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“Pickled whitening idea”⁈ Focus on one point you aim for. Stick-shaped beauty essence that stays dense and white.

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I want to concentrate on the part that I want to get rid of the stains here

A coffee stain that I accidentally put on my favorite white blouse. After early treatment and soaking in a special drug, the stains disappeared cleanly! Do you have a happy experience? This also applies to stains on the face. A high effect can be expected by continuously and intensively delivering the whitening active ingredient to the spots on the face that have been created.

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A pinpoint approach to the targeted spots,
“pickled whitening idea” to continuously deliver whitening active ingredients

A stain that is worrisome every time I look in the mirror. Somehow it seems to be darker than before … If you think so, let’s take intensive care with a stick-shaped whitening serum right now. Because it is a stick type, it stays densely at the target point and concentrates on the areas where stains are likely to occur. We approach the melanocytes that cause Tokuno Jimi with the “pickled whitening idea” of soaking in kojic acid, the active whitening ingredient. In addition, it softens and loosens the skin on the spots that tend to be hard and thick, so it keeps the skin in a clear and healthy condition. Get a skin full of clear whiteness with a stick-type concentrated whitening beauty essence that works intensively on spots that you care about pinpoint.

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