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Is chocolate really fat? Introducing how to eat while on a diet!

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For women who like sweets, many people may be wondering, “Is chocolate an easy-to-fat ingredient?”

Many people have the image that chocolate is high in calories and high in fat, and people tend to think that it is fat when eaten.

In this article, I’ll explain if eating chocolate really makes you fat. We will also show you how to eat chocolate that is hard to gain weight. Please make use of it for your diet.

Is it true that eating chocolate makes you fat?

In fact, chocolate is not always a fat food.

Here, I will explain the reason why “chocolate is not a food that is easy to get fat”.

The fat content of chocolate is hard to gain weight!

Cocoa beans, the raw material for chocolate, are about half as fat. Therefore, it is easy to think that “chocolate is fat”.

However, it is known that the fat contained in cocoa beans is of good quality and is difficult to store as body fat .

Fatty acids are the main constituents of fat. There are several types of fatty acids, but cocoa beans contain three types of fatty acids: stearic acid, palmitic acid, and oleic acid.

Stearic acid, which is the most abundant among them, is a fatty acid that is difficult to be absorbed by the body. It is said that the fat content of chocolate is hard to gain weight because it is hard to store as fat even if it is taken.

Of course, eating too much is not good, but you don’t have to worry about getting fat if you decide the amount as a snack and eat a small amount.

Chocolate also works to prevent overeating

The bitterness component “theobromine” contained in chocolate is known to help the function of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain .

Serotonin helps to stabilize your mind and control your appetite, so eating chocolate can help you feel full.

You should be eating, but you may not be satisfied and you may end up eating too much. The reason is thought to be a decrease in the secretion of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain, and this also applies to overeating due to stress.

However, eating a small amount of chocolate to calm you down will help prevent overeating.

Chocolate has many healthy ingredients!
Not only is chocolate hard to gain weight, but it is also known to be good for your health.

I will introduce what kind of effect can be expected from the ingredients contained in chocolate.

Cacao polyphenols

Cacao polyphenols have antioxidant properties. In other words, it works to remove active oxygen, so it is said to be good for preventing arteriosclerosis and cancer . It also prevents blemishes caused by the effects of active oxygen, and is said to be good for beautiful skin .

Another function of cacao polyphenols is the ability to widen blood vessels. It improves blood circulation and helps prevent blood pressure from rising .

Dietary fiber

Chocolate also contains dietary fiber called lignin. Dietary fiber has the effect of calming the absorption of sugars , making it ideal for dieting. It also has the effect of smoothing the peristaltic movements of the intestines and increasing the bulk of the stool to improve bowel movements, which helps prevent constipation .


Zinc has the effect of increasing metabolism and boosting immunity , and is especially essential during a diet. It is also a nutrient that tends to be deficient, so it is a merit to supplement it with chocolate as a snack.


The bitterness ingredient “theobromine” mentioned above is said to have the effect of recovering from fatigue and improving concentration and memory . Especially when you are on a diet, you have many opportunities to exercise and get tired easily, so it is good for you to eat a small amount of chocolate to support your recovery from fatigue.

Why is it said that eating chocolate makes you fat?
As I mentioned above, chocolate is hard to gain weight and contains healthy ingredients. However, there is an image of getting fat when eating chocolate, and some people may feel that they are actually getting fat.

Let’s see why it is said that eating chocolate makes you fat.

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I’m eating too much

No matter how hard it is to gain weight, chocolate contains calories and fats, so if you eat too much, you will gain weight. If you’ve eaten chocolate and gained weight, you may simply be overeating.

It’s important to remember that the fatty acids in chocolate are hard to be absorbed by the body, but they are not completely unabsorbed. If you eat a lot, it will naturally be absorbed by your body and stored as fat.

You don’t have to worry about getting fat if you eat the right amount, but don’t overeat. Be careful about how much chocolate you eat.

I’m eating chocolate with a lot of sugar

There are various types of chocolate such as bitter chocolate, black chocolate, and milk chocolate. Depending on the chocolate you choose, there is a lot of sugar and it is easy to get fat, so be careful.

Among them, white chocolate and milk chocolate contain a lot of sugar. The higher the amount of sugar, the higher the calories, so if you are worried about getting fat, you should avoid white chocolate and milk chocolate and choose a different type.

Another thing to note is the biscuit chocolate combined with the high-sugar biscuits . Even if the sugar in the chocolate itself is modest, the biscuits contain a lot of sugar, which makes it easier to gain weight.

Because I eat during the time when it’s easy to get fat

Be aware that depending on when you eat chocolate, it can cause you to gain weight. For example, be careful before going to bed at night . Since you burn less calories while you sleep, eating chocolate before you go to bed makes it easier to store it as fat.

Also, avoid eating before or after meals . Calories are added to the three meals, making it easier to gain weight.

How to eat chocolate that is hard to gain weight!

I don’t want to get fat with chocolate. For such a person, I will introduce how to eat chocolate that is hard to gain weight.

Choose dark chocolate with a high cocoa content

If you want to eat chocolate , choose dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more . Chocolate, which has a high cocoa content, has a low calorie content due to its low sugar content .

In addition, high cacao chocolate is said to suppress the rise in blood sugar level . When the blood sugar level rises, insulin is secreted in an attempt to lower the blood sugar level, converting sugar in the blood into fat. As a result, fat is stored in the body, which is the cause of fatness.

In that respect, high cocoa chocolate suppresses the rise in blood sugar level, so you can eat it with confidence even while you are on a diet.

Eat little by little

As mentioned above, if you eat too much chocolate, you will get fat, so decide how much you want to eat in advance. If you are on a diet, you should eat about one-third of the chocolate bar a day. In terms of calories, around 100 kcal is a guide.

However, even if you want to stop eating with a small amount, you may end up eating too much because it is delicious. To avoid overeating, choose individually wrapped chocolates.

By refraining from eating too much, you may feel unsatisfied until you get used to it, but gradually you will be satisfied with even a small amount.

Be careful when you eat

Depending on the time of eating, such as before going to bed at night, you may get fat easily, so be careful about the time you eat. We recommend eating it as an afternoon snack .

It is said that what you eat is less likely to become fat during the time period from 2 to 4 pm . If you don’t want to get fat with chocolate, it’s best to eat it as a snack between 2 and 4 pm.

Dieting in parallel

Although chocolate is hard to gain weight when eaten, it does not mean that you can lose weight by eating it because it actually has calories. In order to lose weight, it is necessary to diet such as dietary restrictions and exercise.

The recommended way to eat is to eat a small amount of chocolate as a refreshment while doing a basic diet . Doing so will give you a sense of satisfaction and help prevent stress during your diet.


Chocolate is often thought to be easy to gain weight, but it is actually a food that is difficult to gain weight. However, overeating and preferring chocolate with high sugar content can cause you to gain weight. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the timing of eating, such as taking it between 2:00 pm and 4:00 pm, avoiding before going to bed such as at night.

Please refer to the method of eating chocolate that is hard to get fat, which was introduced in this article, and make it an ally of the diet.

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