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What should I do to whiten my skin? The basics of whitening care and the importance of “transparency”

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To get beautiful white skin, it is necessary to confirm the basics of whitening care and “transparency”. By pursuing transparent skin while preventing the deposition of melanin, it can efficiently lead to beautiful white skin. Here, we will introduce in detail the basics of whitening care and the importance of transparency.

How can I be whitened? Why your skin looks dark

To be whitened, you need to eliminate the cause of the black or brown skin. Let’s take a closer look at the causes of poor skin tone.


Sunburn caused by UV rays makes the surface of the skin brown or black and reduces the effectiveness of whitening care. When exposed to UV light, melanocytes are produced from melanocytes. Melanin is excreted by skin turnover, but when it receives strong ultraviolet rays, it cannot keep up with the production of melanin and deposits on the skin.

Spots and freckles

Blemishes and freckles are melanin deposited on the skin that is produced by the effects of ultraviolet rays and friction. Melanin deposited on the skin cannot be excreted immediately. It is gradually discharged by the action of turnover and returns to the original skin color. However, as turnover is delayed with aging, it will take more time to improve spots and freckles after the age of 40.

Dullness due to drying

When the skin dries, the barrier function of the skin decreases. As a result, melanin is produced even with small stimuli that are not a problem for healthy skin, and melanin is deposited on the skin and becomes dull. In addition, dry skin has a disordered texture, so fine irregularities create shadows and give a dull impression.

Causes of dry skin include the use of too strong facial cleansers, scrubbing, and air-conditioning drying.

Dullness due to anemia

In anemia, the skin does not get enough nutrition and oxygen. As a result, the skin becomes dull and the color deteriorates. Anemia is caused by bleeding from menstruation and childbirth, lack of red blood cell material, and diseases that destroy red blood cells.

Ground black

Skin color depends on the type and amount of melanin pigment. If the amount of brown to black melanin pigment is large, it will be black.

I want to be whitened, but … how white can my skin be?

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Speaking of whitening, it’s easy to think that you can be white everywhere, but there is a limit to how white it can be. Let’s take a closer look at how white the skin is.

Even my natural skin color

No matter how much whitening care you continue, it will not be whiter than your original skin color. The basis of whitening care is to suppress the production of melanin and promote the elimination of melanin deposited on the skin. You can’t work on your natural skin color.

The color of the inside of the arm and the abdomen

The inside of the arms and the abdomen are hardly exposed to the ultraviolet rays that cause the skin to darken. Therefore, it will be a reference for the skin color that is the limit of whitening.

Approach from both outside and inside! What is the basics of whitening care?

The basis of whitening care is to approach from both the inside and outside of the skin. Let’s take a closer look at the basics of whitening care.

Don’t get sunburned

If you get a sunburn, you will move away from whitening, so use a variety of items such as sunscreen, parasols, and hats to prevent sunburn. Since the amount of ultraviolet rays increases from spring to summer, more careful measures are required.

Use whitening cosmetics

Take care with cosmetics that contain whitening ingredients such as vitamin C derivatives and tranexamic acid. Since it can suppress melanin production and promote reduction, daily use can effectively lead to beautiful white skin.

Take nutrition that is said to be effective for whitening

Vitamin C, lycopene, vitamin E, etc. are said to be effective for whitening. Vitamin C is a nutrient that promotes reduction while suppressing the production of melanin. It is abundant in strawberries, kiwis, red peppers, yellow peppers, etc.

Lycopene is a pigment mainly contained in tomatoes and red peppers and has a strong antioxidant effect. It suppresses the generation of lipid peroxides that damage the skin, and as a result, suppresses the production of melanin. Vitamin E also has an antioxidant effect, so it can be expected to have a whitening effect. Vitamin E is abundant in vegetable oils, peanuts and avocados.

Is it true that it looks white when there is “transparency”?

Clear skin looks like beautiful white skin. Let’s take a closer look at the reason.

When there is a sense of transparency, light is reflected on the skin and it looks bright.

Light is reflected on transparent skin, so it looks white and bright. It reflects not only sunlight but also indoor electricity, so you can see beautiful white skin wherever you are.

Moisture content of the skin is required to give a feeling of transparency (moisturizing power)

To aim for clear skin, it is necessary to maintain the moisture content of the skin. When the amount of water in the skin is low, the texture of the skin is disturbed and the elasticity is lost, and the skin becomes less transparent. In addition, dry skin has a reduced barrier function, so even a slight stimulus produces melanin, which makes it dull.

When the moisture content of the skin rises, the dry and dull skin also improves.

As the amount of water in the skin increases, the barrier function improves, and dull skin is also eliminated by turnover. If your skin is low in water, you will soon feel dull even if your skin is in good condition with a turnover.

Smoothness of the skin is required to give a sense of transparency

Clear skin is also smooth at the same time. Smooth skin is rich in water and has a barrier function. Causes of reduced barrier function include dry air from the air conditioner, delayed turnover due to lack of sleep, and lack of nutrition. In order to keep your skin smooth, let’s thoroughly moisturize while adjusting your lifestyle.

It is good to be aware of transparency as well as whiteness

In conclusion, if you are aiming for whitening, it is important to continue skin care not only for whiteness but also for transparency. Approach from both inside and outside of your body, including the use of whitening cosmetics, UV protection, moisturizing care, and lifestyle changes.


To be whitened, it is necessary to promote reduction while suppressing the production of melanin. At the same time, thorough moisturizing care to enhance transparency will lead to efficient and beautiful white skin. Use whitening cream, moisturizing cosmetics, sunscreen cream, etc. to adjust your lifestyle and try to prepare from both inside and outside of your skin.

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