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I want to lose weight slim! Thorough explanation of measures against stomach thinning

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Often you want to lose weight in a short period of time, such as when you’re about to wear a bathing suit, but the one you’re particularly concerned about is your stomach.

It is the true intention of women to want to lose weight only in the abdomen, leaving the chest part.
Here, we will introduce the causes of the abdomen, improvement measures, and how to intensively tighten the abdomen when you want to lose weight in a short period of time.

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Why can’t I lose weight only in my stomach?

There are many women who are trying hard to lose weight but are worried that their stomachs will not be firm.
A woman’s longing for a tightly constricted stomach, but excessive dieting and excessive dietary restrictions are strictly prohibited!
Overeating isn’t the only cause of a chubby stomach.

Make sure you understand exactly what makes your stomach hard to lose weight.

The cause of a chubby stomach other than overeating is “posture”!

It is around the abdomen that makes many women want to lose weight. When it’s the season for light clothing, you’re suddenly worried, and are you worried that you won’t lose weight?

Before you start an excessive diet, think about what makes you hungry.

In the first place, females have more fat than men and are easier to store . Since fat is concentrated around the abdomen to protect the important uterus, it tends to be bloated.

Of course, if you eat too much, you will get puyopuyo, but if you are careful about your nutritional balance and the amount of food you eat, you will not get so hungry.

The reason why I can’t get hungry while I’m on a diet is actually my poor posture.

Relationship between chubby stomach and posture

Even if you have the image of “thin stomach = diet”, many people may think that their stomach and posture are completely different.

But attitude determines the curve of our spine that, the function of the transmission or the built-in nerve, such as muscle movement, the various parts of the body have an impact on.

Attitude collapse before the head with the bad , inevitably abdomen protrudes in order to balance because, tend to be type of stomach Pokkori.

A comfortable posture that does not use muscles reduces the amount of muscles such as the abdominal muscles and back muscles, so the area around the abdomen becomes puyopuyo.

Moreover, poor posture can lead to visceral ptosis and intestinal dysfunction , which can also cause constipation , which can cause abdominal bloating .

When metabolism deteriorates due to poor posture, fat tends to accumulate around the abdomen, and it becomes difficult to get a diet effect, making it difficult to lose weight.

If you want to lose weight, improve your posture! Measures for getting hungry right now

A beautifully toned female stomach is not something that can be made by dieting alone.

Before you start a hard diet, try to get hungry from your posture.

Bad posture and improvement measures to make your stomach bloated

For women who want to lose weight , the bad posture of warped waist, stoop, and winding is NG .
To get hungry, please review your way of standing, sitting and walking.

・ When standing

Warped hips can be improved by turning your toes outward when you stand up and putting a firm force on your buttocks .

Keep in mind that the back of the cat and how to wrap it should pull the head back together with the neck, open the chest and lower the shoulder position to fix it.

The ideal posture is to pull the chin and extend the ears, shoulders, pelvis, and ankles in a straight line . Not only does it look thin, it also brings out the most beautiful female appearance.

・ When walking

Pay attention to the forward leaning of your upper body so that you do not lose your ideal posture, step strongly with your big toes, and land from your heels .

If you stretch your knees while paying attention to the forward leaning of your upper body and shoulders, and walk with the image of your legs protruding from your hip joints, your abdominal muscles will naturally tighten, and you can expect the effect of tightening your abdomen.

・ When sitting

Sit deeply in your chair, don’t lean on your back, pull your chin lightly, and sit straight with your head to hips straight .

The ideal way to sit by extending the spine and improving the stoop is ” ischial sitting ” where the ischium under the pelvis is attached to the seat surface .

If you cross your legs, not only will you easily become stooped, but your pelvis will be distorted and your posture will collapse, so please refrain from doing so as much as possible.

Measures for stomach thinning that can be done from today

In addition to improving your posture, the following methods are also effective for getting hungry.

By making it a habit on a daily basis, it is possible to help improve your stomach.

・ Stomach massage

Massage helps to remove fat from the abdomen of women who are difficult to remove by exercising .

Try the next massage 3 times a day .

1. 1. Grip both hands lightly on the abdomen and tap the entire abdomen as if knocking lightly
. Next, use your palm to press the entire abdomen in a well-balanced manner to loosen the muscles
. Open your hands, pinch the fat in your stomach, and loosen it strongly overall
. 3. Use your fingertips to push your stomach strongly clockwise from your navel and gradually expand the circle
. Push the meat on both flanks toward the navel and the meat under the navel strongly toward the legs.


It is a muscle training that even people who are not good at exercising can easily work on. If you make 5 sets a day a daily habit, your abdomen will gradually become refreshed.

1. 1. Stand up straight and take a deep breath with the image of collecting air in your abdomen
. When you inhale to the limit, hold your breath and exhale as much as you want
. Keep your stomach dented for 30 seconds while breathing slowly

easy! Stretch yoga to lose weight

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time, or if you want to get rid of your stomach quickly, yoga or stretching is effective.

Here are two easy ways to do it at home, so please try it.

OK in 1 minute! Stomach yoga

Yoga is popular for making beautiful bodies for women, but the following three poses are especially effective for a chubby stomach . Get in the habit for one minute a day, every night before going to bed .

・ Cobra pose

1. 1. 2. Sleep on your stomach, open your legs to your waist, place your arms next to your chest, and tighten your armpits
3. While inhaling, press both hands and slowly raise your upper body with your thighs on the floor . 3. Extend your elbows, pull your shoulder blades, bend your upper body and keep for 30 seconds
. Exhale and return to your original shape and repeat

・ Boat pose

1. 1. Sit with your knees and align your legs
. Bend your legs 90 degrees with your back straight, stretch your hands forward while inhaling, and keep for 30 seconds
. Exhale and return to your original shape and repeat

・ Bridge pose

1. 1. 2. Sleep on your back, spread your legs across your shoulders, and raise your knees
. Raise your hips while exhaling and fold your hands under your back
. 3. Keep breathing for 30 seconds so that you don’t get hungry
. Slowly return to your original shape and stretch your stomach by sleeping repeatedly

Even if you don’t have time to go to the gym, there are stretches you can do on your futon .

Not only does it have a slimming effect that tightens the muscles around the abdomen, but it also increases muscle mass and improves metabolism . You can also go on a diet.

・ Tuck up

1. 1. Sleep on your back on the futon with your banzai on
. Raise your upper and lower body with your hips as the axis, and bring your chest and knees as close as possible
. 3. With your legs slightly lifted, return to the supine position with banzai
. Repeat this for 12 sets.

・ Goron Goron Exa

1. 1. After lying on your back, put your knees together, fry them, and bend them 90 degrees
3. Inhale and keep your shoulders on the floor, then exhale and bring your knees closer to the floor on your left . 3. Inhale and return your knees to 90 degrees, then exhale and bring your knees closer to the floor on your right side
. Repeat this for 5-10 sets


When you want to lose weight, women tend to go on a diet, but dieting has only a temporary effect.

Excessive dietary restrictions also have a high risk of rebounding and poor physical condition, so be sure to correct your posture and tighten your stomach.

The basis of getting hungry is the posture.
Correcting your posture will tighten your abdomen and strengthen your muscles. It also improves the rate of burning fat, so it is also recommended for dieting.

Before the season of full-fledged light clothing comes, let’s work on getting hungry as soon as possible.

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