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[Explanation of causes and habits of not being able to constrict] Get a clean constriction

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There is no waist! Are you worried? Even a slightly chubby body is considered a nice body if it has a constriction. However, if you are not fat but have a slim body that does not have a constriction, you will end up with a disappointing body. So this time, I will explain the causes and habits of not being able to constrict. We will also teach you how to get a beautiful constriction, so let’s practice it now and aim for a nice body by summer!

What are the causes and habits of not being able to constrict?

Some people have a clean waist, while others do not. Let’s look at the causes of not being able to constrict and NG habits.

Cause of not being able to constrict

Reasons for not being able to constrict include distortion of the original skeleton and pelvis, lack of exercise and muscles.

■ Skeleton

The genetic shape (skeleton) can also affect the presence or absence of a constriction. Of particular concern is the positional relationship between the ribs and the pelvis.

For people who are prone to constriction, there is enough space for four fingers to fit between the ribs and pelvis. On the other hand, for people who are less likely to have a constriction, the distance between the ribs and pelvis is narrow, and only one to three fingers can fit.

■ Pelvic distortion

The pelvis is an important foundation that can be said to be the foundation of the human body. If this part is distorted, the abdominal muscles will not be used effectively, and it will be easier for you to get fat around your abdomen and lower back. The result can be no constriction.

Also, if the pelvis is distorted, muscles that are overloaded and muscles that should be used more but are not used will come out, and the way the muscles are attached will be unbalanced.

■ Exercise / lack of muscle

People who do little exercise or who originally have low muscle mass also tend to be less likely to have a constriction. Such people are less likely to have a constriction because they tend to get fat on their bodies.

Especially in the abdomen where organs are concentrated, fat is more likely to be attached than in other parts, so if you are left in a state of lack of exercise or muscle, you will get more and more fat. As a result, it is not uncommon for the body to have a slim body without a constriction.

In order to create a waist, it is necessary to use the muscles involved in creating the waist, such as the abdominal muscles and back muscles. Also, if you strengthen the muscles of the buttocks and give volume to the buttocks, a firm boundary will be created between the buttocks and the waist, so you can have a constriction.

The muscles of the abdomen, back, and buttocks weaken with age, so if left untreated, the muscles will weaken and the constriction will gradually disappear. If you had a constriction when you were in your twenties, but you don’t have it now, it may be related to age-related muscle weakness.

NG habit that can not be constricted

The lack of constriction may be due to daily habits. Here are some common NG habits, so please check if there are any that apply.

■ Poor posture

It is important to have the correct posture for the constriction. Poor posture can cause the pelvis to distort , which is not good for creating a constriction. Be aware that sitting in a chair and crossing your legs will also distort your pelvis.

Nowadays, more and more people are looking at smartphones and tablets for a long time. Many of them are often stooped. When you are stooped, your pelvis tilts backwards, so your abdominal muscles are not stressed. As a result, the abdominal muscles are weakened, the internal organs are misaligned, and sagging around the waist occurs.

The warped hips that stick out the buttocks cannot use the abdominal muscles and back muscles as they do when the back muscles are straightened. As a result, the muscles are out of balance and there is no constriction.

■ Living a life that cools the internal organs

The habit of cooling the internal organs can also cause a lack of constriction.

Do you prefer to eat and drink only cold foods ? If you take something cold, the internal organs will get cold. Therefore, when the internal organs get cold, metabolism decreases and fat is easily attached around the abdomen.

So if you want to create a constriction, avoid eating or drinking cold foods.

It’s not a habit to cool your body directly, but it’s not recommended to take a shower without soaking in the bathtub. This is because the shower alone is not enough to warm the body.

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If you soak in a bathtub to warm your body sufficiently, the internal organs will also warm up, and your intestines will move more actively. As a result, the abdomen caused by constipation is eliminated and the neck is more likely to occur.

■ Overdoing the abdominal muscles

Many of the people who are trying to get hungry are working hard on their abdominal muscles. However, since the abdominal muscles can only train the muscles in front of the abdomen, it is difficult to constrict the waist. Moreover, overdoing it can lead to muscle hypertrophy.

The important thing for a constriction is to train the oblique muscles of the abdomen, not the muscles in front of the abdomen. If you train your oblique muscles, you will be able to stimulate your lower back and create a constriction.

Get a clean constriction

So far, I’ve talked about the causes of not being able to constrict and the habit of not being able to constrict. From here, I will show you how to get a clean constriction.

Core training (plank)

Training to train your core is recommended to create a constriction “Plank”, which can be done easily without tools , is a popular exercise for supermodels.

It’s easy to do, with your arms prone, spread your arms about the width of your shoulders, and lift your body by putting only your elbows down and your toes on the ground. Let’s keep that state for 20 seconds. As a guide, 3 sets at a time.

* Caution
: Make sure that your hips do not rise and that your face does not face down or in front of you. If your knees and elbows are bent or your pelvis is tilted, the effect will be reduced, so be aware that your body is in a straight line.

Waist waist gymnastics

It is a training to twist the waist and make a constriction .

①Lie on your back, align your knees and bend 90 degrees (put your hands on the floor) ②Be careful
not to let your shoulders and back get off the floor, and tilt only your legs to the side
③One step before touching the ground When you reach the position of, keep it at that position for about 1 to 2 seconds
④ Slowly return it to the original position
⑤ Do the same on the other side

Perform 10 times left and right x 3 sets.

Twist crunch

It is a training to train the abdominal oblique muscle, which is effective for creating a constriction .

① Bend your legs 90 degrees while lying on your back and lift your thighs vertically (put your hands behind your head)
② Twist your body so that your right elbow and left knee are in contact with each other.
Extend your right leg horizontally ③ Stretch your left leg horizontally and twist your right knee and left elbow.

Let’s do our best with 30 times left and right x 3 sets as a guide.

Let’s rely on professionals at beauty salons

If you continue training steadily, the long-awaited constriction will come out eventually. It takes a certain amount of time to change from a constriction-free state to a certain state, but if you continue your efforts without giving up, you will surely get good results .

However, it may be difficult for some people to continue training on their own.

For such people, let’s rely on professionals such as beauty treatment salons!

Miss Paris offers a course specializing in the abdomen and waist for those who want to create a waist. With machine treatment and hand massage, we aim to firmly approach fat and eliminate worries.


You can be confident in your style just by having a constriction. There is always a reason for not having a constriction, so use the causes and habits listed here to analyze why you do not have a constriction and try to improve it.

And if you continue training to create a constriction, you will surely see changes. If you want results in a short period of time, try to get the help of a professional.

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