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What are the key points for choosing skin care and skin problems by age group ? Detailed explanation!

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The condition of the skin changes with age. Since worries and troubles that occur change in tandem, it is necessary to take measures and care according to each stage.
This time, I will explain three age-specific skin problems and points for choosing skin care. Please take it into care immediately and use it to make your skin healthy.

Skin problems and skin care methods for people in their 20s

People in their twenties who are prone to changes in their work and family environment. I think there are many people who say that their skin has changed since they were teenagers. Know the skin problems and causes that are likely to occur, and deal with them wisely.

Skin problems in 20s

In the 20s, the amount of sebum and oil on the skin is unstable. Insufficient care due to stress or busyness, irregular lifestyle habits, etc. may cause the hormone balance to fluctuate and the barrier function to be disturbed.

However, the balance of disturbed oil and water is different between the first half and the second half of the twenties, and there is also a difference in skin problems that are likely to occur. I will explain each of them.

In the early twenties, acne, shine, clogged pores and keratin plugs

Skin problems such as acne and shine, which are common in the early twenties, are caused by the still active sebaceous glands. In addition, excess sebum and dirt can clog the pores and darken them. The surface of the skin becomes rough, which leads to poor makeup.

In the late 20s, it is dry and dull

In the late twenties, sebum and water tend to decrease. So-called “adult acne” and rough skin may occur, the entire skin may appear dull due to dryness, and dryness around the eyes and mouth may become more noticeable.

How to choose and care for skin care in your 20s

In skin care in the 20s, it is important to emphasize the basics. Carefully cleanse and wash your face, and take care of your skin to give it plenty of moisture.

Unnecessary stains such as makeup and sebum can be removed on the same day by careful cleansing and washing your face. It is also recommended to take an enzyme facial cleanser once or twice a week to thoroughly remove dirt.

In skin care, don’t forget to use lotion with lotion, but also use milky lotion and cream. Some people may avoid it because it is sticky, but the water will evaporate with just the lotion. Use milky lotion / cream to keep the water you have given.

If you don’t like stickiness or have oily skin, you can choose oil-free or gel type. You can keep the moisture firmly while it is fresh and comfortable to use.

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Skin problems and skin care methods for people in their 30s and early 40s

People in their 30s and early 40s who gradually begin to be aware of aging care. We will explain skin problems, points for choosing skin care, and how to care for them.

Skin problems in the 30s and early 40s

Most of the worries in the 30s and early 40s are lack of elasticity, conspicuous pores, and disordered texture.
Ceramide, which maintains the water retention capacity of the skin, is said to decrease from the 30s. In addition, the sweat glands and sebaceous glands also weaken, reducing both water and oil content, making it easier to feel dry.

How to choose and care for skin care in your 30s and early 40s

What I want to be aware of is aging care. Moisturize and firm your skin to keep it fresh and fresh.

Remove dirt properly

Even if you try to moisturize and firm the skin, it will not penetrate into the stratum corneum if the skin remains dirty. In terms of preparing the foundation, cleanse and wash your face carefully to remove dirt.
Especially for cleansing, the cream type that is easy to keep moisture is recommended. Milk type is also recommended on light makeup days.

Choose skin care for the aging care line

For skin care items such as lotion, serum, and milky lotion, we want to incorporate ingredients and prescriptions that can approach age skin. It is difficult to identify each one, but it is also a good idea to choose one that the manufacturer has launched as an aging care line.

Use with proper amount

In addition, it is important to protect the appropriate amount of each item. Follow the recommended amount to get the full benefit. Unless otherwise specified, use a 500-yen coin size for lotion, a 10-yen coin size for milky lotion, 2-3 pushes for a pump type beauty essence, and a pearl grain size for cream.

Skin problems and skin care methods for people in their late 40s to 50s

The so-called “Arafif” generation in their late 40s to 50s, who tend to have more serious skin problems. Let’s check the many skin problems, points for choosing skin care and how to care for them.

Skin problems in the late 40s to 50s

As you get older, your hormonal balance changes dramatically. In addition, the function of producing oil and water is weakened, so simple care cannot keep up. Worries that you couldn’t see before will surface, so you will need to take good care of them.


Dryness is a typical skin problem. Disruption of hormonal balance and metabolism of the skin makes it easier for the skin to become dry regardless of the season.
Furthermore, drying is one of the factors that accelerate other troubles such as fine wrinkles, spots, and sagging. First and foremost, it is important to focus on measures against dryness.


Ultraviolet rays are the number one cause of stains. The phenomenon in which ultraviolet rays accumulated on the skin for many years appear as spots with aging is called “photoaging”. There is also a vicious cycle in which melanin tends to increase due to disturbed skin turnover and it takes time to discharge.

Wrinkles and sagging

Wrinkles and sagging caused by worsening dryness, wrinkles and rooting of long-standing facial expressions, and reduction and degeneration of collagen and elastin inside the skin.
As we get older, not only the surface of the skin but also the quality and function of the muscles and fat layer deteriorate. If the base part collapses, it will not be able to support the skin, and it may progress to deep-seated sagging.

How to choose and care for skin care in your late 40s to 50s

As with care for people in their 30s and beyond, choose and care for items that emphasize aging care. I will tell you the points you want to be aware of for each of the three problems.

[Drying measures] How to choose and care for skin care

As mentioned earlier, dryness, which can lead to other skin problems, is the place you want to take care of most. It is recommended to incorporate special care along with basic items and care.

If you feel that your usual items are not familiar to you, you may want to add an introductory serum. If you are not satisfied with the lotion or serum, try adding a moisturizing serum. If you’re worried about getting up in the morning or dry during the day, you can add a moisturizing cream with high moisturizing ingredients.

[Stain measures] How to choose and care for skin care

Care on the whitening line is a must to prevent stains. There are various whitening active ingredients, but kojic acid produced from koji is especially recommended. By approaching melanocytes that issue commands to increase blemishes, it efficiently suppresses the production of melanin and prevents blemishes and freckles.

Also, don’t forget to take measures against UV rays so as not to increase new stains! Use sunscreen, hats, parasols, clothing, etc., and do UV care all year round.

[Wrinkle / sagging measures] How to choose and care for skin care

Moisturizing is important to prevent wrinkles and sagging. On top of that, let’s take in quasi-drugs that have been found to have an effect of improving wrinkles.

It has been considered difficult to improve wrinkles with cosmetics for many years, but recently, products using ingredients such as wrinkle niacin (niacinamide) that have been found to have a wrinkle-improving effect have appeared. From point care such as around the eyes and mouth to those that can be used on the entire face, please choose according to the part you care about.

As we get older, our skin is definitely changing. In order to keep beautiful skin forever, proper care according to each stage is the most important. Incorporate age-appropriate skin care items and methods to always aim for healthy skin.

* Aging care refers to age-appropriate care.

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