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What can I do and how to prevent it for my aunt’s body shape?

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For women, body shape is always a concern. Even if you aren’t usually aware of it, you may have seen yourself in the mirror and felt “dangerous!”

Focusing on the “aunt’s body shape” that changes with age, we will explain how to deal with it and how to prevent it.

What is an aunt’s body shape?

I was slim when I was young, but I often hear that I became an aunt after I entered my thirties.

However, the condition commonly known as “aunt’s body shape” is a condition of subcutaneous fat obesity, so it is possible that you may be in your twenties instead of just an aunt’s body shape .

A body called an aunt’s body is specifically a condition in which the abdomen is sagging, the buttocks are drooping, the thick upper arms, and the neck is shortened or disappears .

The sagging abdomen is characterized by a pear-shaped body in which the abdominal muscles are weakened and the internal organs cannot be supported, and the internal organs are lowered in the lower abdomen.

It can be said that the aunt’s body shape is also characterized by the fact that the lower half of the body has fat and the boundary between the buttocks and thighs cannot be seen.

And when you have muscles in your arms, you can feel the tension even if your arms are thick, but when your muscles weaken, you will end up with Darundalun’s upper arm. If your upper arm sways when you wave your hand, you can say that you are in the shape of an aunt.

The area around the face and shoulders is also a place where fat easily accumulates. When fat gets on this place, it gives a moody impression, and the outline of the face becomes ambiguous and it looks like there is no neck.

Thus, aunt body shape is closely related to fat and muscle. Metabolism and muscle mass decrease with age, so if you do not spend it consciously, you will become an aunt.


What to do if you become an aunt

Even if you say, “I was already in the shape of an aunt when I noticed …”, please be assured that there is a target law.

As I mentioned earlier, aunt body shape is related to muscle mass and metabolism. Therefore, if you think simply, you can increase muscle mass and increase metabolism to graduate from the aunt’s body shape.

Below are two specific solutions.

Muscle training

The only way to increase the amount of muscle that has fallen is to do muscle training steadily. There are various methods for kintore, such as abdominal muscles and push-ups, but squats that train your lower body are recommended for creating a beautiful body line .

Squats not only train the lower body, but also the muscles of the whole body, including the trunk, so it is a menu that you definitely want to incorporate.

However, squats are not very effective if you simply bend your knees and sit down. By squatting in the correct posture, you can overcome your aunt’s body shape more effectively.

Let’s start with the basic parallel squat method, which has a definite effect on thighs and hips.

1: Spread your legs as easily as your shoulders, stretch your back and stand straight
2: Slowly pull your hips back and sit down until your
thighs are parallel to the floor 3: Until your thighs are parallel to the floor If you can sit down, slowly return to your original position and stand

In this way, let’s work with wrinkles at a speed that can be done about 10 times a minute. During squats, make sure your knees do not extend beyond your toes.

Once you have a basic parallel squat, try a half squat that puts more strain on your muscles.

1: Spread your legs as easily as your shoulders, straighten your back and stand straight with your toes and knees aligned
2: Slowly lower your hips until you reach your mid-waist
3: Slowly return to your original position

Let’s approach the muscle firmly at a speed that can be done about 10 times in about 1 minute.


Get in the habit of aerobic walking, which helps burn fat . Walking is an exercise that anyone can easily start at any time.

If you can’t take the time for walking, please devise ways such as using commuting time for walking.

It is good to walk normally, but if you walk with a stride, you can burn fat more effectively .

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Raise your thighs and walk 1.5 times longer than you normally would. This will train the iliopsoas muscles that hold the pelvis in place.

If possible, keep walking for at least 10 minutes. As you get used to it, increase the distance and burn fat efficiently.


Preventive measures to prevent returning to the aunt’s body shape

People who are not currently aunty may become aunty due to disordered lifestyles and daily eating habits.

Also, even if you try hard to overcome your aunt’s body shape, you will easily get a loose body shape unless you review your life.

From here, I have summarized the points that I would like you to be aware of every day as a preventive method.

Do not miss cold measures

Many women have poor circulation , but the coldness of the body causes the internal organs to work poorly, leading to a decrease in metabolism.

When metabolism is reduced, the amount of calories burned in daily life is reduced, which makes it easier to gain weight, resulting in an aunt’s body shape.

To keep your body cool, try to warm yourself from the inside, such as drinking hot drinks or soaking in a bathtub .

For people with poor circulation, it is recommended to actively consume foods that warm the body. For example, be aware of foods that are high in capsaicin, such as chili peppers and ginger. Pumpkin and sweet potatoes are also known as foods that warm the body.

Eat a well-balanced diet

Being too conscious of diet and not getting enough nutrition will be a big problem later. Eat a diet that takes into consideration the nutritional balance, not just the calorie intake.

In particular, proteins, sugars, and lipids, which are called the three major nutrients, are essential. This is because these nutrients are essential nutrients for sustaining life.

If you break your body, you cannot make a beautiful body line. Excessive dietary restrictions are bad for your skin, so try to eat in a well-balanced manner.

Oil is often thought of as an enemy of diet, but it’s not scary if you try to get good quality oil.

For example, oils such as fried foods and lard cause an increase in triglycerides, but the oil contained in blue-backed fish is a good oil that reduces triglycerides. Olive oil also reduces bad cholesterol, so it can be said that you want to take it positively.

Try to walk consciously

Although you have a habit of exercising, you can prevent sagging of your buttocks by consciously walking.

For example, you can increase your daily activity just by being aware of it, such as using the stairs without using the elevator, or not taking the train at one station or two stations.

If you have to run, it can be a hassle, but it’s easy for anyone to adopt because you only have to be aware of walking a little.

It can be said that the small accumulation every day is the secret to not becoming an aunt’s figure.

Adjust your life rhythm

Raw rectify an active rhythm, an effective means to avoid the aunt figure is. Let’s keep early hours and get the rhythm right.

Some people wonder what it means to keep early hours, but sleep is closely related to hormones, and getting up early to bed can help balance female hormones.

When female hormones are functioning normally, fat burns easily and it also has the effect of keeping the skin moisturized, so you can get beautiful skin and beautiful body at the same time .

If the hormone balance is poor, the effect will be halved no matter how hard you exercise. It is important to maintain a regular life rhythm in order to obtain the effects of exercise and to obtain beautiful skin.



Many women are worried because they have become an aunt when they notice. However, once you have become an aunt, it does not mean that you cannot recover.

While paying attention to muscle mass and metabolism, incorporate exercise into your daily life and aim for a healthy and beautiful body line.

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