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Characteristics of slender women and 3 ways to become slender

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A slender woman can dress nicely in any clothes and wear a charming aura, isn’t it?

That’s not the only good thing about being a slender woman. Many men prefer slender women, and it can be said that it is easy to get popular.

Therefore, this time, I will introduce the characteristics of slender women and how to become slender. Please refer to it.

Characteristics of slender women

Let’s take a look at the typical characteristics of slender women. It is NG to be slender, but just to be thin and thin. The reason is that if you are thin and thin, you will look unhealthy. Few people are attracted to people who look unhealthy.

Slender women look attractive because of their tightness. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of slender women from the three aspects of shoulders / upper arms, abdomen, and legs.

Delicate shoulders and upper arms

A characteristic of slender women is that their shoulders and upper arms are delicate . If the shoulders and upper arms are delicate, they tend to look thin.

It is no exaggeration to say that summer clothes are often seen by people around them, as many of them have their upper arms. Even in winter, the area around the upper arm will be emphasized if the clothes have a perfect body line. Therefore, the silhouette of the upper arm and shoulder is the most visible part from the surroundings .

If this part is delicate and slender, the probability of being recognized as a slender woman will increase. If the circumference of the upper arm is thin, it will be fun to choose clothes and it will look younger, so it can be said that it is two birds with one stone.

As you get older, the area around your upper arm tends to get fat , so be sure to do daily massage and stretching.

There is a constriction

The next thing I would like to pay attention to is the “neck”. If you have fat around your abdomen, it may make you look sloppy, so be sure to tighten it.

The waist is constricted and the sharp body looks attractive. Not only does it look slender when it is tight, but it also looks healthy, so it can be said that there are many benefits to creating a constriction.

Just because you want to make a constriction doesn’t mean that you should just remove fat. Daily muscle training is indispensable for making a healthy constriction You can make a beautiful constriction by continuing muscle training.

We will introduce how to make a healthy constriction in the following sections, so please check that as well.

Long legs and beautiful lines

It is also a characteristic of slender women that their legs are long and they form beautiful lines. If you have long legs, your body will look well-balanced and your style will look good.

If your legs are clean, denim, skinny, and miniskirts will look great.

It is said that the most beautiful silhouette of the foot is when you stand with the ankles of both feet and there is a gap between your thighs . The silhouettes of the legs on the O-legs and X-legs look bent, so try to keep your legs in the correct posture and align your legs.

It is possible to maintain a clean line on your feet by performing regular massage without fail.


3 Ways to Become a Slender Female

Next, I will introduce three ways to become a slender woman.
We mainly introduce things that you can easily challenge, so please refer to them.


“Massage” is effective for becoming a slender woman. This time, I will introduce a massage that is effective for thinning your upper arms and legs. Massage goes well with exercise, so if you are interested, please check it out as well.

Before introducing how to massage, let’s first check the precautions and tips for doing massage.

There are three points to note when doing a massage.
・ Do not overdo it too hard ・ Do not do
it when you are not feeling well
・ Avoid after eating

Of course, a certain amount of strong force is required to massage. However, be aware that overdoing it can cause internal bleeding .

Also, if you feel unwell, it is best not to overdo the massage and take a rest. On the contrary, the symptoms may worsen, so be sure to massage after your physical condition has recovered.

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After eating, the blood of the whole body collects in the digestive system, and the body actively performs digestive activity. If you massage there, the blood flow in the whole body will improve and the blood collected in the digestive system will decrease. This can lead to indigestion and stomach upset .

Avoid massaging immediately after eating as it will interfere with digestion and absorption. It is recommended that you leave 2-3 hours after eating.

Next, I would like to introduce some tips for massaging.
・ Use cream or oil
・ Perform after taking a bath

It is said that using oil or cream has the effect of improving slipperiness and reducing frictional damage .

After taking a bath, the body warms up and the blood flow and lymphatic flow are improving. It is said that it is effective to massage after taking a bath because the swelling of the body is easy to get rid of and waste products are easy to flow .

Let’s explain how to massage.

■ Upper arm thinning massage

1: Knead the inside of the arm from the wrist to the armpit
2: Do the same for the outside of the
arm 3: Knead the flesh of the upper arm
4: Lymphatic drainage from the elbow to the armpit
5: Knead the armpit

■ Calf slimming massage

1: Stretch the instep
2: Turn the ankle
3: Slow the lymph nodes on the back of the knee
4: Make a fist and touch the ankle
5: Grab the calf and drain the lymph to the back of the knee Press
6: Do the same for the opposite leg

Do muscle training

To be a slender woman, you need to tighten your body. Let’s make a tight body line by effectively doing muscle training.

This time we will introduce “Twist Crunch”. Twist crunch is said to be effective in making a constriction, so please try it.

■ Twist crunch

1: Raise the knee of the right leg to 90 degrees while lying down and fix it
2: Fix the left hand behind the head
3: Raise the body by twisting and align the elbow and knee
4: Reverse limbs and repeat

Try to do 3 sets of 20 times. It is also a point to get used to it little by little from a small number of floors.

Also, one thing to keep in mind when doing muscle training is “do not do muscle training every day .”

By doing muscle training, the load (damage) will be applied to the muscles. After that, as the body recovers it, the muscles grow.

It is said that it takes about 48 to 72 hours to recover, and if you apply a load with muscle training during that time, the effect of muscle training the day before will be diminished.

Therefore, the next day after doing muscle training, let’s promote muscle recovery without doing muscle training.

Go to a beauty salon

If you feel the limits of tightening yourself, rely on the help of an expert. One way is to go to a beauty treatment salon .

By going to a beauty treatment salon, you can get rid of swelling and feel refreshed , and it becomes easier for you to have a firm body .

It will also refresh your feelings and you may want to try harder.

There are various courses depending on the beauty treatment salon, so be sure to choose the one that suits you best.



We have introduced the characteristics found in slender women and how to become a slender woman. You can’t be a slender woman overnight. You know that you need to work tirelessly.

Please try the method introduced this time. By doing massage and muscle training on your own, you should be able to see changes in your body little by little.

If you can’t do anything with your own strength, please consider using a beauty treatment salon.

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