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[Winter diet] Is it true that you can’t lose weight in winter? Here are some tips for success!

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I think there are many people who feel that “I don’t like getting fat in winter”. However, winter is actually the best season for dieting.

In this article, I’ll show you why winter diets are good and tips for a successful winter diet. If you feel that it is easy to get fat and lose weight in winter, please refer to this article to solve your worries.

Why should I go on a diet in winter?

Generally, there is an image that it is easy to get fat in winter, but in fact, it is a season when metabolism is higher than in summer.

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When the temperature is low, the body burns calories to produce heat in order to maintain body temperature. The reason is that the colder it is, the harder it is for the body to generate heat, which makes it easier to lose weight.

In fact, it is said that exercising in a cold place burns more fat than in a warm place .

When it’s cold, you may feel “I don’t want to go out and move” or “I want to stay still at home” and spend the day in a kotatsu or without moving from the front of the stove. But keep in mind that winter, the season when you lose weight, is a great way to go on a diet.

7 Tips for a Successful Winter Diet!

However, there are often voices saying, “I can’t lose weight at all even if I go on a diet in winter.” There are tips for a successful winter diet.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a successful diet:

1. Keep your body cool

It’s easy to lose weight when it’s cold, but it’s not good to keep your body cool. This is because when the body gets cold, blood circulation becomes poor and metabolism decreases .

Keeping your body cool is important for a successful diet. To do this, incorporate measures to raise your body temperature into your life.

For example, you can warm your body from the core by slowly soaking in a bathtub instead of just taking a shower . In addition, it incorporates Yutakakatsu goods, such as stomach band and Cairo and will help to protect the body from the cold.

With a little ingenuity, you can protect your body from the cold, so practice it consciously.

2. Go outside and move your body

When it’s cold, you don’t want to go out, but let’s go out and move. When you come in contact with the cold outside air, your body burns calories and produces heat , which warms your body and makes it easier for you to lose weight.

You don’t have to do hard exercise, you can do light exercise such as walking . Even if you feel cold right after you go out, your body will feel warm as you walk.

At this time, it is also recommended to walk while listening to your favorite music so that you can enjoy working on it. However, be careful not to lose your attention to the traffic around you by using earphones or headphones.

3. Eat a diet that boosts metabolism

The secret to a successful diet lies in improving metabolism. One reason why some people get fat and some don’t get fat even if they eat the same way is that their basal metabolic rates are different. If your basal metabolism improves, you will be less likely to gain weight and lose weight.

Therefore, I want to be aware of a diet that raises basal metabolism. Muscle is indispensable for improving basal metabolism. Incorporate muscle-building proteins into your daily diet.

Meat is the most protein-rich food, but calories and fat are a concern during a diet. Protein is also abundant in fish and soy products, so it’s a good idea to actively consume these ingredients.

4. Do not use too much heating

If you use heating, the room will be warmer and you will be able to spend your time comfortably, but the body will not try to raise the body temperature, so the basal metabolism will not rise.

For a diet, why not refrain from heating in the winter. If you use heating, you can try lowering the temperature setting a little, and turn off the heating during the daytime when the temperature is high.

It ‘s also a good idea to wear light clothing as much as possible . If you wear light clothes, it will be cold if you stay still, so if you move diligently, your body will become warmer, which will lead to an increase in basal metabolism.

Of course, when you’re feeling sick, it’s important to keep your room warm and layered to keep you cool. Do it within a reasonable range according to your physical condition.

5. Train big muscles

The more you train your big muscles, the more you can expect to improve your basal metabolism. The large muscles in the body are concentrated in the lower body such as the thighs and calves, so it is effective to train the muscles in the lower body .

The recommended exercise is squats . With squats, you can efficiently train the muscles of the lower body, centering on the muscles around the buttocks and thighs. It is also recommended that you step on your thighs and step on them, or move your legs as if you were sitting in a bathtub and riding a bicycle when taking a bath .

6. Do not skip breakfast

Since the body temperature drops during sleep, when you wake up, you are in a state close to hypothermia. Breakfast is necessary to raise the body temperature when waking up .

Having breakfast can increase your body temperature when you fall asleep. And because energy is used to maintain the elevated body temperature, it leads to an increase in metabolism .

Some people skip breakfast in the morning because of their appetite or lack of time, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that it’s essential to have breakfast in order to be lean.

7. Make good use of winter ingredients for diet

There are some foods that cool and warm your body, so be aware of eating foods that warm your body while you are on a diet .

Ingredients that you want to take positively include root vegetables, green onions, ginger that warm your body, and broccoli that is said to support fat burning and muscle building.

In winter, you will have more opportunities to cook hot pot, so why not try making hot pot dishes with plenty of green onions and ginger. Broccoli can be made into a hot vegetable salad or boiled and added to stir fry.

Things to watch out for on a winter diet

There are a few things to keep in mind when dieting in the winter. Here are some things to keep in mind for a successful diet:

Watch out for blood pressure spikes

In winter, blood vessels contract to maintain body temperature, so blood pressure tends to rise. Be aware that if you go out of a warm room and exercise suddenly, your blood pressure may rise sharply and your heart may be strained.

When exercising outside, it is important to warm your body by stretching or doing light preparatory exercises indoors in advance . Also, although it gets warm when you exercise, it is cold right after you go out, so it is recommended to keep warm . If it gets hot after walking, take off your jacket and take other measures.

Also, if there is a difference in temperature, blood pressure tends to rise and it puts a strain on the heart, so it is better to avoid exercising outside the early morning and evening hours when the cold is severe . Try to exercise at a relatively warm time during the day as much as possible.

Don’t eat too much at the event

In winter, there are many events such as Christmas, year-end parties, and New Year’s parties, and people tend to drink and eat. As the word “New Year’s fatness” implies, eating too much and drinking too much can cause fatness.

No matter how much you pay attention to your diet and exercise in your daily life, it will be difficult for you to succeed in dieting if you continue to drink and eat at events. When attending an event, be careful not to overeat and eat as much as possible .

To prevent overeating at events, attend with a light stomach. Eating yogurt etc. in advance will prevent overeating.

Also, at the event, it is recommended to avoid fried foods and richly seasoned foods as much as possible, and choose refreshing, low-calorie dishes . You can reduce calorie intake by eating from vegetable salad, vinegared food, soaking, etc., and choosing dishes such as yudofu, grilled fish, and yakitori. However, if you put up too much with food in front of you, it will lead to stress, so be aware of it as much as you can.

In addition, you can try to avoid getting fat by refraining from eating before and after the event . For example, lunch on the day of the year-end party or New Year’s party may be a low-calorie menu such as a Japanese set meal, and the next day after eating too much, a low-calorie menu may be used.


Winter is the season when dieting is effective. It is said that “it is hard to lose weight in winter and you get fat” because it is cold and the amount of activity decreases, and because you do not lose your appetite like in summer, you end up eating too much.

Another reason may be that there are many events such as Christmas, year-end parties, and New Year’s parties.

Get your ideal body shape this winter by referring to the “Tips for a successful diet” introduced in this article.

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