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What is delicate? I want to be one size smaller!

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Even because it’s slender and delicate, you long for it.

But do you know what kind of body “delicate” actually means?

Therefore, here we will summarize the characteristics of the delicate body that you will not understand unexpectedly when asked, and the massage and stretching methods for each part to get closer to the delicate body.

What kind of body is it because it is delicate?

Many people think “I want to be delicate!”, But what kind of body do you mean because you are delicate in the first place? First, let’s review the delicateness.

What is a delicate figure?

When you hear a delicate figure, you think of a slim figure. What’s more, it’s not just thin, but with a thin line that makes you feel elegant and ephemeral, it is a delicate figure that creates an atmosphere that makes men think “I want to protect it!” It is an impression of.

As a specific visual feature, it is generally said that a person with a thin skeleton, thin arms, legs, and neck, and a clean chin line is generally delicate .

As it is slender as a whole, it is not only that there is almost no fat, but also that there is not much muscle and the collarbone is visible.

Also, because the skeleton itself is thin, the narrow shoulder width is also a point that looks delicate.

However, since the body does not have much fat and muscles, many women with delicate body shapes are worried that the flesh of the chest and buttocks is actually unsatisfactory .

Japanese actress famous for her delicate body

I understand the characteristics of a delicate body, but some people don’t really know what kind of person is delicate.

Therefore, I will take as an example Japanese actresses and models who are famous for their delicate bodies .

First of all, Minami Tanaka, a freelance announcer who is sought after by beauty magazines and fashion magazines .

A delicate but feminine figure that makes you feel somehow soft is an ideal body that every woman longs for.

Next is Mizuki Yamamoto , an actress who is also popular as a model .

Tall, small face, slender limbs and delicate body are just model figures. Recently, I cut long hair to make it short, but the thinness of the neck, which is also a characteristic of delicate body shape, stands out.

And Maki Horikita , who retired as an actress at the height of her popularity, is also a woman with a delicate and fragile atmosphere.

She has a modest and quiet impression and a delicate body, but she is the perfect woman for the delicate body impression that makes men think “I want to protect”.

The last is Kiko Mizuhara, a delicate body with a small face that does not make you feel thick .

I think there are many fans who are overwhelmed by the thinness of their swimsuits and plain clothes every time they show them on SNS.

He is worried about his slender body and is trying to get fat, but after all he cannot help admiring his delicate body.


The difference between “delicate” and “thin”

So far, I have summarized the characteristics of “delicate”, but do you think that there is some difference in the body shape that is simply “thin” because it is called “delicate”?

Here, let’s check the difference between “delicate” and “thin”.

What is delicate

First of all, delicate is not just a word for a slender woman.

Of course, being slender is a prerequisite for delicateness, but when a man says “delicate”, it can also mean a slender and elegant female .

It is also important to make the delicate feel feminine and supple .

Even if you have a slender figure where you can see the clavicle and sternocleidomastoid muscle, the point that it looks delicate is that you do not feel the boneiness of other parts.

Therefore, the word delicate is perfect for a woman who is slender but does not feel boney, but has a more elegant appearance.

What is thin

When “thin”, it simply refers to a person who is physically thin .

Since it is a physical word, it does not include the atmosphere or impression of the person. Therefore , even if you are slender , if you have a bone-like body or look unhealthy, you will use the expression “thin” rather than delicate .

I’m sure many people yearn for a slender figure, but men don’t want the slenderness of a boned skeleton.

Aim for a feminine and delicate body with a moderately rounded body.


Let’s aim for a delicate body with parts massage and stretching

Finally, I will introduce each part of massage and stretching to aim for a delicate body.

Shoulder circumference

It’s around the shoulders that you don’t usually care about, but it’s the most influential part to make it look delicate because you can see it immediately.

・ Decorte

Decorte is especially important to make it look delicate .

In order to make you feel feminine while being clean, it is important to show your nape and collarbone . To do this, use a massage to clear the lymphatic blockage.

・ Lightly press the top of the collarbone from the tip of the shoulder toward the center with four fingers other than the thumb.

(3 times each on the left and right)

・ Rub the top of the collarbone with four fingers other than the thumb from the tip of the shoulder toward the center.

(3 times each on the left and right)

・ Rub under the collarbone with four fingers other than the thumb from the tip of the shoulder toward the center.

(3 times each on the left and right)

At this time, it is important to make sure that the lymph flows from the shoulder to the center.

Please note that if you do it the other way around, it may slow down the flow of lymph.

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・ Upper arm

The upper arm of the part that is hard to lose weight and easy to get fat.

self-massage that drains lymph is recommended to keep your upper arm clean .

・ Cross your left and right fingers and turn your palms outward to stretch your arm muscles.

・ Slowly apply acupressure from your fingertips to your shoulders (either left or right is OK)

・ Firmly loosen the armpits

・ Point from your fingertip to your upper arm (2 or 3 times each on the left and right)

The point of massage is to do it slowly with the strength that you feel comfortable with . Also, make the final finish with the image of flowing blood under your armpits.


A slender neck is also indispensable for a delicate look.

As a general rule, try to avoid ringing your neck, which is also the cause of fatness. Also, the point of massage is to emphasize the sternocleidomastoid muscle, the so-called nape muscle.

・ Tilt your head to the left and right and stretch your nape a couple of times.

・ Gently loosen the bottom of the ear in a circle with the index finger, middle finger, and ring finger.

・ Slightly lower your finger to the neck and pinch the crunchy nape with your index finger and thumb to loosen the collarbone.

Around the back and waist


I don’t really care about my back because I don’t see it myself, but it’s actually a part that is seen by others.

You can make your back look neat by relaxing the stiffness, so try stretching around your shoulder blades or doing the following self-massage.

・ Sleep on your back

・ Put your fist up next to the spine at the waist.

・ Put your weight on your fists and shake your hips from side to side.

・ Raise your back and gradually raise the position of your fist.

・ Waist

Knead and loosen the waist to create a clean waist.

・ Put your hand on your waist with your thumb facing your back

・ Knead around the muscles on the side of the abdomen that you feel when you squeeze your waist.

・ Put your waist up and down a couple of times.

Massage is also effective for aiming for a delicate body shape, but in fact , just being aware of keeping a good posture around the back and waist will build muscle and lead to a body that is easy to lose weight.

Don’t forget to always be aware of the beautiful posture with your spine stretched out.


When blood circulation is poor, waste products tend to accumulate, and swelling and cellulite are likely to occur on the legs.

Leaving swelling and cellulite not only makes you look thicker, but also slows lymphatic drainage and causes coldness, so massage to flush away waste products.

・ Gently from your ankles to your knees while sitting

・ Put your thighs from above your knees toward the base of your legs.

・ Massage by gently squeezing your thighs

Especially for those who work standing up, massage daily to wash away waste and aim for delicate legs.


The tight face line gives a delicate impression .

However, in fact, Japanese spoken by Japanese people is a language that can be spoken without moving the muscles of the mouth so much, so it is said that the corners of the mouth are lowered and the cheeks tend to sag.

People whose native language speaks English by moving their mouth muscles have the impression that the corners of their mouths have risen sharply, right?

In order to aim for a clean face line, it is recommended to try to strengthen the muscles of the mouth by purging the mouth or spreading the mouth sideways.

The corners of the mouth should rise and the cheeks should be less likely to sag.

In addition, a massage that loosens facial muscles that have become stiff in daily life is also effective.

・ Massage with the palms of both hands from the chin to the ears along the face line.

・ Gently press the lymph nodes on the backs of both ears and massage to flush waste products from the backs of the ears to the nape of the neck.

At this time, it is important to make it slippery with oil or cream.

Be careful as forcibly massaging may cause rough skin due to friction.



So far, I have summarized the delicate body shapes.

A delicate body is not only thin but also feminine and elegant.

If you are worried about your body shape, why not try aiming for an elegant and delicate body instead of just getting thinner by referring to the massage method introduced this time.

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