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Shake Up Your Makeup

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Routines kill dreams. Okay,that may be a little extreme. But, a routine is rarely a good thing.When we fall into the habit of doing things the same way,we close ourselves to the possibility.Instead, we should be breaking the door on routine and doing things differently.We form habits in every aspect of our behavior. From our jobs to our meal plans. But, we’re going to look at our makeup habits. Changing the way you do your makeup can go a long way towards changing other routines, too. If you look different, you’ll feel different. So, here’s how to shake up your makeup.

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It’s not easy to pluck a new makeup idea from thin air. The creatives among you may be able to do that, but most of us have to turn to other sources of inspiration.The good news is, there’s plenty of ideas available. The most obvious inspirational source are celebs. For the most part, makeup artists take care of their appearance. So, they’re a pretty sound source of inspiration.Start paying attention to celeb magazines. Pick out your favorite styles, and consider whether you could make them work. It’s also worth turning to beauty bloggers. You cou Id opt to take a look at written biogs. These offer written instruction and pictures. Or, you could choose to look at beauty vloggers, who give video tutorials. This may be your best bet when you’re experimenting.There’s no better way to learn than to watch someone else !
Inspiration will only take you so far. There will come a time when you need to get stuck in and try new things. For the most part, this means trying out those styles you discovered in the inspiration stages. It could also mean trying new products. But, how can you do that without wasting money? we all know makeup isn’t cheap.So, DO NOT try Covergirlwithout checking these free samples first. And, the same can be said for most brands. Ifyou ask for a free sample in store or online, chances are the company will be happy to send one. If not, you could opt to buy travel versions, and save yourself going all out. These cheaper methods mean you can be more daring with your experimentation.Go on, give it a go.
You won’t be able to change any routine without stepping outside your comfort zone. Try things you wouldn’t usually.You don’t need to commit to anything at this experimentation stage. But, you may well find that something you never thought would work looks fantastic. Ifyou usually opt for a natural look,try bright lipstick or eyeshadow.If bright is your first port of call,attempt a more natural appearance. Playing around is the best way to find a new style. Bear in mind that your new look may take some getting used to. wear it around the house and see if it grows on you.

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