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I just want to lose weight! What is a fast-acting diet? [Doctor supervision]

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Do you feel that you want to lose weight but are not good at losing weight over a long period of time? What is attractive to such a person is a diet with immediate effect.

Therefore, for those who want to lose weight in a short period of time, we will introduce a quick-acting diet method!

Must read! What should I be careful about when I want to lose weight immediately?

If you want to lose weight quickly, you may want to be careful before trying a method that is likely to lose weight. Please be aware of the following points.

Meal side

If you have a strong desire to lose weight, you tend to go on a diet that you don’t eat. If you eat too little, you will lose weight, but that will result in a lack of energy for your body.

In addition, since muscles are also lost, basal metabolism is also reduced, and even if you lose weight, you will be prone to gain weight.

Be aware that if you consume extremely little energy, you may lose your concentration and affect your work performance, or you may be frustrated and have a negative effect on your mental health .

If you try to lose weight just by eating, you tend to go on an unreasonable diet. We recommend a combination of exercise and diet.

While exercising and aiming for a well-balanced body, be careful about your diet and aim for a healthy weight loss. It is NG to drastically reduce the amount of food just because you want to lose weight immediately.

Exercise surface

Exercise is also necessary to lose weight. If you are exercising to lose weight, make sure you understand which part of the exercise you are working on .

This is because there are many types of “exercise” in one bite. Squats can train your legs and hips, and planks can train your abdominal muscles, back muscles, and upper arms.

Try to train your whole body in a well-balanced manner so that you do not exercise in the same area .

Also, check your physical condition and adjust the content and amount of exercise . Even if you usually do a combination of muscle training and jogging, on days when you are a little tired, you can only do light exercise such as stretching and walking.

Please note that if you force yourself to exercise violently when you are not in good physical condition because you want to lose weight immediately, it may affect your physical condition and motivation.

Keep in mind that weight and body fat consumption vary from person to person . Since basal metabolism differs depending on the original body shape and muscle mass, some people tend to lose weight by exercising and others do not.

Even if you say “I’m exercising but I can’t lose weight at all”, it may take some time for the effect to appear, so don’t give up and continue exercising.

Set goals that seem reasonable

If you want a successful diet, set goals. When setting goals, try to choose achievable ones rather than too high ones .

The goal of “thinning in a short period of time!” Is too vague, so let’s set specific goals such as “thinning 3 kg in a month” and “reducing waist 1.5 cm in 10 days” . However, I think that it is impossible from the beginning if the goal is to lose 10 kg in a month, so it is recommended to set a realistic goal .

To lose weight reasonably, about 1 kg a month, and the limit to lose weight in a healthy way is about 3 kg.


What is the recommended exercise method to lose weight? Is there an immediate effect?

What kind of exercise should I do if I want to lose weight in a short period of time? Here are some recommended exercise methods for immediate effects.

A combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise

If you want to lose weight in a short period of time, combine anaerobic and aerobic exercise. By doing so, you can lose weight efficiently.

■ What is anaerobic exercise?

Exercise that exerts great power in a short time is called anaerobic exercise. It does not require oxygen when exercising and is characterized by using sugar as an energy source.

Weight training and sprinting include anaerobic exercise. To train your muscles, it is effective to do anaerobic exercise, which puts a heavy load on your muscles.

■ What is aerobic exercise?

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that has a mild to moderate load on the muscles and can be continued for a certain period of time . In aerobic exercise, substances produced by taking oxygen into the body and burning fat are used as an energy source.

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Exercises such as jogging, walking, swimming, yoga, and skipping rope are aerobic exercises. Among them, jogging is a recommended exercise because you can continue for a long time at your own pace.

What kind of effect does it have?

Dieting with dietary restrictions often reduces not only fat but also muscle mass. It is important to exercise to maintain muscle mass, as basal metabolism decreases as muscle mass decreases.

When it comes to losing weight, aerobic exercise, which burns fat, is often the focus of attention, but anaerobic exercise , which helps reduce muscle loss, should also be included. Anaerobic exercise, which puts a heavy load on the muscles, helps the growth hormone work and increase metabolism.

When combining aerobic exercise and anaerobic exercise, it is recommended to do anaerobic exercise for about 20 minutes before doing aerobic exercise . By doing anaerobic exercise first to promote the secretion of growth hormone and then doing aerobic exercise, body fat is more likely to be decomposed.

Also, if you try to do anaerobic exercise, which puts more strain on your muscles after a long period of aerobic exercise, you will get tired and your performance will suffer. From a physical point of view, it is recommended to do anaerobic exercise first and then do aerobic exercise.


What is the recommended diet / lifestyle to lose weight immediately?

In order to lose weight quickly, you must be careful about your diet. Please be aware of the following points.

Immediate eating method

1. 1. Keep a record of what you eat

Make it a habit to keep track of what you eat . When you record what you eat, you often find that you are actually eating, even if you think you haven’t.

Also, by recording everything you eat, you will be able to plan your meals, such as “I ate too much at lunch, so I have to keep my dinner modest.”

You can record it in your notebook or notebook, but if handwriting is a hassle, you may want to look for an app for a recording diet . If it is a dedicated app, it is convenient for dieting because there are some that even calculate calories just by entering what you ate.

2. Pay attention to the time of eating

Pay attention to the time of eating. Eating late at night or eating so much that you don’t have time to rest your digestive system can help you gain weight.

Why not try an 8-hour diet or a 12-hour diet ?

An eight-hour diet is about completing a day’s meals within eight hours .

For example, if you have breakfast at 8:30, you must finish all meals by 16:30. If this is the case, you can skip breakfast, eat at 12:00 noon, and finish all meals by 20:00.

A 12-hour diet will complete your daily meals within 12 hours. If you have breakfast at 8:30, you must finish all meals by 20:30.

As long as you follow the rule of 8 hours or less and 12 hours or less, you can eat whatever you like during that time. However, if you’re looking for a fast-acting diet, it’s a good idea to eat healthy foods .

Also, be aware that eating foods that contain a lot of sugar will make you feel hungry easily.

What kind of effect does it have?

1. 1. Record of what you ate

Recording what you eat will prevent you from overeating, and by recording it you will be able to notice things like “I don’t have enough protein today” or “I have to eat more vegetables.”

Even for a short period of time on a diet, it’s good to record in terms of good nutritional management .

2. Timed diet

By deciding the meal time of the day to be within 8 hours or 12 hours, you can prevent eating forever.

You don’t eat late at night, so you can prevent the energy you’ve used up from turning into fat. In addition, it is possible to promote digestion and absorption and to rest the internal organs by making enough time for the digestive organs to rest .

From this, you can get closer to a body that is easy to lose weight.


If you want immediate effects on your diet, be careful about both exercise and diet and set specific goals. It is recommended to combine anaerobic exercise and aerobic exercise for exercise. When it comes to eating, try to be careful about the time of day when you eat while eating a nutritionally balanced diet, rather than saying “I don’t eat because I want to lose weight.”

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