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Thorough explanation of how to choose a moisturizing cream and how to use it well!

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Creams that help moisturize the skin are a must-have item for finishing skin care. However, there are many products on sale, and many people may be wondering how to choose one.

This time, we will introduce checkpoints when choosing a moisturizing cream and how to use it properly. Use a moisturizing cream to aim for dry skin.

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What is the role of moisturizing cream?

The milky lotion contains a good balance of water and oil, while the cream mainly contains oil. It protects the skin by putting a moisturizing film on the stratum corneum and prevents the evaporation of water.

Since it is a dosage form that makes it easy to mix beauty ingredients, there are plenty of choices such as those that specialize in moisturizing, those that contain whitening active ingredients, and those that are conscious of aging care. Some have the functions of milky lotion and cream.

How to choose a moisturizing cream

When choosing a moisturizing cream, check the following points.

Check ingredients and texture according to skin condition

In order to maintain beautiful skin, the ingredients and texture are not a little related. Choose according to your skin type and taste.

For dry skin, oily ingredients x rich texture For
dry skin, which tends to lack sebum, choose one that is rich in oily moisturizing ingredients.
It suppresses the evaporation of water and keeps the skin moisturized, so it plays the original role of cream.

In particular, we recommend vegetable oils such as jojoba oil and olive oil, which are expected to have the effect of softening the skin that tends to dry.

Also, if there are many oily ingredients, the texture tends to be heavier. Especially when it contains semi-solid ingredients such as vaseline and shea butter, it makes you feel more comfortable.

For oily skin and mixed skin, water-soluble ingredients x fresh texture For
those who are not good at stickiness, check out a cream with many water-soluble moisturizing ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, collagen, Lipidure 🄬, amino acids, various plant extracts, etc. are applicable.

The effect of preventing the evaporation of moisture is slightly inferior to that of those with a lot of oily components, but it is attractive to be able to charge plenty of water. Most of them have a fresh and light texture, so it is also recommended for people with oily or mixed skin.

Better with a spatula

In the case of jar type, it is better to have a spatula. Taking the cream directly with your fingers can also lead to the growth of germs. If it is not included, prepare it yourself or use a cotton swab instead.

How to use moisturizing cream well

Once you find your favorite moisturizing cream, use it correctly to maximize its appeal. Basically, follow the instructions for each product, but if there is no specific description or if you are unsure, please refer to the following.

Estimated amount of use

The standard for using moisturizing cream is pearl size. Put it on the back of your hand and spread it on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. If it is too small, friction is likely to occur, and if it is too large, it causes stickiness. First of all, it is recommended to gradually adjust the recommended amount as a guide.

Apply to prevent friction

It is NG to put too much effort into trying to fit it well. Since it may cause further drying, spread it carefully with gentle force. As I mentioned earlier, be aware of using the right amount.

Moisturizing care that can be done in daily life

In order to prevent rough skin and dryness, it is important not only to take care of skin but also to review lifestyle habits. I will tell you the habits for moisturizing that I want to keep in mind on a daily basis.

Get a good night’s sleep

Growth hormone throughout the body, including the skin, is secreted during sleep. Insufficient sleep can disrupt skin turnover and weaken the barrier function that keeps you moisturized.

Change into your pajamas, add aromas, and moderate your smartphone and meals before going to bed to create a comfortable sleeping environment.

Keep the room humidified

When the air is dry, it is easier for the skin to lose its moisture. Use a humidifier to keep the room dry.

Eat a nutritionally balanced diet

Diet is the source of general health including skin. Be aware of a nutritionally balanced diet and actively consume proteins and vitamins that tend to be deficient.

Also, if you have dry skin, it is important to take a moderate amount of fat. Please try to incorporate high quality vegetable oil and fresh fish and meat while checking the balance.

Take measures against ultraviolet rays

Ultraviolet rays not only cause spots and freckles, but also dry the skin. Take all possible measures not only on sunny days and in the spring and summer, but also throughout the year regardless of the weather. It is recommended to use sunscreen as well as small items such as clothing and parasols.


Moisturizing cream is an indispensable item to keep the skin moisturized. Choose according to your skin type and taste, and use it appropriately. Along with reviewing your lifestyle, please aim for moisturized skin.

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