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I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose weight! Will such a selfish diet come true?

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It’s often said that when you go on a diet, your chest gets smaller. However, the true intention of many women is “I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose weight!”

How can you succeed in your diet without losing weight? In this article, I will introduce the perfect diet method for people who want to lose weight but do not want to lose weight!

Causes of losing weight when you lose weight

When I go on a diet, I often lose weight in my breasts even though I don’t want to lose it. Why do you lose weight in your breasts that you don’t want to lose weight?

First, let’s know the cause.

Causes of losing weight when you lose weight

Although you lose weight if you don’t eat, a diet with extreme dietary restrictions can be detrimental to your health. Exercise is essential if you want to lose weight in a healthy way.

The chest is the part of the body’s fat that burns easily. Therefore, when you exercise, you will lose weight from your chest.

The reason why breast fat burns easily is that the breasts are soft and warm. The softer and warmer the fat, the easier it is to burn, so breasts that meet that requirement are more likely to lose weight.

Therefore, it is unavoidable that the chest becomes a little thin due to exercise during dieting. However, you can minimize the loss of breasts with some ingenuity.

Combining muscle training and exercise to train the pectoralis major, which is easy to bust, is not impossible to fulfill the wish “I want to lose weight but I don’t want to lose weight”.

Be careful even if you have dietary restrictions

Dietary restrictions can also cause chest thinning. The rule of thumb is not to eat too much while on a diet, but excessive dietary restrictions can lead to a lack of nutrients in your chest.

Therefore, you may lose weight only in your breasts, even though you cannot lose weight in your stomach or legs.

The chest is a part of the body that is directly affected by daily lifestyle habits such as eating and exercising. Many cells and blood vessels are concentrated in the breast, so if you restrict your diet too much, you may not be able to carry the necessary nutrients and your breasts may become thinner and thinner.


Is there a diet method that does not lose weight to the chest? <Exercise>

As I’ve talked about, the breast is a part that is easy to lose weight. If you work hard on a diet due to exercise or dietary restrictions, your chest will usually be reduced in size.

However, if you say “I don’t want to lose weight only in my chest!” , It is recommended to do exercises to keep the size of your breasts . We will introduce good exercises to keep your breasts healthy, so please try them.

Train and loosen the muscles needed to keep your breasts

■ Train the pectoralis major

The foundation of the chest is the pectoralis major muscle that supports the chest. 90% of the chest is fat, so if the pectoralis major muscles that support it weaken, the chest will sag. To keep your breasts in good shape, it is important to train your pectoralis major muscles.

Also, when you train the pectoralis major muscle, it develops and swells round, so the volume comes out in the chest by that amount. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise to train the pectoralis major muscle for bust up .

Make “push-ups” a daily habit that allows you to train your pectoralis major efficiently.

<How to do push-ups>

① Spread your arms across your shoulders and straighten your back.

② Place your hands on the ground and slowly bend your elbows.

③ Keep for 5 seconds from where you thought you could return

Let’s aim for 3 sets a day, with 1 set 15 to 20 times as a guide.

If it’s tight, you can kneel down.

■ Loosen the spine

To keep your breasts in good shape, you have to be careful not only on your pectoralis major but also on your back. If your back is weak, your back will curl up and cause your chest to hang down.

Be careful, especially if you use your PC for a long time at desk work or if you often play with your smartphone, you will easily get stooped.

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If you keep the same posture, your back muscles will continue to be stretched and you will lose flexibility. As a result, the stoop may progress further and the chest may drop.

To keep your breasts in good shape, it is important to train your back muscles along with your pectoralis major muscles .

Here, we will introduce a stretch to loosen the back muscles. Regain the flexibility of your back muscles by loosening the stiff back muscles.

<How to stretch your spine>

① Turn your arms to your back and fold your hands.

② With your hands folded, straighten it so that it can be pulled back.

③ Repeat 10 times with recoil without stopping breathing.

④ With your hands folded, tilt your arms forward and extend your arms toward the ceiling.

⑤ Repeat this 10 times.

Avoid exercising that shakes your chest violently

Some exercises can cause your chest to shake violently. It is not recommended to continue such exercise as it will burn the fat in your chest more easily.

Also, if your breasts shake violently, the Cooper’s ligaments that support your breasts may stretch or break. When the Cooper’s ligament stretches, your breasts will sag, so you must be careful not to shake your breasts in order to keep your breasts clean.

It is also recommended to wear a sports bra to reduce the shaking of your chest when exercising Wearing a sports bra provides adequate chest support and reduces chest sway compared to everyday bras.

However, it does not prevent 100% of your breasts from shaking, so if you don’t want to lose weight, choose exercises that you do while you are on a diet.

If you combine muscle training with light aerobic exercise, it is recommended because the chest does not shake violently.


Is there a dieting method that does not lose weight to the chest? <Diet / Lifestyle>

If you want to lose weight, you need some dietary restrictions, but if you overdo it, it will cause your chest to lose weight. If you don’t want to lose weight, you want to avoid the situation where your breasts don’t have enough nutrients.

I will explain the diet and lifestyle to prevent you from losing weight, so let’s try it.

Try to have a bust massage once a day

Make it a habit to have a bust massage once a day. A massage will help the breasts get the nutrients they need smoothly. It can also stimulate the mammary glands , which is good for giving your breasts firmness.

<How to bust massage>

① Gently turn from the outside to the inside in a circular motion to lift the entire chest.

② Collect the fat on your back and abdomen by stroking it on your chest.

It is recommended to do a bust massage when your body is warm, such as after taking a bath.

Eat a balanced diet

If you don’t have the necessary nutrition, your chest will lose weight, so try to eat a well-balanced diet. In particular, we recommend that you take vitamin E, which promotes blood circulation, and the protein necessary for breast growth consciously.

Don’t get too cold

To keep your breasts from getting thin, it is important to get enough nutrition to your breasts. If you cool your body too much, your blood flow will be impaired and it will be difficult for you to get the nutrients you eat.

To keep your chest size, be careful not to overcool your body.

Take measures against cold in an air-conditioned room with a cardigan or blanket. Don’t eat too much cold food or drink just because it’s hot. At the end of the day, it’s a good idea to soak in a bathtub to warm yourself up .



The chest is the part of the body where fat burns easily. Exercise and dietary restrictions often cause your breasts to shrink in size, so if you want to lose weight but don’t want to lose weight, be aware of the exercises you do and the diets you restrict.

The exercises to strengthen the pectoralis major and the stretches to loosen the back muscles introduced here are good for keeping a healthy chest, so please try them. It’s also important to have a well-balanced diet to ensure that your breasts have the nutrients they need.

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