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Stay Cool When You’re Going Casual

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There’s a thin line between going casual and looking a mess. Ifyou dress casually you’ve managed to
stay stylish without even trying.Ifyou look a mess,it’s like you didn’t even bother to try and appear fashionable. Obviously,you want to be perceived as the former rather than the latter, but how do you do this. Well,there are a few ways to pull off the casual look like a Hollywood movie star completing day to day activities.
Can’t See Past My Shades
Ifyou’re dressing casually you can’t go wrong wearing a pair of shades or sunglasses. This is also a great way to hide a look of worry and just look like you couldn’t care less. You’ll often see celebrities wearing shades when they are out in public and not on a job.The best part? It doesn’t even need to be sunny outside. These days you can get away with wearing shades in the middle of a club so you can definitely wear them out on the street when the sky is overcast. People will just assume that you were out partying late last night.
Of course, if you’re not really sure where to start you could aimfor the classic casual styles. A fitted white tee, a pair of blue jeans and white sneakers are always going to look on point and helpyou look effortlessly stylish.If it’s a little chilly outside, you can always replace the tee for a baggy college sweatshirt or better shirt a cropped sweatshirt, if you’re confident with your midriff.
Slip-On Some Slippers
We’re not talking about going out in a pair of house slippers with a cartoon plastered on the front. Instead, you should think about slipping on a pair of stylish and stunning felted slippers that feel as good as they look. You can even get them with an open heel that gives them a sort of dress shoe look. Since they come in different colors, you can find a pair to match any outfit. You can wear these slippers inside or outdoors because the insider layer keeps moisture out.
Smart Tee
You might also want to think about wearing a t-shirt with a smart caption plastered on it. These t­-shirts are a dime for a dozen and make it easy to make a statement when you don’t want to spend hours choosing a specific way to dress. Grab one of these tees, add a pair of ripped jeans, some vans and you’ll be ready to head out, looking ultra stylish.
Layer Your Dress
Or finally,you can layer an outfit to ensure that it looks great and matches a casual style. For instance, wear a cropped tea with a long coat and you’ll look stunning.Or wear a hoodie underneath a leather jacket with a pair of leggings. These outfit choices allow you to stay stylish even when you’re not in the mood to dress up, spending hours choosing what to wear. Try some of these ideas yourself and you’ll always look fantastic.

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