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Something different from those days … If you feel that way, pour luxurious moisture into the stratum corneum.

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Perhaps the second corner of the skin?
If you are worried about the face line, when reviewing skin care

It’s not clear, but somehow the “impression of facial features” is different from those days … Do you feel that way?
Until now, skin problems such as age spots, wrinkles, and dullness that appear on the surface of the face should have been the main problems, but recently, the impression of the face itself has something strange.
Perhaps it is a sign that the contours of the face are changing.

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What I want now is
a beauty lotion for adult skin packed with plenty of skin-beautifying ingredients.

Spots, wrinkles, dullness, dullness … Adult skin is changing from visible skin surface problems to three-dimensional problems such as lack of sharpness, cheeks and chin sagging. If you feel that something is different from those days, it’s time to review your skin care. First of all, let’s pour luxurious moisture deep into the stratum corneum with a cosmetological lotion packed with high-concentration * 1 skin-beautifying ingredients necessary for the current skin, and give it a firmness and full luster. By continuing to use the beauty lotion that your skin was looking for, you will surely be able to meet “skin that is better than those days.”

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