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Why do you get fat when you haven’t eaten? Let’s know the cause and what you can do now to lose weight

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I think there are many people who are reviewing dietary restrictions and content in order to maintain their diet and health.

However, I think that some people have the problem of getting fat even though they have restricted their diet and have not eaten.

What is the cause of the case where you are losing weight but gaining weight even though you are eating less?

In this article, I will introduce the causes of getting fat even though I haven’t eaten, what I can still start to lose weight, and how to lose weight in a healthy way.

I’m getting fat even though I haven’t eaten … 3 possible causes at such times

If you don’t eat and you get fat, there are three main possible causes. From here, let’s look at the reasons for gaining weight and changes in constitution even with dietary restrictions.

Unreasonable dietary restrictions

If you get fat even though you haven’t eaten, it may be due to the unreasonable dietary restrictions themselves .

It’s a case where you’re starving because you don’t get the food and nutrition you need.

When you are starved, you try to store fat, which is the source of necessary nutrients and energy, and as a result, your intake of calories and other substances increases.

Since it is in a state where it is easy to accumulate, as a result, it is easy for fat to adhere to the body, leading to weight gain.

Also, if you lack the nutrients needed to build muscle, such as protein, your muscles may not work well and your metabolism may worsen.

Dieting requires dietary restrictions , but it can be counterproductive if you are not conscious of getting the nutrients you need, rather than skipping too much.


Dietary restrictions and stress in your daily life can also cause you to gain weight even though you haven’t eaten .

This is because the balance of the autonomic nerves is disturbed by stress, and the body becomes hard to lose weight .

Restricting your diet can also be psychologically painful, especially for those who like to eat.

It is not uncommon for people to endure but not lose weight as expected, to give up their diet on the way, and to overeat as a reaction to their endurance.

Dieting can only be achieved if you continue, so it is important to manage your stress well, being careful not to over-restrict your diet.

Poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation can cause you to gain weight even though you haven’t eaten . It is one of the causes that makes you look overweight, such as swelling due to poor blood circulation.

In addition, poor blood circulation creates a body with poor metabolism, so fat is not consumed easily and it does not lead to weight loss.

When metabolism deteriorates, even if the calorie intake is suppressed, it is not consumed and accumulates in the body, making it easier to gain weight.

In particular, if you are doing muscle training in parallel with dietary restrictions, your muscles may fall and your metabolism may worsen if you do not eat properly.

Try to get the energy you need while dieting and prevent the loss of metabolism due to malnutrition .


What you can do right now to lose weight

If you suddenly start strenuous exercise to lose weight, you may get injured. It is important to have a balanced diet and to continue to exercise moderately.

Let’s challenge little by little by starting with a simple muscle training and increasing the load as you get used to it.

From here, I will introduce how to review your eating habits, relieve stress, stretch and start exercising right now to lose weight.

Be careful about your eating habits

Start by reviewing your diet and being careful not to impose excessive dietary restrictions .

It is important to eat three meals properly and actively incorporate protein necessary for muscles and dietary fiber that is effective in relieving constipation .

In order to maintain nutritional balance, avoid taking no carbohydrates or sugars at all, and take an appropriate amount.

Excessive carb intake can cause you to gain weight, so it’s a good idea to review your carb intake.

If you eat too much, you will gradually lose weight just by adjusting your diet.

relieve stress

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It is also one of the effective means to prepare the autonomic nerves by releasing stress moderately and to build a body that is easy to lose weight .

If the diet itself is stressful, set up a “Cheet Day” to set a day when you can eat to your heart’s content.

It ‘s also a good idea to buy yourself a reward each time you reach your weight goal .

If you lose weight, why not take in the clothes you want to wear, the ones you want, and the ones that increase your motivation, such as beauty treatments as a reward.

In addition, improving the quality of sleep by moving your body and feeling moderate fatigue is also effective in relieving stress.

Find your own way to relieve stress in a variety of ways, such as spending time as a hobby and slowly enjoying watching movies and reading books.


As mentioned above, it is not recommended for people who do not have a habit of exercising to start strenuous exercise suddenly because it may lead to unexpected injuries.

In such cases, start by stretching to improve blood circulation, eliminate swelling, and improve coldness .

The recommendation is “stretching to improve blood circulation in the stomach” . It is useful for preventing poor circulation and constipation, and it is easy, so even those who are a little lacking in exercise can easily get started.

1. From the state of sitting on the floor (triangular sitting), put both hands on the back floor
2. Tilt both feet sideways at the same time as exhaling
3. When tilting, push the floor with both hands and open your chest conscious to
4, suck the breath while returning to its original position once fully exhale
5, also performed similarly when the beat your feet on the other side
to repeat slowly about 6,10 times this behavior

The good thing about this stretching method is that it helps to eliminate stoops in addition to improving blood circulation.

If you improve your posture, you will be able to improve your bust and eliminate stiff shoulders, so please take it positively.

If you find it bothersome to stretch yourself, one of the means is to have a swelling treatment such as an esthetic treatment .

There is also an esthetic course that encourages the discharge of cellulite, so why not use it for your diet?


If you are on a diet, moderate exercise is essential. By building muscle, metabolism also increases, which helps prevent rebound after achieving a diet.

Start with something that will not hurt you, and try to incorporate it little by little, keeping in mind that it will continue as long as possible.

・ Walking (underwater walking)
・ Running
・ Jogging
・ Cycling
・ Swimming

Besides, it is also effective to try your favorite sport. If you are not good at going outdoors and exercising, do muscle training such as planks at home.


Tips for losing weight to health

If you try to lose weight suddenly by restricting your diet, you may get sick or rebound .

In order to build a healthy, lean and hard-to-rebound body, it is important to first understand your proper weight and make an effort to approach it .

Being too thin or on a reckless diet can not only make you sick, but can also cause menstrual irregularities and eating disorders.

Instead of trying to get results in the short term, take the time to plan your diet.

It’s also important to get as much nutrition as you need from your diet, rather than relying on medicines or supplements, to supplement what you tend to lack.

You should also be careful about the calorie intake of your drink, such as refraining from drinking alcohol .

In order to get the result of the diet, you have to be careful not to be biased like just reviewing the diet and exercising .

Let’s have a healthy diet by combining some of the methods introduced in the previous section “What you can do now to lose weight”.

Also, if it is difficult to maintain motivation on your own, there is also a way to get advice with the help of a professional at an esthetic salon .

Aim for your ideal weight while motivating yourself to stay on.



Even if you are fat even though you haven’t eaten, not eating at all is likely to damage your body and is not recommended as a healthy diet.

In order to build a body that is hard to rebound, let’s lose weight little by little while building muscles with muscle training to increase metabolism.

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