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How to improve cellulite that is worrisome about bumps and massage that can be done right now

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Cellulite on the thighs and buttocks. I want to remove it if I can, but there are many people who are having trouble getting it.
This time, I will introduce the cause of cellulite and how to improve it. We will also teach you about massages that approach cellulite, so please make use of it.

How to improve cellulite that is worrisome about bumps and massage that can be done right now

Cellulite that does not disappear easily once it is on. Let’s see what cellulite is in the first place and why it is possible.

What is cellulite?

Cellulite is a mass of subcutaneous fat. Subcutaneous fat is a state in which fat is attached to the subcutaneous tissue, but cellulite is a state in which the subcutaneous fat takes in waste products and water and becomes even larger.

It is easy to get on fat-rich parts of the body, especially around the thighs, buttocks, and hips, and once it is attached, it is difficult to remove. The reason why cellulite is difficult to remove is that collagen fibers wrap around the enlarged fat mass and coat it firmly.

Although ordinary fat is burned by exercise, cellulite, which is coated with collagen fibers and hardened, is not easily consumed by exercise. Moreover, cellulite obstructs blood flow, so if you leave cellulite on, it may increase steadily.

Although it looks bad, cellulite itself is not medically harmful and is considered normal.

Although it is easy to get on fat-rich areas, it is not something that can be done because of obesity, and even thin women often see cellulite on their thighs and buttocks.

Causes of cellulite

There are several possible causes for cellulite. I will list the main causes, so let’s check if there are any points that apply.

・ Disordered eating habits
Cellulite is attached to areas with a lot of fat. Therefore, if you have a diet that is easy to get fat, cellulite is likely to occur.

For example, fatty meats and sweets are typical of high-calorie, fat-prone foods. In addition, food additives contained in various processed foods prevent the discharge of water and create a state in which cellulite is easily formed.

・ Insufficient exercise In
order not to produce cellulite, it is important to have a well-metabolized body. Loss of muscle mass due to lack of exercise can lead to poor blood flow and swelling. Metabolism also deteriorates , resulting in a body that is prone to cellulite.

・ Stress
Stress also causes the production of cellulite. When stressed, the autonomic nerves are disturbed, which often impairs blood flow. Therefore, waste products tend to stay in the body. Metabolism also slows down, making your body more prone to cellulite.

・ As
you get older, your metabolism is good, so even if you can’t make cellulite, your muscle strength will decrease as you get older, and your metabolism will also decrease. As a result, cellulite is often created.

contained in smoking cigarettes constricts blood vessels and impairs blood flow. Therefore, smoking also causes the body to easily get cellulite.


How to improve cellulite from your private life

It’s not easy to get rid of cellulite, but there are things you can do to improve it. I will introduce the points that you can make efforts in your private life, so please try it.

Improvement of eating habits

Let’s improve the eating habits that are easy to get cellulite to the eating habits that do not get cellulite.

■ Eating habits you want to avoid

It is recommended to avoid greasy foods, salty foods, and sweet foods as they are high in calories and easily get fat.

Just because a fat-prone diet creates cellulite, it’s not a good idea to reduce your diet too much. The reason is that if you reduce the amount of food you eat extremely, waste products tend to accumulate , and on the contrary, you will end up with a body that is prone to cellulite.

Drinking and eating is NG, but it is not good not to eat, so avoid eating a fat-prone diet and try to eat regularly.

Keep your body hydrated to improve metabolism and smooth out toxins that have stagnated in your body . As a guide, the amount of water you drink a day is 1.2 liters.

In particular, if you drink a glass of plain hot water when you wake up in the morning, you can warm the internal organs and improve the circulation of the whole body. Cold water will cool the internal organs, so be sure to drink plain hot water even in the summer.

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■ Eating habits to eliminate cellulite

Eat foods that help eliminate swelling and help boost your basal metabolism.

・ Potassium
Potassium is said to have the effect of draining unnecessary water from the body. Take it consciously to prevent swelling and improve your body circulation.

Potassium is abundant in seaweeds such as wakame seaweed and hijiki seaweed, vegetables such as cucumber, celery, asparagus and taro, and fruits such as bananas.

・ Vitamin B group
Vitamin B group is a nutrient necessary for metabolizing lipids and sugars. If you run out of it, what you eat tends to accumulate as fat, so take it consciously to prevent cellulite.

Foods rich in B vitamins include pork, liver, salmon, bonito, eggs, brown rice, soybeans, natto, and nuts. Be conscious of incorporating it into your daily diet.

・ Protein Protein
that builds muscle is indispensable for improving basal metabolism. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the recommended daily amount of protein for adults over the age of 18 is 60g for men and 50g for women.

Protein is abundant in chicken, white fish, tuna, eggs, soy products such as soybeans and tofu, and dairy products such as milk and cheese, so be sure to eat these ingredients. Also, it is recommended to take protein from various kinds of ingredients instead of biasing to one.


Incorporate exercise to eliminate cellulite. As I mentioned earlier, cellulite does not burn when you exercise like fat.

However, you can make it less noticeable by training the areas where cellulite is likely to form and increasing muscle mass. Make daily exercises such as squats and hip lifts to train your hips and thighs, which are prone to cellulite.

If you want to get rid of cellulite, aerobic exercise is also recommended. Aerobic exercise pumps oxygen into the body, which improves metabolism.

In particular, swimming, which is called whole body exercise , uses muscles that are not used in normal movements, so it is recommended for improving metabolism. It also has the advantage of burning fat easily as the body works to create heat in an attempt to prevent the body temperature from dropping due to water.


You can do it right now! Effective massage

Introducing a massage to massage cellulite and make it easier to discharge waste products. Try to make it a habit such as after taking a bath.

Thigh massage

Firmly squeeze the thighs that are prone to cellulite to loosen the hardened cellulite.

① Grasp the right thigh with the palm
② Knead toward the base of the foot
③ Divide into the front, inside and outside
and massage evenly ④ Knead the left thigh in the same way

* Knead the left and right thighs 3 to 5 times as a guide.

Butt massage

The buttocks are also areas where bumpy cellulite is likely to adhere. Let’s do our best to massage and smooth out waste products as much as possible.

① Pull one leg back a little to stand
② Rub
the back leg from the base of the thigh to the waist with both hands ③
Knead the meat next to the buttocks toward the back of the waist ④ ② Repeat
steps and ③ about 5 times. ⑤ This time, pull the opposite leg back a little and do the same.

If you improve your diet and continue exercising and massaging, the bumpy cellulite should change little by little. Even if it doesn’t seem to work at first, be patient and take measures against cellulite.

However, some people may be feeling the limits of their own cellulite countermeasures.

If so , please use Miss Paris . Professional beauticians can help you get rid of cellulite! With a three-legged race with an esthetician, you can have more fun and take measures against cellulite.



We have introduced the causes of cellulite and countermeasures. Removing cellulite is not easy, but you can gradually make it less noticeable by working hard with exercise and massage.
If left unchecked, cellulite may increase further, so I would like to take measures from now on.

If you feel the limits of your own measures, please get the help of a professional.

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