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Refrain from going out and gain weight in the corona! What kind of exercise will solve it?

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Many women complain of corona fatness due to the effects of refraining from going out due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Although the state of emergency has been lifted, how can exercise help eliminate corona fatness in situations where it is still desirable to refrain from going out? This time, we will introduce exercise methods that you can do even in a self-restraint mood, so please refer to those who are worried about weight gain.

The cause of getting fat in the corona

Before I show you how to get rid of corona fatness, the first thing you need to know is why you got fat. What are the factors behind the fattening of the corona?

Let’s find out the cause of corona fatness

The fact that exercise facilities such as the gym were closed while the state of emergency was declared may be one of the causes.

For this reason, people who used to go to the gym regularly to exercise can no longer do that, and the amount of exercise has decreased, making it easier for them to gain weight .

In some cases, you may have tried training at home, but couldn’t get enough training.

Stress may also be one of the causes of getting fat in the corona . It seems that there are many people who have been stressed by spending all their time at home due to teleworking and refraining from going out , and the amount of snacks has increased .

In addition, there are cases where it is difficult to feel full and overeating because the number of people who eat while watching the screen of a TV or computer has increased .

In addition, during the period of self-restraint from going out, it was difficult to shop as usual, such as reducing the frequency of shopping and shopping in as short a time as possible. Therefore, it is thought that the difficulty in getting a well-balanced diet also led to weight gain .

How many people feel “fat”?

I often hear the word corona fat, but I’m wondering how many people actually feel that they have gained weight due to the effects of refraining from going out due to the new coronavirus.

Let’s take a look at the results of a survey conducted by a company on 2,800 office workers who are using a health management app.

According to the questionnaire, as of May 16, 57% of people gained more weight than January this year, and 60% had more body fat percentage .

In other words, more than half of the people are experiencing corona fatness .

If you continue to live like this, you may end up gaining more and more weight, so I would like to take measures as soon as possible.

However, some people may feel that there is nothing they can do to lose weight in a self-restraint mood.


What are the exercise habits you can do in a self-restraint mood?

Although the state of emergency has been lifted, there are still days when we cannot be relieved depending on the region and occupation. If possible, it would be nice if I could easily exercise at home or outside without going to a place where many people gather.

Here, we will introduce what you can do to eliminate corona fatness while avoiding the risk of infection with the new coronavirus, so please refer to it.


Walking is a popular exercise that you can do most easily. Stretching your back and swinging your arms while walking in a stride will also help to tighten your abdomen, which has popped out due to the fat corona.

Compared to hard exercise, walking is a good thing that you can easily do even if you are a little tired. Just walking around the neighborhood will help relieve the stress of staying at home.

Adjust the time zone, such as choosing a time when people are not crowded, such as early evening or early morning, and take measures against corona .

Running, jogging

Running and jogging are recommended for those who want to exercise a little harder than walking.

However, just running can make you feel a little bored and difficult to keep going.

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Therefore, it is recommended to manage the distance traveled using the app . Nowadays, there are various smartphone apps for you to enjoy running and jogging, so why not try using them?

By using the smartphone app, you can get an idea of ​​the distance you ran, the time you ran, and the amount of calories you burned, which will increase your motivation. Especially recommended for those who want to keep running and jogging and get rid of corona fatness.

Stretching and yoga at home

You can also do stretching and yoga at home. You don’t need any tools, and the good thing is that you can do it in a small space such as on a bed .

There are many videos on YouTube that are effective for areas of concern such as the stomach, legs, and upper arms, so you can try it before going to bed or immediately after waking up in the morning.

Both are exercises that you can do at your own pace, so first try to move your body little by little every day.


It’s boring to just exercise silently. Dance is recommended for such people.

There are many dance lesson videos on YouTube, so if you move your body while watching the videos, you can enjoy exercising. If you try a complete copy of the dance of your favorite artist, you will be motivated.

It seems that some people are exercising using games to eliminate corona fatness . The reason why it is so popular is that you can move your body like playing in a game. You can also try incorporating dance games to make your exercise time more enjoyable.


Let’s continue exercising happily and eliminate corona fatness

No matter what method you choose, it is important to continue exercising. If you start exercising but don’t continue, you can’t get rid of your corona fatness.

Here are some things you can do to keep exercising fun.

Enjoy lightly

Some exercises suit you, others don’t. So if you’ve started exercising but are tired of it, try another method.

For example, if you’ve started jogging but are “getting tired”, you can try stretching and yoga that you can do at home.

It is also recommended to exercise while sharpening, such as walking two days a week and dancing while watching YouTube on other days.


Let’s easily record what you exercised so that you can look back on it later There are many pedometer apps and apps that allow you to keep track of the distance you ran with GPS, so you can try it out.

Set goals and goals

Even if you don’t have a goal, some people will establish their exercise habits and succeed in dieting, but it is recommended to set goals and goals to improve motivation.

When setting goals, try to make both big and small goals. And if you get a reward when you reach that goal, you will be more motivated.

For example, suppose you set a goal of squeezing your waist by 3 cm in two weeks.

In that case, you could set a small goal this week to do a waist yoga menu twice a day, morning and evening. And if you can achieve that small goal for a day, you can decide on a reward such as watching a 50-minute drama.

Setting such clear goals and goals will make it fun to continue exercising because you will be happy when you reach them.



Although we are still in a self-restraint mood, there are exercises that can be done inside and outside the house. If you are worried about getting fat in the corona, please try the exercises introduced here. Just by increasing the amount of exercise little by little every day, you will gradually see some positive changes.

When exercising, don’t forget to use the app so that it will be fun to continue.

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