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3 ways to try when you want to improve your style

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I think there are many people who have had the experience of wanting to improve their style, such as “I want to eliminate the complex of my body” and “I want to dress up in my favorite clothes”.

What kind of body does good style mean in the first place?

In this article, I will introduce the characteristics of people who are generally considered to have a good style, and how to actually aim for style improvement.

As one of your own polish, why not try to improve your style in order to realize a body shape that gives you confidence in your body.

Characteristics of people with good style

Here, let’s take a look at the characteristics of people with good style.

It is important to understand the characteristics and have a concrete image, because simply losing weight may not be a good style.

You need to be clear about what your ideal body shape is and how to achieve it.

Small face

People who are generally considered to have a good style are said to be 8-9 lifespan . Since the face is small, the limbs may look longer, which may give the impression of being smaller than the actual weight .

Also, even if the size of the face is the same, the taller the face, the smaller the face and the easier it is to see. This is because if there is a person who is 7 lifespan, he / she will be 8 lifespan if he / she is a dozen centimeters taller.

One of the ways to aim for a small face is to make the shoes you usually wear high heels or to remove the swelling of the face with a small face massage .

Wearing heels often improves your posture for balance and will give you a better impression of your style.

Waist is constricted

Even for people of the same weight and height, the impression of style changes depending on whether or not there is a waist waist.

This is because when the constriction is tight , the lines of the body look beautiful because it is sharp .

As a means of getting a constriction, try training with muscle training, wearing corrective underwear, and relieving constipation .

You can also create a constriction by adjusting your outfit, such as wrapping a belt around your waist when you wear a one-piece swimsuit .

The line of the foot is beautiful

Even people with beautiful foot lines can see the style well. The image is that it is tight rather than simply thin.

It is best to have a gap between your thighs, so be aware of it by massaging it to remove swelling and improve lymphatic flow.

It is also effective to consciously go up and down the stairs in your daily life. Especially when the hip line is tight, the legs look long.

Therefore, be aware of not only losing weight but also building appropriate muscles, and combine massage and muscle training well.


3 ways to improve your style

In order to improve your style, it is important to practice effective behavior to improve your style.

So what kind of actions do you take habitually to improve your style? Here are three ways to improve your style.

If it’s difficult to get everything from the beginning, why not start with what you can do?


Massage, which is also useful for removing swelling, is one of the effective ways to improve your style .

By massaging your face and feet after taking a bath with good blood circulation, you can expect an increase in the massage effect.

Use your favorite creams and oils to enjoy the scent and help with skin care.

Creams and oils are also effective in reducing rough skin and pain caused by rubbing. If you use it after taking a bath, the type that can be used without rinsing is suitable.

Also, you don’t have to force the massage after drinking alcohol or when you feel sick. If you feel unwell, take a rest, etc., and consult with your physical condition.

Since women have good and bad metabolism depending on their menstrual cycle , it is especially recommended to do it during the period from the end of menstruation to the day of ovulation .

■ Small face massage

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Introducing an effective small face massage method.

1. Apply massage cream or oil to the face line
2. Use your right hand as a choke and bend your index and middle fingers
3. Hold your chin between your index and middle fingers
4. Slowly point toward your ears along the face line
5 Do the same with your left hand on the left side

It is also recommended to warm your face with a hot towel or use a facial roller.

If you make it too strong, you will feel pain, so try to do it with a little pain and a comfortable amount of force.

■ Foot massage

As with the small face massage, the foot massage is also conscious of draining lymph. Let’s take a look at the basic method.

1. Warm the entire foot, such as by taking a bath in a bathtub
2. Apply cream or oil to the foot
3. Gooper
the toes or rotate the ankle 4. From the toes of the feet to the soles of the knees and the soles of the knees From to the base of the thigh with both hands
5. Repeat both feet several times

Using massage cream or oil can also be expected to have a beautiful skin effect, so you can get not only style but also smooth feet.

Meal management

Although massage can reduce swelling, it is important to review your diet to tighten your body .

Not only is it necessary to eliminate the cause of swelling, but it is also necessary to lose weight if the BMI exceeds 25 .

Eat a balanced diet and be aware of a menu rich in protein, vitamins and minerals.

In particular, menus high in carbohydrates and fats can cause weight gain and rough skin, so it is better to refrain from doing so.

You can also use smoothies, supplements, and cosmetological proteins when reviewing your diet.

Muscle training

If you want to improve your style, it is essential to build proper muscles and tighten your entire body.

It also leads to hip-up and waist constriction, so start with a reasonable number of times and aim to continue every day.

As you get used to it, it is recommended to apply a load and increase the number of times and time. When you do muscle training, you can improve your muscle strength more effectively by reviewing your diet at the same time.

■ Squats

By aiming to improve the strength of your legs with squats, you will be able to get beautiful legs.

Squats train the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, so it is a method that can be expected to tighten the thighs and improve the buttocks and hips.

When squatting, open your legs across your shoulders with your toes facing out and sit down slowly until your knees are at 90 degrees.

At this time, you may hurt your knees and lower back, so if you are worried, you can put your back on the wall.

■ Crunch

Crunch is one of the muscle training methods that can tighten the waist and strengthen the trunk. Let’s see how to do the basic crunch.

1. Lying on your back and bending your knees 90 degrees
2. Raise your head with your back on the floor up to your shoulder blades and raise your legs
3. Be aware that your knees and head are close to each other
4. Put your strength in your abdomen Keep for 30 seconds to 1 minute

Crunch is an effective kintore method for people with difficult abdominal muscles, and can be done even for people who have a strain on the lower back due to abdominal muscles.

Once you get used to the basic crunch, do a side crunch called a side crunch.

Side crunches train the muscles of your flanks, making them the perfect kintore method for creating a constriction.



If you want to improve your style, it’s important to work from what you can do.

Also, to increase your motivation, it is recommended to measure your body parts and weight when you start working on style up.

It’s easier to feel the change, so you can continue for a longer time, and it’s easier to achieve style up.

First of all, why not try a massage or something that is easy to get started with.

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