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What is a fasting diet? Explaining how to do it and tips for success

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Fasting diet is often heard as a dieting method that allows you to lose weight in a short period of time. However, although I often hear the name, many people may not know the detailed method. So this time, I will explain how to do a fasting diet and how to make it successful.

What is a fasting diet?

The Fastenings “fasting” is the. And, the fasting diet is done with the expectation of a diet effect by cutting off the diet for a certain period of time.

In Japan, it is often thought of as one of the fasting-diet methods, but the original purpose of fasting is not to diet but to rest the internal organs .

When you eat, your internal organs work to digest what you have ingested. If energy is used for digestive function all the time, it will not be possible to use enough energy to care for organs such as the kidneys and liver.

Resting the internal organs by fasting allows energy to be used for other organs and can be maintained .

When you stop using energy for digestion, your body begins to use energy to expel waste, toxic substances, and toxins in your body, allowing you to detox your body .

If you can eliminate the waste products and toxins that have accumulated in your body, your metabolism will increase and you will become less tired and easier to lose weight . As metabolism is activated, the condition of the skin will be improved, and swelling and coldness will be improved.

In addition, you can experience the following effects.

・ Improvement of immunity

When the organs can be rested by fasting, the white blood cells become active. Therefore, it has the advantage of improving immunity and suppressing infection with viruses and bacteria and the growth of cancer cells.

In addition, since the digestive function can be reset once, it can be expected that allergic symptoms will be alleviated.

・ Taste becomes sensitive

If you eat out a lot, your taste will be dull due to strong seasonings and chemical seasonings. However, by fasting and setting a period during which solids are not consumed, the taste is reset and the taste of the material itself can be fully enjoyed.

・ Relaxing effect

Fasting is also said to have a relaxing effect. If you don’t get food into your body, you’ll run out of glucose, which is a nutrient for your brain, so your body will try to turn fatty acids in your liver into ketone bodies for nutrients in your brain.

It is thought that when the brain is filled with these ketone bodies, many brain waves (alpha waves) generated during relaxation are generated, and a relaxing effect can be obtained.


How to fasting diet

Knowing the right way is important for a successful fasting diet.

The fasting diet should be divided into the following three stages.

Preparation period

There will be a three-day preparation period before you start the fasting . Depending on how you work during this period, the benefits of a fasting diet will vary greatly.

Here are three things to do during the preparation period.

① Avoid eating foods that are difficult to digest or greasy
② Gradually reduce the amount of food you eat
③ Avoid eating after 8 pm

If you eat as usual and do n’t eat suddenly, you will accumulate fat instead, so be sure to do these three things during the preparation period.

Fasting period

Fasting should be done in 1 to 3 days. Let’s go while watching the physical condition so as not to overdo it. If you are fasting for the first time, it is recommended to start with a day’s petit fasting . You can feel the effect of fasting because you can rest the internal organs even if you fast fast.

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During the fasting period, avoid eating food, but you can drink smoothies instead . Also, try to get enough fluid with a goal of 2 liters a day .

Restoration period

At the end of the fasting period, you will want to eat what you like until you are full.

However, eating large amounts immediately after fasting can cause gastrointestinal strain and weight loss.

Therefore, a restorative period is required. It ‘s a good idea to have the same number of days for the fasting period as the fasting period .

It will be a fasting diet including the fasting period, so suppress your desire to eat during this period and eat soft and digestible foods .

During the restorative period, try to be aware of “gentle” foods. “Magowa Yasashii” foods are beans = beans, sesame = sesame (nuts, nuts, etc.), wakame seaweed (seaweed), ya = vegetables, sa = fish, shiitake mushrooms (mushrooms), and potatoes. Kind.

Eating these foods will provide you with a good balance of nutrients your body needs, even after a fasting diet.


Tips for a successful fasting diet

Some people say that they didn’t lose weight or didn’t continue even if they went on a fasting diet. For a successful fasting diet, try the following:

Set a goal

When dieting, many people will set the goal of losing 〇kg. If you are on a diet that takes a certain period of time, there is no problem with the goal of losing 〇kg, but it is not recommended as a goal for a fasting diet.

If you set the goal of “thinning 〇kg”, you will lose weight rapidly and it will put a strain on your body.

Rather than aiming for such numbers, it is better to set reasonable goals such as “I want to be able to wear this outfit” and “I want to change my body line” .

Do it when you are easy to lose weight

Generally, it is said that one week after menstruation is a time when women tend to lose weight . The reason is that the amount of the female hormone “estrogen” secreted increases after menstruation.

Estrogen not only improves concentration and tone the skin, but also promotes the metabolism of triglycerides .

Therefore, it is recommended to do a fasting diet one week after your period because it will be more effective and you can reduce the risk of getting sick.

Get a diet program that includes fasting

Fasting diets can cause you to feel sick and lose weight if you do it the wrong way. Try to go on a fasting diet so that you don’t overdo it.

In the diet course that incorporates the elements of fasting, there is a service called “7 Days Diet Challenge” in Miss Paris.

Miss Paris is launching a new 7-day diet program that is gentler and easier than fasting. “7 Days Diet Challenge” is Miss Paris’s original ultra-short-term diet that combines a replacement drink and an esthetic treatment so that you can enjoy a delicious and enjoyable diet.

This diet program can be carried out with the advice of dedicated staff. You can listen to anything you want to know in 1to1 so you can work on your diet with confidence.



I explained how to do a fasting diet and tips for success. If you do a fasting diet correctly, you can get not only a diet effect but also a detox effect, an improvement of immunity, and a relaxing effect.

As introduced here, you will be able to succeed if you follow the preparation period, fasting period, and fasting period. And with the help of a professional, you can avoid failing your fasting diet.

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