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When you eat too much, how to spend the next day is important! Introducing what you want to keep in mind

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“I was thinking of eating tomorrow morning, but I was hungry in the middle of the night …” “I was thinking of halving it, but I couldn’t stand it and ate everything … You may inadvertently eat too much because of your weak will, such as “I’m on a diet!”
Did you regret the next day and eat too much to reset it?
Actually, it may be counterproductive! This time, I will explain what is best for your body the day after you eat too much.

I ate too much! ?? First thing I want to tell you now

I ate too much the day before! Even so, not everything you eat replaces fat.
Even if you eat too much, it will actually turn into fat after 24 to 48 hours. Just because you eat too much doesn’t mean you get fat right away.

And since the calories and nutrients differ depending on what you eat, for example, I ate a lot of meat! In that case, I ate a lot of salad! In that case, the calorie intake is obviously different.

Few people will regret eating too much salad, but no matter what they eat, they can make adjustments the next day or later !

As I mentioned earlier, eating too much doesn’t immediately turn energy into fat. If you just spoil yourself and eat too much, don’t blame yourself and be depressed.
If you deal with it the next day, you will still be in time.


6 things you want to do the next day after eating too much

So what exactly should we do to recover the day after we inadvertently eat too much?
Let’s check the notes one by one.

Take a glass of water to prevent swelling

If you eat too much the day before, your face and legs may be swollen due to excessive salt intake. If you ingest alcohol, you may be even more dehydrated.

Either way, drink water first when you wake up so that it doesn’t irritate your intestines too much. Avoid cold water as much as possible even in the middle of summer, and drink plain hot water at room temperature, if possible .

Water intake is also important to prevent swelling. As a guide, about 10 cups a day . It’s a good idea to consciously drink instead of drinking after you’re thirsty.
The point is to drink diligently within a reasonable range, not all at once.
You may be worried when the toilet is near, but that is the aim. By excreting the body’s waste products as urine, it is also a measure against swelling.

It is strictly forbidden to get cold for swelling. Therefore, we recommend hot water at room temperature or plain hot water, or hot tea if you are on the go at work.

Fasting is NG! Be sure to have breakfast

Even if you eat too much the day before, fast and adjust from the next day That is NG .
Eating breakfast leads to gastrointestinal motility and basal metabolism.
In other words, it is important to have a good balance of three meals, even if you adjust what you eat and how much you eat.
Breakfast is indispensable for raising basal metabolism and building a body that is hard to gain weight.

If you’re feeling sick because you’ve eaten too much, vegetable soup or a fruity smoothie is a good choice. Moist pears and watermelons may be good in the summer, and strawberries and apples may be good in the winter. Bananas, which are easy to eat, are recommended as fruits that can be obtained all year round.
Add honey or milk to make a smoothie to make it easier to drink.

It’s also a good idea to make soup with the vegetables left in the refrigerator. You can easily make minestrone using canned tomatoes and consomme. If you are busy in the morning and don’t have time to cook, you can warm your body with instant miso soup.

Of course, if you have an appetite, it’s a good idea to have a good breakfast so that you don’t overeat.

Just a walk is OK! Let’s move our body

It is also recommended to move your body a little more consciously than usual . By moving your body, you can help digestion and improve your metabolism .

Moving your body does not mean running suddenly or doing intense muscle training, but of course you can take a light walk.
The purpose of this physical activity is not to lose weight or build muscle, but to promote digestion of the amount of overeating the day before.
Therefore, it is enough to exercise at a pace that is more comfortable than usual without being overwhelmed.

If you’re fluttering in the morning and can’t exercise at all due to desk work and go home …, try taking a stretch after taking a bath.

It’s also a good idea to massage your feet to get swelling.
If you can stretch and move a little more, it is recommended to try radio calisthenics and squats.
All can be done in 5 minutes, so move your body when you notice, such as while watching TV and standing to go to the bathroom.

Do not leave meals more than 4 hours apart

If the intervals between meals are too long, the blood sugar level will rise at once when you eat. Do not allow more than 4 hours between meals to prevent a sudden rise in blood sugar .

I think that the interval between lunch and dinner will be more than 4 hours, so let’s eat snacks during that time. Of course, avoid sweet buns and snacks as snacks.

“Recommended low-carbohydrate ingredients for snacks are nuts, dried fruits, dried sardines, roasted soybeans, dried squid, etc. We also recommend chocolate with 75% or more cacao!”

About 10 nuts and almonds, and fruits are also recommended. Don’t eat too much of either, especially nuts, just imagine a pinch and keep it to fill your stomach.

Soak in hot water to increase metabolism

The next day after eating too much, it is recommended to soak in hot water to improve metabolism . In particular, if you take a bath instead of taking a shower to warm yourself up, blood circulation will be promoted and you will be able to sweat more easily.

It is said that the temperature of hot water should be about 40 to 42 degrees Celsius, which is not too hot, and it is recommended to soak it for about 10 to 15 minutes to warm it from the core of your body.

However, if you continue to soak for more than 10 minutes at a temperature above 40 degrees Celsius, you may be worried that you will get hot flashes.

In such a case, it is advisable to gently rinse your body and soak it for 5 to 7 minutes, then wash your head and body and then soak it again for 5 to 7 minutes to insert a cool-down.

In addition, a light massage in the bathtub while soaking in the bathtub will also promote blood circulation .

Try it according to your bathing style, such as adding your favorite bath salt or using body cream after bathing to massage and skin care at the same time.

Also, be sure to rehydrate before and after bathing and be careful not to cause dehydration.

Go to bed early without staying up late

It is also important to go to bed early without staying up late to stimulate growth hormone secretion .

Growth hormone is secreted to repair and maintain somatic cells, which at this time breaks down fat and releases it into the blood, turning it into free fatty acids that can be used as an energy source.

Since it is easily consumed as an energy source, improving the quality of sleep and promoting the secretion of growth hormone may lead to a state in which it is less likely to be accumulated as fat in the body.

There are several points to improve your sleep quality.

・ Do not watch smartphones, TVs, computers, etc. before going to bed ・ Make the
bedroom as dark as possible
・ Do not drink alcohol, coffee, tea, etc. before going to bed
・ Keep the time to go to bed and wake up constant
・ Open the curtain when waking up and the morning sun Take a bath

And so on.

By improving the quality of sleep, you will be able to recover your physical strength for daytime activities, and you will also improve your exercise efficiency to promote metabolism of overeating.


Adjust DAY even after the next day after eating too much

If you overeat, have an image of adjusting little by little over the next few days, not just the next day.
As before, it is a content that can be cleared with a little care.

If it is difficult to incorporate everything, it is a good idea to be aware of the points that you can do.

It is important not only to promote metabolism by exercising, but also to control the dietary content so that you do not eat too much.

Try to eat a low-carbohydrate diet

It is necessary to keep in mind a low-carbohydrate diet and adjust the amount of overeating in the diet . If you eat too much the day after you eat too much, you will need more time to make adjustments.

It’s important to adjust your diet to a low-carbohydrate diet, but at the same time, be careful not to consume too much protein.

It is recommended that 40-50g of protein be taken daily in adult females, and excessive intake can strain the internal organs for excretion.

Also, be aware that many protein-rich foods are high in calories.

However, extreme dietary restrictions, such as not consuming any protein or sugar, are not recommended as they can cause you to feel sick.

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Don’t overdo it, saying, “You must definitely eat a well-balanced diet,” such as trying to be a little more conscious than usual.

In addition to meat and fish, it is recommended to actively consume beans. Speaking of things that can be easily eaten, salad chicken, shirasu, natto, etc. do not require special cooking.

Why don’t you try to devise a method that is easy to continue, such as incorporating it with a little consciousness when thinking about the meal menu.

Stretch or massage

It is also recommended to stretch or massage to increase flexibility and promote blood flow to increase metabolism .

Stretching and massage make it easy for people who are not good at exercising such as muscle training to continue, and even when exercising together, it has the advantage of increasing flexibility and helping to prevent injuries.

It is also recommended to promote the flow of lymph by massaging to promote the discharge of waste products and make it easier to burn fat after the next day after eating too much .

Stretching and massage can be out of reach on your own, so going to an esthetic salon to get the treatment is one of the ways to do it.

Incorporating stretching and massage into pre- and post-exercise blood circulation promotion and preparatory exercises, as well as relaxing after bathing and before going to bed, will help improve sleep quality.

Incorporate exercise diligently

After all it is important to move your body . People who don’t usually have a habit of exercising tend to raise the bar suddenly, saying, “I have to go jogging or go swimming in the pool!”, But that’s not necessary.
Of course, it’s good to move a lot, but it doesn’t make sense if you don’t continue, and it can cause you to get tired and eat crazy.

The trick to continue is to diligently incorporate exercise into your daily life .
For example, try to use the stairs instead of the elevator, or walk one or two stations when you have time.
Also, if you usually use the train or bus, it is a good idea to try using a bicycle. Especially recommended for crowded trains when commuting! It is two birds with one stone that can move the body without stress.

If you devise ways to increase your metabolism by adding a habit of moving your body diligently, it will become a habit before you know it. After exercising and sweating, avoid juice and coffee as much as possible and drink water or tea.


What you want to make a habit to prevent overeating

In order to prevent overeating, it is necessary to be careful about how to eat normally and to make it a habit to prevent overeating.

Then, what points should we pay attention to to prevent overeating?

From here, I will introduce tips and precautions to prevent overeating that you should be careful about when eating.

Drink water before meals

Drinking water before meals and starting a meal with less hunger is one of the points to prevent overeating .

At this time, if you drink cold water, the internal organs may get cold and the digestive function may deteriorate, so it is better to choose normal temperature or plain hot water.

It is also recommended to drink carbonated water instead of water . There is a theory that cold carbonated water is better, but let’s adjust the temperature according to your physical condition.

For example, if you are suffering from constipation or poor circulation, we do not recommend taking cold foods.

There are sugar-containing and sugar-free carbonated water, but sugar-free water is recommended to reduce calories.

If you don’t like tasteless carbonated water, you may want to drink unsweetened carbonated water with flavors such as lemon.

The standard amount to drink before meals is about 1 to 2 glasses . If you drink too little, such as a bite, the effect of distracting hunger will diminish, so be careful to drink a little more.

Try to eat vegetables first

If you eat too much, your blood sugar level will rise sharply, and insulin will be over-secreted in an attempt to break down sugar.

Decomposed sugar is usually consumed as an energy source, but one of the causes of fattening is that when it is overdose, it accumulates in the body as triglyceride.

If you eat something that contains a lot of sugar first, your blood sugar level will rise sharply, so be careful about the order of your meals.

In order to moderate the rise in blood sugar level, it is recommended to start eating vegetables with less sugar first, then the main dish, and then the staple food.

In particular, eating lots of fiber-rich vegetables at the beginning of your diet will stimulate your feelings of fullness and help prevent overeating.

While suppressing the rapid rise in blood sugar level, you can also prevent eating too much, so please be careful about the order in which you eat.

Do not eat while

One of the causes of eating too much is “eating while eating”. Eating while eating is eating while doing something, such as playing with a smartphone and watching TV.

Not only meals but also snacks and other snacks can cause you to overeat, so creating an environment where you can concentrate on eating will help prevent overeating .

Also, if you continue to eat for a long time while eating, your blood sugar level will remain high, which may lead to excessive insulin secretion as described above.

In addition, eating while eating can make it difficult to know how much you have eaten.

For example, do not separate tableware from your family for meals and eat snacks in large bags on a plate so that you can understand how much you have eaten at one time.

Then, avoid eating at the dining table without putting the table in front of the TV, or put your smartphone in another place during meals, and eat while preventing eating.

Also, when snacking, it is recommended to choose yogurt, fruit, vegetable soup, etc. instead of snacks, as it can supplement nutrition such as vitamins and proteins.

Why not try to be aware of a healthy diet without excessive dietary restrictions while paying attention to how you eat and what you eat.

Chew well and eat

Chewing well is one of the points to prevent overeating . As you spend more time eating, your blood sugar level rises, which helps to suppress your appetite.

Chewing well will also stimulate saliva production, which will stimulate the satiety center and help you feel full without overeating .

By incorporating it into your meal together with the above-mentioned order of eating, you will be satisfied just by eating vegetables.

As a result, you will be full without eating a high-calorie diet, and you will be able to naturally reduce the amount of food you eat and the amount of calories you consume.

Keep a record of what you eat

To prevent overeating, it is important to be aware that you are eating too much .

By getting into the habit of recording what you usually eat and how much you eat, you will be able to be aware of how much you are eating.

Being able to understand the calories and sugar mass ingested in addition to the content of the meal will be helpful when considering the menu of the meal.

If it is difficult to keep recording, it is also recommended to use a smartphone application . Some apps have a function that gives advice based on the record, so why not take advantage of it?

It also helps you to understand the nutrients that are lacking, so it is useful to record your diet to clarify your dietary tendency and countermeasures.



You don’t have to be too pessimistic and blame yourself if you think, “I’ve eaten too much while I’m on a diet …”.
After the next day, you can get it back over a few days!
I think there may be a sudden drinking party. If that happens again, refer to this article and focus on vegetables on the spot. And if you think you’ve eaten too much, adjust again.

It is not good to suddenly eat less or skip a meal. It is important to eat well-balanced meals, exercise, and increase metabolism. Even if you reach your target weight when you start a diet, you need to maintain your body shape after that.
To that end, let’s start to be able to continue comfortably every day.

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