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The basics of beautiful skin! Makeup removal basic course

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Have you ever had the experience of losing your sleep and falling asleep without removing your make-up, or washing your face quickly because you are tired?

Accumulation of makeup, dirt, and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin can cause skin problems such as darkening, pigmentation, and wrinkles and sagging. Cleansing is so important to the skin that there is a theory that “just sleeping without removing make-up for one night will make your skin three years old.”

This time, we will give a lecture on how to choose a makeup remover and how to use it correctly. We also respond to questions asked by the editorial department.

Let’s know the type of makeup remover

Various types of makeup removers lined up in the cosmetics department. Most of them are mainly composed of “oil (oil component)” and “surfactant”. Recently, the number of makeup agents with high functionality such as fit, covering power, and UV blocking effect is increasing, and if you turn it over, you may not be able to remove the makeup just by washing your face with water or hot water.
In general, cleansing is a mechanism in which the oil contained in the make-up remover raises the oil content of the make-up agent, and the make-up agent is emulsified and washed off with a surfactant that acts as a “link” between the oil and water. In other words, the shape and usability of the makeup remover will differ depending on the balance between the oil and the surfactant and the amount of the surfactant.
Let’s check the characteristics of each type of makeup remover.

・ Gel type

A fresh feel like a pruned jelly. The soft, cushioning texture reduces friction on the skin during cleansing. Even if it is the same gel, the cloudy emulsified type gel is close to the cream type, and the transparent type is close to the oil type.

・ Milk type

It has a lot of water and is smooth to use. Most of them have a gentle detergency, and you can gently make off by removing dirt while leaving moisture. Suitable for light makeup.

・ Cream type

It has a lot of oil components and has a rich and rich texture with less friction on the skin. It is said that the burden on the skin is relatively small because it keeps the skin moisturized and cleans it moisturized.

・ Oil type

It has strong detergency and can remove waterproof makeup in a short time. However, due to the high content of oil and surfactant, some of them are more irritating to the skin.

・ Balm type

It is a semi-solid balm when picked up, and features a mysterious texture that melts like oil as it blends into the skin. It is popular with people who want to massage while cleansing.

・ Wiping type

It is a water type or sheet type that contains a cleansing agent in cotton or a large format sheet. While it is easy to use on the go, rubbing your skin with cotton or a sheet may cause skin damage.

How to choose a makeup remover that suits you?

Now that I know the types and characteristics of makeup removers, how can I choose the one that suits me?
We propose how to choose from three perspectives.

① Choose from skin types

Basically, there is no problem in choosing the texture and usability of the product. However, depending on the condition of your skin, you need to be careful when choosing a makeup remover.

・ Dry skin

During cleansing, you should refrain from removing makeup with strong detergency, which may also wash away the moisturizing ingredients of the skin.

・ Sensitive skin, fluctuating skin

We recommend the milk type and cream type, which are said to be less irritating to the skin. It is safer to refrain from using oil types that contain a lot of oil and surfactants, and wipe types that cause friction on the skin with cotton or sheets. Also, some people choose the cleansing / face-washing integrated type because they want to reduce the irritation to the skin as much as possible, but since it requires a considerable amount of cleansing power to remove all the stains at once, it is mild and gentle on the skin as much as possible. Let’s choose a good makeup remover.

② Choose from ease of falling

Generally, it is said that the oil type, which contains a lot of oil and surfactant, is the easiest to remove, but recently, the number of oil types that consider the burden on the skin is increasing.
For example, items such as Rusheri Oil In Cleansing Gel that protect the skin’s moisture while gently making up are popular.

③ Select by scene

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When you are busy or traveling, the seat type that can be used quickly is the most convenient. Also, if you want to double as a massage, choose a shape similar to a massage cream or a balm type that changes to an oily state as it spreads on the skin. Items that can be used with wet hands when bathing are not the shape, but the characteristics of each product, so check the usage before selecting. Instead of relying on one make-up remover, you can minimize the burden on your skin by using it properly according to the make-up strength of the day.

About the correct way to remove makeup

Even if you can choose a makeup remover that you are satisfied with, the effect will be halved if you cannot use it correctly. Here, we will tell you how to use makeup remover correctly.

① Makeup removal procedure (knack)

There are three points to remove makeup: “do not put effort”, “do not spend time”, and “do not hurry”.

・ “Do not put effort”

When you try to remove the make-up properly, you tend to put pressure on your fingertips, but if you get used to the make-up, you can cleanse it, so you don’t have to rub it. Stretch rhythmically with a touch that is even weaker than hitting a computer key.

・ “Do not take time”

Oils and surfactants, which are the main components of makeup remover, are more or less irritating to the skin. It is NG to stretch the makeup remover on the skin forever. Rinse quickly with lukewarm water similar to human skin for 30 to 40 seconds.

・ “No hurry”

It doesn’t mean that you don’t take time = you do it quickly. If you try to stretch it in a hurry, extra force will be applied or unevenness will appear. Do it carefully without spending too much time with a rhythm that allows you to breathe slowly.

Some people are wondering “when is the best time to remove makeup?”, But the rule of thumb is “makeup for the day within the day”. The timing is different depending on your lifestyle, such as immediately after returning home, before taking a bath, or while taking a bath. You don’t have to be too nervous, but be sure to drop it before you go to bed at the latest.

Makeup remover Q & A

Finally, we will answer any questions you may have regarding makeup remover.


I heard that organic and additive-free makeup remover is good, but is it difficult to remove?


Makeup removers that claim to be organic or additive-free have the impression of being safe and secure, but it cannot be said that they are less irritating to the skin “because they are of natural origin” and “because they do not contain additives”. Make sure that it is compatible with your skin, such as by trying it on the inside of your arm.
In addition, although the one that does not use a surfactant is certainly less burdensome to the skin, it is often not possible to remove it all at once, and as a result, the irritation to the skin may increase, so be careful.


What is the recommended makeup remover for acne-prone skin?


If you have repeated acne, why not try using a makeup remover for sensitive skin until your skin is in good condition? Alternatively, do not put a strain on your skin with milk-type or cream-type cleansing that is said to be relatively mild to the skin.


If I didn’t remove my makeup while traveling, is there any alternative?


Check the ingredients of your cosmetics, such as creams and emulsions. If any oily ingredient such as XX oil is listed, it can be used as a substitute for makeup remover. After that, wash it off with soap. The same applies to edible oils such as olive oil.


We have told you a wide range of makeup removers, from types to how to choose and use them.
Instead of focusing on just one make-up remover, it is also recommended to change the cleansing fee according to the skin condition and the scene in which it is used. Removing makeup at the end of the day is the first step in creating bright, beautiful skin!

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