rinses off while removing protein stains, forming a radiant veil * 1 of three types of oil on the skin surface. Since it is a non-foaming type “glossy face wash”, it is smooth and smooth after washing. Removes protein stains such as keratin plugs in pores, stiffening due to old keratin, and dullness, and achieves smooth and transparent skin. Before making up in the morning, experience the refreshing comfort of clearing the fog in front of the mirror.

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