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The cold winter is decided by the oden diet! What are the methods and recommended ingredients?

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I think there are many people who want to start a diet but haven’t gotten it well or have been sick due to unreasonable dietary restrictions.

Also, forcibly restricting eating is a dieting method that is stressful and often frustrated on the way.

Therefore, I recommend the “Oden Diet”, which is easy to continue because you can continue without forcibly restricting your diet.

In this article, we will introduce the reasons and methods for recommending the oden diet, as well as the best oden ingredients for the diet.

Why Oden Diet is Recommended

Oden diet is recommended not only because you don’t have to restrict your diet, but there are several other reasons.

First, let’s see why the Oden diet is recommended and how it differs from other diets.

Because you can lose weight in a healthy way

Oden diet has the advantage of being healthy and thin.

This is because you can get a relatively well-balanced intake of nutrients, unlike a diet where you skip a meal or eat only the same ingredients .

There are many foods that are rich in protein, dietary fiber, and minerals, and eating in a well-balanced manner can prevent an imbalance in nutritional balance.

Also, since there are many low-carbohydrate and low-calorie ingredients , one of the advantages is that you can eat with confidence even while you are on a diet .

In addition, since oden can be eaten warm, it has the characteristic of helping to warm the stomach and prevent coldness and digestion .

For this reason, it is said that it is easier to lose weight in a healthy way than a diet that suppresses nutrition by skipping meals.

Even beginners on a diet can easily take on the challenge.

Oden diet is also easy for beginners to try and continue .

It is also suitable for people who like to eat and cannot restrict their diet because it has a firm response to eating.

Since there are a wide variety of ingredients , it may be harder to get tired of dieting such as bananas, sweet potatoes, and natto diets, where you continue to eat only one item .

However, although there are many ingredients that can be eaten on the oden diet, it is not recommended to continue eating only oden every meal.

In the next section, I will introduce the points of how to do the oden diet.

How to diet oden

d0d5d55a0059dfc892caa304190fc5ab The cold winter is decided by the oden diet! What are the methods and recommended ingredients?

The general method of dieting oden is to replace one of the three meals with oden .

It is especially recommended to have breakfast as oden, and since the inside of the body warms up from the morning, it can be expected to improve sensitivity to cold and improve metabolism.

However, no matter how low the calories are, you must be careful not to overeat.

Basically, it is best to control the amount of food you eat while calculating calories, such as keeping it within 500 kcal per meal .

In addition, oden alone tends to be deficient in nutrients such as vitamins and carbohydrates, so consider the balance between main and side dishes when taking it.

You can also consider the nutritional balance by adding small rice, hot vegetables, cheese and hot milk.

Why don’t you try to be aware of a well-balanced meal from the morning while controlling the total of oden and added food to fit in about 500 kcal.

Ingredients suitable for oden diet

When you go on an oden diet, it is recommended that you actively take ingredients that are suitable for the oden diet.

From here, we will introduce the ingredients that are suitable for the oden diet and the reasons for them.


Konjac is a typical low-calorie food, so I think some people may have eaten it while on a diet.

The appeal of konjac is that it is low in calories and gives you a feeling of fullness .

Since it has low sugar content, it is one of the best ingredients for low-carbohydrate and low-calorie diets .

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Konjac is a processed food made from konjac potatoes and is originally a member of taro.

Like taro, it is rich in dietary fiber, and if taken as an ingredient in the oden diet, it can be expected to be effective in improving bowel movements .

As a guide, the calorie of konjac is about 5 to 10 kcal per oden ingredient .


Shirataki noodles are made by peeling the skin of konjac potatoes and squeezing out small holes during molding to form a string.

In other words, it is low-carbohydrate and low-calorie like konjac, so it is suitable for ingesting during a diet as an ingredient for oden.

Also, you can eat a lot, so it is recommended to eat little by little to get a feeling of fullness.

However, if you continue to eat only konjac and shirataki noodles, you will run out of other nutrients such as protein, so try to eat them in a well-balanced manner.

It can also be used to control the amount of food, such as eating additional foods when you cannot feel full with other ingredients.

As with konjac, the calorie content of shirataki noodles is about 5 to 10 kcal per oden ingredient.


Eggs are especially rich in protein and are recommended when you want to combine them with other ingredients to balance nutrients .

In addition to protein, it is also rich in vitamins and minerals, and is recommended as an ingredient for a healthy diet with or without diet.

Protein is one of the essential nutrients for building muscle, and it is necessary to take it positively even when doing muscle training during a diet.

Not only nutrients but also eggs are hungry, so you can expect the effect of suppressing the feeling of hunger until the next meal time .

In addition to eggs, oden ingredients that are rich in protein include beef tendon and hanpen, so why not enjoy your meal while combining them well?

The calories in each egg are said to be about 70-80 kcal .

Japanese white radish

Daikon radish is also popular as an ingredient for oden regardless of diet .

The daikon radish that has a strong taste contains a lot of water, and you can feel the taste of the soup stock directly, so it is suitable for those who are not good at light taste.

Also, because it is rich in dietary fiber, it is effective in improving constipation as well as konjac, and because it is low in calories , it is one of the attractions that you can eat 2 to 3 pieces .

However, the radish itself does not contain much nutrients.

Therefore, it is recommended to supplement the nutrition with other ingredients and use it as an additional ingredient when you feel that the amount is not enough.

The calorie of radish is about 20 to 40 kcal per oden ingredient, so please refer to it when considering the combination.


Kombu is one of the ingredients for oden that is rich in minerals.

It is one of the ingredients that you want to actively eat when you are on an oden diet because you can ingest minerals that are often deficient in other ingredients .

Also, since kelp is very low in calories, you don’t have to worry about the calories increasing significantly even if you add it to other ingredients.

Since it is chewy, it is easy to get a feeling of fullness and it is rich in water-soluble dietary fiber, so it is useful for improving constipation as well as konjac and radish.

The calorie of kelp is about 5 to 10 kcal per oden ingredient .


Oden diet warms the inside of the body compared to dieting with salad etc., so it also helps to improve coldness.

It is the best dieting method for the body that has been chilled in the air conditioner and the cold winter season, so even beginners can take on the challenge with confidence.

However, it is not recommended to replace it with oden every meal because it tends to be deficient in protein and vitamins.

When you go on an oden diet, why not try it in combination with vitamin C and carbohydrates, which are difficult to supplement with oden.

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