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I don’t want to see dark spots or conspicuous spots anymore! Direct-effect whitening makes the source of stains colorless * 1

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The whiteness of the hands of sake brewers is a hint!
Trust and achievements of “kojic acid”, a naturally derived whitening ingredient born in Japan

Is there anyone who thinks, “Isn’t whitening all the same?” In fact, there are currently about 20 types of whitening active ingredients approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Among them, kojic acid is a whitening active ingredient derived from Japan, which was researched by focusing on the whiteness of the hands of Mr. Mori (a sake brewer). It reaches directly to the melanin-producing cells (melanocytes) that cause age spots and suppresses the excessive production of melanin. It is a reliable whitening active ingredient with a track record of more than 30 years since it was approved as a whitening active ingredient in 1988.

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Succeeded in 3D analysis of stains for the first time in Japan.
Kojic acid whitening serum that continues to evolve

Approximately 50 years after facing whitening, Kose succeeded in capturing the skin structure of the spots in 3D for the first time in Japan. As a result, we thought that kojic acid, an active whitening ingredient that directly reaches the melanocytes that are the source of blemishes, suppresses the production of melanin and “colorlessizes” * 1 the source of blemishes, is the most effective.
ONE BY KOSE Melano Shot White D is a medicated whitening beauty essence that decolorizes the source of blemishes * 1 and removes blemishes from the root * 2. Kojic acid, an active whitening ingredient derived from nature, works directly on melanocytes that create blemishes, and quickly approaches dark blemishes and conspicuous blemishes.
ONE BY KOSE Melano Shot White D that fulfills the wish that you do not want to make stains anymore and do not want to see dark stains. An evolutionary kojic acid whitening serum born from the strongest tags of kojic acid and Kose, anticipating this spring’s whitening!

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