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What you need to do to tighten your body while running

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The first thing that comes to mind as an exercise for a healthy diet is jogging or running.

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Jogging and running are the standard diets, but knowing the effects you can get will increase your motivation. Here, we will introduce in detail what kind of effect it has.

running? jogging? What you can expect from a diet

Can you explain the difference between running and jogging? With the image that both are running, it is difficult to explain exactly how they differ.

Here, I will explain the difference between running and jogging, and which one is more suitable for those who want to diet.

What is the difference between running and jogging?

Both are running exercises, but the big difference is speed and heart rate.

・ Differences
depending on speed Running: Speed ​​to run 1km within 5 minutes
Jogging: Speed ​​to run 1km over 5 minutes

・ Difference in heart rate
Running: Tight sensation 80-90% of maximum heart rate (130-150 beats per minute)
Jogging: Light sensation 60-70% of maximum heart rate (110-130 beats per minute)

Running can make you breathless or short of breath, but jogging is strong enough to speak. So, to put it simply, running fast is running, and running slowly is jogging.

Choose between running and jogging depending on your purpose. Running is recommended if you want to improve your muscle strength, and jogging is recommended if you want to improve fat burning and cardiopulmonary function.

Jogging, which is an aerobic exercise, is ideal for dieting

In order to burn body fat, it is important not to overload it. Since sugar is the main source of energy for anaerobic exercise, which puts a heavy load on the muscles, it is not suitable for losing fat.

Aerobic exercise, which is about 60 to 70% of your maximum heart rate, turns your energy source into fat, so jogging with intensity that makes you feel light while running is ideal for dieting.

As a guideline for the pace of jogging, “you can talk while running” and “sweat oozes little by little”. At that pace, the maximum heart rate is about 60-70%.

It takes about 20 minutes for body fat to be used as an energy source, so aim for 20 minutes or more of jogging.

If you continue for more than 20 minutes, the energy in your blood will also be used. This will increase blood circulation and increase blood vessel constriction, further promoting fat burning.

If you haven’t been exercising so much, start jogging and aim to build a body that burns fat easily.

Once you get used to jogging, you can move on to running and aim for muscle improvement. By increasing muscle mass, basal metabolism will increase and you will be able to make your body harder to gain weight.

I want to start for a diet! How to run without losing muscle by running

“You have to run every day for a successful diet.” Many people think so.

But running every day is not the best thing to do. In fact, it is said that you should run every other day for a diet. Let’s see why.

I don’t run every day! What is the reason for running every other day?

The reason why running every other day is good is that you can prevent muscle loss.

Running puts a strain on your muscles and damages your muscle fibers. It takes 48 to 72 hours to repair damaged muscle fibers, so if you run every day, there is a risk that you will not be able to repair in time and you will lose muscle.

So, if you run every other day, you’ll have more time to repair your muscle fibers, so you can lose only fat without losing muscle.

As you lose muscle mass, you will certainly lose weight, but your basal metabolism will also drop accordingly. Maintaining muscle mass is important for building a body that is hard to gain weight, so running every other day is the best way to diet.

Also, running every other day gives you more comfort. I think “I ran today so I don’t have to run tomorrow” and “I didn’t run yesterday so I have to do my best today” and I can continue with a positive feeling.

Be sure to eat a protein amount that is commensurate with your weight every day

In order to go on a diet without losing muscle, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the diet.

Of course, just because you’re running, if you eat too much protein, you’ll get fat, so it’s important to take the amount that is commensurate with your weight.

The amount of protein required per day can be calculated by the following formula.

[Own weight (Kg) x protein requirement per 1 kg of body weight (g)]

If you are a running person, the required amount of protein (g) per 1 kg of body weight is 1.2 to 1.4 g.

For a person who weighs 50 kg, it is calculated as 50 kg x 1.2 to 1.4 g, so it seems that 60 to 70 g of protein is required.

Protein can be obtained mainly from meat, fish and shellfish, eggs, legumes, and dairy products. Incorporate it into your diet in a balanced manner, and try to get the protein that is commensurate with your weight every day.

In addition, it is important not to break down glycogen more than necessary in order not to lose muscle mass.

Glycogen is made from sugar ingested by diet, so be sure to ingest grains, potatoes, fruits, sugar, etc. in a well-balanced manner.

The effects of running and jogging other than dieting

If you continue running and jogging that you started for a diet, you will be able to experience various things.

It will also lead to an increase in motivation to continue. So what is the specific effect?

Happiness hormone is secreted! ??

After running for more than 15 minutes, the brain secretes the happiness hormone (serotonin). This hormone plays a role in maintaining the balance of the mind and makes it easier to live a positive feeling every day.

In addition to serotonin, β-endorphin, which brings euphoria, and dopamine, which brings uplifting feeling, are secreted by running. These hormones have the function of relieving stress.

Gamma-amino acids (GABA) are also generated by running. GABA is a neurotransmitter found in the brain that has the effect of calming and relaxing excitement.

Some women who are stressed or tired may be accustomed to eating chocolate with GABA.

It may be effective in reducing stress, but it seems that eating chocolate with GABA often causes skin irritation.

If your skin is not good for women, it will be stressful in itself, so eating chocolate with GABA will not get you out of the virtuous circle.

Rather, it’s healthier to run or jogging to generate GABA in your brain, isn’t it?

You can expect a beautiful skin effect

Running and jogging improve blood flow and allow oxygen and nutrients to reach every corner of the body. In addition, sweating causes the pores to work normally. This will give your skin firmness and luster, so you can expect the effect of making your skin beautiful.

Good sleep is essential for maintaining beautiful skin, but some people find that running or jogging helps them fall asleep better and get a deeper sleep.

When serotonin is secreted by running, a hormone called melatonin is more likely to be secreted at night. Melatonin, also known as sleep hormone, is a hormone that leads to good sleep.

Growth hormone, which is secreted during sleep, has also been shown to stimulate cell metabolism and repair damage during the day. Getting a good night’s sleep also helps maintain beautiful skin.


Not only can you go on a diet, but you can also secrete happiness hormones to feel positive and relieve stress. In addition, many effects can be expected, such as maintaining beautiful skin. Why don’t you start running for a diet now?

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