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Artis Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set,Do You Need ?

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Let’s be honest, there are so many skin care brushes on the market that cleanse, and very few exist to
apply moisturizers and serums. There’s the Foreo Luna, that has a side for applying serums. Yes, it works, but not phenomenally,plus you can only apply serums, nothing else. In my opinion,the need for a brush to apply skin creams and serums is more important than a brush for cleansing the face. One day I’ll elaborate, not today,though.

There are definitely benefits to using brushes to apply products as opposed to your fingers. For
starters, the fingers and under the nails are dirty and full of germs. Using a brush,the right brush,will apply product more even than your fingers ever will.Finally,using a brush (yeah,the right brush) will
improve the skin’s circulation,which improves the overall health of the skin.

Back inJune, Artis released a set of brushes, specifically for applying skin care products, and it
debuted in the form of limited edition,5 brush set. 1 sat on this set for 4 months, trying to decide if
these brushes were necessary,considering the price tag ($225).As a true Geminiwith a moon in Libra, Iwas having a hard time making a decision.Regardless, the set has major pros and major cons.

Packaging & Design

The set is housed in a coffret, with a silver bottom with two horizontal acrylic compartments on top­
one to hold the brush pad, and the other to hold the brushes. The set came with five, detachable acrylic compartments to house each brush.

The coffret is unstable and cheaply constructed in my opinion.While the brushes are securely housed
in the detachable acrylic compartments, the compartments do not securely affix themselves to the coffret. Moving the coffret around runs you the risk of the detachable compartments (and brushes)
hitting the floor.

Artis Digit Skincare brushes are, as it is implied, inspired by the finger. The handle is slightly bent to
apply effortlessly using the fingertip.The ergonomic design offers more precision,comfort, and control during application.


What this set lacks in packaging,it makes up for in brush quality.The set includes the following

brushes :

Digit S Oval 8
Digit S Oval 6

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Digit S Oval 4

Digit S Circle 1

Digit S Circle 1 R

The Digit S Oval 8 brush works well to apply serums and creams to the face and decolletage area. If
you are into the k-beauty facial massage, this is the brush you want to do it with.It is very soft and soothing.The Digit S Oval 6 works well to apply products targeted to the cheekbone area. The Oval 6 can also be used to apply eye creams. The Digit S Oval 4 works well to apply eye creams, and target temple area and eye area upwards to the brow bone. Both Digit S Circle brushes can be used to apply serums to the eye area using circular motions or target acne spots with dark mark fading serums.

The brushes use the proprietary CosmeFibre SC [SC=skincare], which is an engineered fibre tailored to
perform exceptionally well with skincare formulas. Product application is more even and uniform, contributing to an enhanced result. Because skin care products are more efficiently applied, less product is wasted by being trapped inside the fibre bundle.


The Brush Pad

The brush set comes equipped with a special microfibre cloth with antimicrobial treatment. The cloth
helps grab and remove makeup product residue without causing damage to the fibre itself.Artis sells replacement cloths, $45 for 10. The brand does not specify how often the cloth should be replaced.

My thoughts

Ilove the brushes, especially Digit S Oval 8 and Digit S Oval 6.Ihave to find a use for the circular
brushes, or they are going to go to waste. 1 am not a fan of the construction of the coffret, the pieces
that hold the brushes are very unstable, which means Idon’t get to move the set around much as I please, and Imove things around a lot.

Pricing & Availability

Artist Digit Skincare 5 Brush Set retails $225. Pick this set up at
Neiman Marcus

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