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Menu with convenience store food! Recommended diet menu

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Convenience stores that are close by and open 24 hours a day and have everything are also a strong ally for dieting. There is even a method called “convenience store diet”. Why is a convenience store a strong ally for dieting? I will also introduce the convenience store diet method.

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Why is the convenience store diet attracting attention?

On a diet, you must ensure that your daily calorie intake is less than your calorie consumption. There are ways to reduce calories burned by exercising, but it’s easier to limit your diet to reduce calories burned.

According to the Japan Medical Association, calories burned are calculated by “basal metabolic rate x physical activity level”. The basal metabolic rate is the basal metabolic rate standard value per 1 kg of body weight set in advance for each age group, and is multiplied by the body weight.

For example, a woman between the ages of 30 and 49 has a basal metabolic rate of 21.7, so if she weighs 50 kg, her daily basal metabolic rate will be 1,085 kcal.

The daily calorie consumption is calculated by multiplying this value by the physical activity level. Physical activity levels are divided into three levels: level I (low) is 1.5, level II (normal) is 1.75, and level III (high) is 2.0 for women aged 30 to 49.

If the female’s physical activity level is I, the daily calorie consumption is 1,627.5 kcal.

The problem is calorie intake. If you cook for yourself, you have to calculate according to the amount used for each ingredient. It’s a hassle when it comes to every meal, even if it’s only once. When eating out, the number of places where calories are displayed is increasing, especially at chain stores, but there are many places where it is not displayed, such as restaurants run by individuals.

In that respect, most foods, including bento boxes and breads, are labeled with calories at convenience stores. Some foods display salt (sodium), protein, fat, and sugar (carbohydrate), which is also useful for people who care about their health. You can assemble the menu while calculating calories.

Also, since the foods handled at convenience stores are mainly for one person, there is no need to worry about eating too much. Since there are many types, you can assemble a variety of menus on a daily basis.

If used well, it will reduce calorie intake over a long period of time .

How to choose convenience store foods on a diet

So what should you choose if you are on a diet with convenience store food?

Basics of a carbohydrate-restricted diet

Our body has the property of converting and storing fat when we consume too much sugar. On the other hand, when consuming energy, sugar is used first, so fat is not used easily. In addition, fat is slowly reduced because it produces a large amount of energy in a small amount.

In other words, if you limit sugar, it will be difficult to store it as fat, and it will be easier for fat to be used first when consuming energy . Originally a method designed for obese and diabetic patients.

However, if you limit sugar too much, you tend to consume too much protein and fat, as you will be substituting for other nutrients . Also, sugar is the only nutrient for the brain.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare recommends a nutritional balance of 50-65% carbohydrates, 13-20% protein, and 20-30% fat. Even if you limit sugar on a diet, it is safe to keep it in mind.

When assembling your menu, be aware that in addition to these nutrients, you also get vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber .

You should avoid lunch boxes and pasta . This is because it is high in calories and has an unbalanced nutritional balance. You eat too much sugar and fat, and on the contrary, you lack vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Ideally, choose one for each nutrient.

If you want to feel hungry, try soup . It makes you feel better and warms your body. Oden is full of ingredients and rich in vegetables.

Menu example when you want to eat rice balls

Limit the number of rice balls to one per meal . Calories are around 200 kcal. Plums are relatively low in calories, and salmon can also be eaten with protein. Recently, there are rice balls with mochi wheat that are rich in dietary fiber, so choose if necessary. On the other hand, it is better to avoid rice balls that use oil as ingredients, such as tuna mayo .

As a side menu, we will add one vegetable dish such as salad and one protein dish such as yakitori and grilled fish . Delicatessen fried in oil is NG . Even in vegetable dishes, refrain from cooking with a lot of sugar such as boiled pumpkin.

Menu example when you want to eat noodles

When compared with the same amount, calories less noodles is, udon and somen is. Soba also has a low GI value and a gradual rise in blood sugar level, so it is an option during dieting.

On the contrary, I want to avoid pasta and instant noodles . Not only noodles but also sauces and soups are high in calories , so they are not suitable for dieting.

Also, some people choose vermicelli instead of noodles, but this one has two to three times as many calories as udon and soba . You should refrain from dieting.

When the noodles have been determined, hard-boiled eggs protein, in such as frozen broccoli and spinach , etc. plus the vegetables you.

Menu example when you want to eat bread

It is recommended to eat rice rather than bread while on a diet . Bread contains fat in addition to sugar, and the food you eat with it may be high in fat or seasoned .

But for bread lovers, even if you put up with it, it won’t last long . Some people have been eating bread since they were children. By carefully selecting the bread to eat there, you can prevent it from interfering with your diet .

First of all, sweet buns are NG . Jam, bean paste, cream, chocolate, or sandwiched on rice balls far exceed the calories of a single rice ball. However, the drawback is that I am not hungry.

In prepared bread, you should avoid sandwiching processed foods such as fried foods and sausages and hamburgers. The same goes for using mayonnaise. It’s better to make a sandwich with bread that has a relatively low calorie content . You can also eat vegetables and protein at the same time.

Recently, instead of butter, margarine, and shortening, more and more breads are kneaded with oils rich in unsaturated fatty acids to reduce calories . Bread mixed with bran is rich in dietary fiber.

Combine this with vegetable and protein foods , just like any other menu . If you already have protein as an ingredient and your budget is tight, you can add vegetable juice.

How to choose a convenience store snack

Ideally, you shouldn’t eat snacks while you’re on a diet, instead of eating three meals in the morning, noon, and evening . However, if the intervals between meals are long, you may not be able to tolerate hunger and may frustrate your diet. Also, I ‘m worried that the longer I ‘m hungry, the easier it is for my blood sugar to rise the next time I eat .

Therefore , you can eat a “snack” if the amount is appropriate . However, sweets such as chocolate, cookies, candy, ice cream, and juice are high in calories and should not be eaten in principle.

Instead, choose one that is low in calories and gives you the nutrients you need . For example, cut fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. To snacks of squid system such as Rume will take the protein. However, if you eat too much, the former will have excess sugar and the latter will have excess salt, so try to use a small amount.

In addition, some convenience stores use agar jelly that uses artificial sweeteners instead of sugar . It has a certain texture and has the advantage of being hungry . In addition, sweets such as bite-sized wakame seaweed, kelp, and plum that have not been modified so much can be used as a diet companion.

Nuts are rich in vitamins and minerals in, there is also a chewy, but the fat pay attention to too much take because the quality often is. If it’s a single-pack type, you won’t have to worry about eating too much.

Two meals recommended for diet lunch

Next, I will introduce the foods for diet that are sold at major convenience stores.


Seven-Eleven offers products jointly developed with manufacturers at low prices under the brand “Seven Premium.” I’m glad that the price doesn’t change so much from buying at a supermarket. Manufacturers are also famous.

Among them, ” salad chicken ” is recommended for dieting . The chicken breast without the skin is seasoned and heated, and it is soft and easy to eat because it is moist and can be torn by hand. Moreover, the calories are about 100 to 120 kcal per pack .

In addition to plain, there are herbs and citrus lemons for seasoning. In addition, there are many variations to suit the way you eat, such as being loosened in advance or stick-shaped. Recently, there is also “salad salmon” that uses fish instead of chicken (as of October 2019).


Lawson has been working on the development of ” low-carbohydrate ” food products since 2012, and the applicable food products have the Rocabo mark. This is convenient when you want to refrain from sugar .

Blancpain, for example, has a sugar limit of 2.2g per piece. In addition, Bran is rich in dietary fiber.

We also sell salad chicken under our own brand “Lawson Select”. In addition, “Karaage-kun”, which has a history of more than 30 years, has 1.6g of sugar per piece. If you combine this with a vegetable menu, you can easily complete a menu with less sugar (as of October 2019).

Family Mart

Speaking of FamilyMart, there are plenty of lunch boxes and pasta, so you may have an image of being unrelated to diet. However, we also sell foods that take health into consideration.

For example, low-carbohydrate foods tied up with RIZAP . Not only salad chicken, but also noodles and sweets are available.

In addition, rice balls and bento boxes that incorporate “super barley”, which has 40 times more dietary fiber than white rice and 4 times more indigestible resistant starch than before, are also attractive (as of October 2019).


Convenience store diet has a wide variety of foods, it is easy to calculate calorie intake, and it is an advantage that you can buy only the amount for one person. If you use it well, you will be able to consume less calories than you consume. Recently, we have a wide range of diet foods.

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