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About the cause of pore opening and the countermeasures that can be taken immediately

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“Opening of pores” always rises to the top due to skin problems.
I often hear people say, “I want to have smooth, pore-less skin like a baby!”
If you want to make the pores less noticeable, it is important to first understand the function and role of the pores and then start the pore care that suits your skin. Be aware that incorrect pore care can make pore opening worse.

About various causes of pore opening

The pores on the face, where the sebaceous glands are larger than the body, are inevitably noticeable. Some people may have been stunned by the opening of the pores in the nose and cheeks reflected in the mirror. There are various causes of pore opening, such as dry skin, excessive sebum secretion, UV rays, eating habits, aging, and stress.
We will explain the causes of pore opening by skin type, site, and age, so let’s find a countermeasure against your own skin condition!

● Causes and reasons for pore opening by skin type

・ Dry skin

If the skin is not sufficiently moisturized, it becomes dry and the stratum corneum becomes thicker, and the surface of the skin becomes stiff and hard. In addition, the barrier function that keeps the skin moisturized is impaired, the skin becomes dry like a desert, the texture of the skin is disturbed, and pores become conspicuous.

・ Oily skin

The oily skin type, also known as oily skin, is said to have large sebaceous glands and open pores. The sebum discharged from the sebaceous glands at the back of the pores plays an important role in keeping the skin moisturized, but if the amount of sebum increases excessively, the outlet of the sebaceous glands becomes large and the pores become conspicuous. .. In addition, teenagers, who are adolescents, tend to have more active sebaceous gland secretion due to the effects of male hormones, and are more likely to lean toward oily skin.

・ Sensitive skin

When the hormone balance is disturbed due to irregular life, stress, or the change of seasons, the skin may be sensitively tilted and the pores may be noticeably opened. When the skin becomes sensitive, resistance decreases and various symptoms such as dryness and acne are likely to occur. If the skin is unstable and lacks moisture, the pores will become noticeable.

・ Acne skin

Since the sebaceous glands are active, acne is likely to occur, and among oily dry skin that has both oily and dry skin symptoms, more and more people are suffering from “adult acne”. If you forcibly crush the inflamed acne, the inflammation in that area will worsen, and it may become crater-like and leave the pores open. If dirt or sebum accumulates in the open area, the pores will become more noticeable.

● Opening of pores by site

・ Cheek

The vertical dripping pores that are often found on the cheeks are called “sagging pores” that are mainly caused by aging. When the collagen and elastin in the dermis, which is the foundation of the skin, decrease due to aging, the pores expand downward. For such “sagging pores”, it is important to perform appropriate skin care as soon as possible.

・ Nose, glabellar, forehead

The state in which the sebum discharged from the sebaceous glands and old keratin are mixed to form a keratin plug and clog the pores is called “clogging pores”. It tends to appear in the T zone, where sebum secretion tends to be excessive, and the skin surface is rough. Daily cleansing and cleansing to cleanse your pores is the basis for keeping your pores clean. Also, many people use a “stick-and-peel type pore pack” because it is easy and easy to remove, but it is very irritating to the skin, so if you use it too much, the pores may expand more, so be careful. prize. When using it, it is recommended to use it once every 1 to 2 weeks.

● Opening of pores by age


Teenage skin with active sebaceous glands and a slight oily skin is prone to acne and open pores. If you crush inflamed acne unnecessarily, acne scars may remain, so if you are concerned, see a dermatologist as soon as possible.

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Although not as teenagers, skin in their twenties, which still has a large amount of sebum, is characterized by the tendency for “adult acne” to form around the chin due to disordered eating habits and stress. It is also said that this generation often causes “clogging pores” where makeup, dirt, and excess sebum remain on the skin and become keratin plugs that clog the pores. In addition, it is also a time when you are suffering from various skin problems, such as being too concerned about dirt on the pores and rubbing your skin when washing your face, resulting in dry skin, or your skin becoming unstable due to lack of sleep or dieting.

・ 30s-40s

Early skin aging gradually creeps up from around the late 20s. People in their 30s and 40s are about to start taking full-fledged aging care (care according to their age). In addition to the “clogging of pores” that has been a problem since the 20s, the elasticity of the skin gradually disappears with aging. Many people may find that “sagging pores”, which expand the pores, are a source of trouble. In order not to accelerate aging any more, actively perform aging care to keep elasticity and elasticity, and review your lifestyle.

What measures are effective for opening pores?

Pore ​​is a so-called “dent”. Correct daily skin care is the key to keeping the dents from getting dirty and spreading.

● Cleanse and wash your face properly

Is there anyone who neglects to cleanse and wash their face while saying that they are worried about the opening of pores? If makeup or dirt remains on the skin, it mixes with sebum and dead skin cells and accumulates in the pores. It becomes “clogging pores”, and if left as it is, the lumpy darkened pores will become noticeable.

Cleansing and washing your face to properly wash away the sebum secreted every day and the dirt of the day is one of the basics of pore care. Gently wash away dirt with lukewarm water without rubbing, so as not to irritate the skin. If you warm your skin with a hot towel before cleansing, the steam effect will soften your skin and make it easier to remove dirt from your pores, so please try it. If you are concerned about the roughness of your skin, try adding an enzyme facial cleanser that gently removes dead skin cells, a clay mask, and a peeling serum as special care. However, overdoing it can be irritating to the skin, so it is important to do it moderately. Rusheri Oil In Cleansing Gel and Rusheri Cream Wash ,
which bring firmness and elasticity to adult skin, gently remove dirt from pores for clear skin.

● Thorough moisturizing care

After cleansing, the skin has open pores and is unprotected. Don’t forget to moisturize your pores with a lotion and replenish the oil you need with a milky lotion or cream. The basic moisturizing care is lotion → serum → milky lotion → cream. However, the order of use may differ depending on the brand and item, so check the instructions. Toner is divided into cotton type and bare hand type, but the basic is to apply an appropriate amount to the entire face. When applying moisturizing cosmetics such as milky lotion or cream, it is important to gently apply it from the center of the face to the outside so as not to irritate the skin.

● Review your lifestyle and take care of pores from inside your body

Irregular life, unreasonable diet, smoking, etc. can upset the hormonal balance and cause the skin condition to become unstable and the pore opening to worsen. Care should be taken as unprotected sunburn can also damage the firmness and elasticity of the skin and cause “sagging pores”. Get stress-free, get good nutrition, add moderate exercise, and develop a lifestyle that takes care of your body.

What if I can’t get rid of the pores with my own care?

If you can’t improve your skin care and lifestyle, and you really want to make the pores less noticeable, consider dermatological treatment.

● Discuss with a specialist until you are satisfied

Talk to a cosmetologist about opening pores. You will be able to improve more efficiently than your own care. However, in that case, please consult with the purpose of treatment and budget, and receive a reasonable treatment. If you can’t make a decision, don’t hesitate to talk to another specialist.

● Treatment methods and precautions in dermatology

The treatments received at the dermatologist include chemical peels, laser treatments, and photo facials. Get advice from a specialist about which treatment is best for your pore condition, and consider your budget and duration of treatment. You may not be satisfied with the result at one time, so first clearly state what you want to be and discuss with your specialist how much you want to do. It is important to find a reliable specialist who is also entrusted with post-treatment maintenance.


Many people are concerned about the opening of pores, but since the pores are originally “dents”, shadows can be seen even if the pores are not clogged. Since pores are an important organ that produces sebum, do not treat them as bad people, practice proper skin care and a comfortable lifestyle, and take appropriate measures against pores.

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