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I want to lose 5 kg in a short period of time! Teaching a diet method that can be started right now

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There are many people who are in trouble because their weight gained due to the self-restraint of activities does not drop as expected. If you want to lose 5 kg in a short period of time, what kind of diet can you do?

In this article, we will teach you the recommended diet method for those who want to lose weight in a short period of time. Practice today and aim for a slim body!

What you need to know before going on a diet

If you have a goal such as “I want to lose 5 kg in a short period of time!”, I tend to focus on how to lose weight, but there are some things I need to know before starting a full-scale diet.

It ‘s about knowing about your body . Specifically, let’s know about your body’s basal metabolic rate, body fat percentage, and how much water you are drinking.

By doing so, you can find an efficient diet that suits you.

・ Know the basal metabolic rate

Basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy consumed when you are not exercising and your body and mind are at rest . Basal metabolic rate varies from person to person, and the higher the basal metabolic rate, the more energy is consumed in everyday life.

Knowing your basal metabolic rate can help you know how much calories you should consume to lose weight .

In addition, the basal metabolic rate can be said to be the amount of calories required for life support . Extremely low calorie intake than the energy consumed by basal metabolism is not good for your health.

It is important to know the basal metabolic rate in order to lose weight in a healthy manner.

Basal metabolic rate can be roughly calculated if you know your height and weight. There is a simple tool on the net that will calculate if you enter your height and weight, so it’s a good idea to use such a tool.

Also, if you enter your height, age, and gender, there is a scale that calculates not only your weight but also your basal metabolic rate, so it is recommended to use such a scale.

・ Know your body fat percentage

Some people may say that their weight is average but their body fat percentage is high, while others may say that their weight is not light but their body fat percentage is low and they are muscular.

So, first of all, let’s know what your body fat percentage is.

Body fat percentage is calculated by (weight of body fat (kg) ÷ body weight (kg)) x 100.

Although it is a simple calculation method, it is not easy to know the weight of body fat required to calculate the body fat percentage. Therefore, it is recommended to use a scale that can measure body fat percentage.

The percentage of body fat that can be measured with a scale is not accurate, but you can get a rough idea. If you have a high percentage of body fat, you may be able to go on a diet with the goal of achieving the right or ideal value .

・ Know how much water you normally take

To find out if your fluid intake is appropriate, you should also know how much fluid you normally have.

Generally, it is recommended that one adult consume 2 liters of water per day. Think about whether you can get this much water by adding not only water but also tea and coffee.

It is said that consuming water has the effects of increasing metabolism and smoothing the flow of blood, so be sure to drink enough. However, please note that taking too much may cause swelling.


Diet method to lose weight in a short period of time: Exercise

Exercise is essential if you want to lose 5 kilos in a short period of time. This is because exercising not only burns fat, but also increases muscle mass, leading to an increase in basal metabolic rate.

If you start a hard exercise, you may get tired and not last long, so start with an exercise that you can feel free to do.


Since the load is light even during exercise, walking is something that even people who are not confident in their physical strength can do without hesitation. It’s easy for anyone to do, but it ‘s also a good exercise to burn excess fat and tighten your whole body, so make it a daily routine.

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Keep in mind 30 minutes a day . It is also important to do it in the correct form .

Start by straightening your spine and standing straight. The ideal posture is to have your ears, shoulders, arms, hips, and legs in a straight line. And the height of the shoulders is symmetrical.

After confirming that you are standing in the correct posture, step out. At that time, let’s take a large stride. If you walk with your thighs, you can use your hip joints and legs firmly, which will increase your energy consumption.

Also, keep the back of your knees straight and land from your heels .

Stretching your back and swinging your arms can stimulate your back and shoulder blades, which can lead to thinning of your back.

By walking, you will be able to reduce the body fat of the whole body and reduce the size of your legs and abdomen.


Squats , which are simple movements but can firmly load the muscles of the lower body, are recommended for short-term dieting.

It is said that the calories burned per squat is equivalent to 50 to 100 calories burned in the abdominal muscles. Squats are exercises that burn a lot of calories .

Squats can also train lower body muscles. It is said that the lower body occupies about 70% of the muscle mass of the whole body, so if you can increase the muscle mass of the lower body with squats, it will lead to an increase in basal metabolic rate .

It is said that if the basal metabolic rate increases, the body consumes more energy even when not exercising, making it easier to lose weight.

<How to squat>

1. 1. Stand with your legs open about the width of your shoulders, and point your toes slightly outward
3. Keep your back straight and sit down slowly while inhaling . When you sit down until your thighs are parallel to the floor, keep your posture a little
. Slowly raise your hips and return to the original posture
5.1 to 4 15 times x 3 sets as a guide

If it is tight, start with 10 times x 1 set and gradually increase the number of times.


Diet method to lose weight in a short period of time: Diet

Being careful about your diet is also important for losing weight in a short period of time. Some people say that if you don’t eat, you will lose weight, but a diet that doesn’t eat can damage your physical health.

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time, we do not recommend a diet that you do not eat. Aim to lose weight in a healthy way by actively eating foods that support your diet .

Take a lot of dietary fiber

Dietary fiber is what you want to take a lot while you are on a diet. Eating foods that are high in sugar, such as rice and bread, raises blood sugar levels and makes it easier for you to get fat, but by saving dietary fiber first, you can slow down the absorption of sugar. increase.

In addition, the fact that the absorption of cholesterol is suppressed is one of the reasons why we want to actively take dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber is abundant in seaweeds such as brown rice, natto, sweet potatoes, burdock, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, bananas, citrus fruits, mushrooms, and wakame seaweed. By adding these foods to your daily diet, you will be able to get the fiber you need for your diet.

Take more protein

Protein is an essential nutrient for building muscle and building a lean body with good metabolism, so be sure to take it positively.

Protein is also an energy source instead of sugar . Reducing your sugar intake is essential to a successful diet, but keeping protein can help prevent energy shortages.

Protein is found in meats such as prosciutto, roast beef and scissors, as well as eggs, natto, milk and cheese.



It’s not easy to lose 5 kilos in a short period of time. However, as explained here, it is possible to succeed in dieting by knowing your current physical condition and paying attention to exercise and diet. Don’t give up, start your diet now.

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