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A must-see for cleansing refugees! How to choose and use oil cleansing

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It is said that oil cleansing, which has high detergency and can quickly remove dark makeup, has a strong effect on the skin. However, since the makeup can be removed firmly, there is no unwashed residue, and there is also the advantage of preventing dirt from accumulating on the skin. If you choose the item that suits you and master the correct usage, oil cleansing will be on your skin’s side.

How to choose the cleansing that suits you?

● Why do I have to cleanse?

Some of you may have such a question, “Isn’t it just a cleanser?” Have you ever washed a dish with oil on it with just water and it left a sticky residue and the stains couldn’t be completely removed? Cleansing is the same, and the makeup fee is oily, so you can’t remove makeup properly with water alone. Therefore, what is needed is cleansing that quickly raises and removes oily make-up agents. After applying make-up, cleansing it off is the first step in proper skin care.

● First, identify the skin type

There are different types of cleansing fees. Which one to choose should be selected according to your skin condition and the strength of your makeup.

Self-check skin type. It is a self-judgment to the last, so if you are concerned, please check again at the clinic or cosmetics counter.

[Normal skin]

I don’t feel any tension after washing my face, and I don’t really care about the greasiness of my forehead and cheeks. Choose an easy-to-use cleansing agent according to your lifestyle and makeup intensity.

[Dry skin]

If you don’t apply anything after washing your face, the whole face may feel taut or tingling, and it may become like dusting. Try using a cream or emulsion type cleansing agent.

[Oily skin]

After washing my face, I don’t feel any tension, but my forehead and cheeks are greasy and acne is likely to occur. Try using a cleansing agent that has a refreshing finish.

[Mixed skin]

If you don’t apply anything after washing your face, you will feel a partial tension around your eyes and mouth, and you will be worried about the greasiness of your forehead and nose. Let’s check again the correct usage of cleansing.

[Sensitive skin]

If you don’t apply anything after washing your face, you will not only feel taut, but also feel tingling and itching. The skin tends to fluctuate due to changes in the seasons and physical condition, and is vulnerable to irritation. Try using a mild cleansing fee.

● How to choose a cleansing fee. Explain the types and features

There are various shapes even if it is called cleansing. We will explain the characteristics of each type such as oil, gel, cream, milk, balm, and sheet type.

[Oil type]

The oil type with a lot of oil can remove even dark makeup smoothly. However, due to its strong detergency, it may be a burden on the skin, so be careful when choosing. On the other hand, because it can be removed quickly, it takes less time to put the cleaning agent on the skin and friction can be reduced, so it can be said that it is less irritating to the skin.

[Gel type]

It features a fresh, jelly-like feel and a soft cushioning texture that reduces friction during cleansing. The cloudy gel (emulsified type) is similar to the cream type and is relatively gentle on the skin, but its detergency is weak, so it is recommended for thin makeup. The transparent type has a refreshing finish, so it is recommended for those who are concerned about oily skin and other oily skin.

[Cream type]

It is said that the burden on the skin is relatively small because it is washed with a moderate amount of oil while keeping it moisturized. The rich and rich texture reduces friction during cleansing, so it is recommended for skin that is worried about aging or dry skin.

[Milk type]

It is characterized by its high moisture content and smooth feel, and is said to have a relatively weak detergency and less burden on the skin. It is recommended for Natura make-up as it can gently turn off the make-up while leaving moisture.

[Balm type]

It is a semi-solid balm that changes to an oily, smooth texture as it blends into the skin. It is popular to be able to cleanse while massaging, but you need to be careful about how to use it as it may be a burden on the skin due to friction. If you have sensitive skin, you may want to use it properly while checking the condition of your skin.

[Sheet type]

It has strong detergency and the friction caused by wiping it tends to be a burden on the skin, so it is not recommended for daily use. However, it is a convenient shape to use temporarily, such as when you are busy or traveling, so make good use of it.

Correct oil cleansing method

● How to use and procedure for oil cleansing

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Cleansing is a must if you use oily make-up. Of course, after cleansing, double-wash your face with a cleanser. Correct cleansing and washing is one of the important cares to protect your beautiful skin. Let’s master the correct usage and procedure of oil cleansing here.

① Remove hard-to-remove point makeup first.

Before using oil cleansing, remove waterproof point makeup with a special remover first.

② Wash and clean your hands, then apply an appropriate amount of oil cleansing to your dry palms.

Depending on the product, there are indications such as “Can be used with wet hands” and “OK in the bathroom”, but if you use it with dry hands that are as dry as possible, you can remove makeup quickly without straining your skin.

③ Put it on the T zone and apply it to the entire face.

Apply oil cleansing to the T zone (from the forehead to the nose), which has relatively thick skin on the face. Gently apply it to your cheeks with the pad of your finger.

④ Make the eyes and mouth familiar at the end

For small areas such as the eyes and mouth where the skin is thin, apply oil cleansing especially gently and carefully. I used a special remover to remove the point makeup first, so let’s do it quickly so as not to put a strain on the skin.

⑤ Rinse with lukewarm water

Rinse quickly with lukewarm water about the size of human skin. Even if it is a little sticky, there is no problem if you remove it with the next cleanser.

● NG points that tend to be done when using oil cleansing

・ Rubbing → Friction may damage the skin
・ Use only a small amount of oil cleansing → It may cause friction easily
・ Take too much time → It takes a long time to apply the cleaning agent to the skin as it takes the burden on the skin
, cold water and rinse with hot water → too cold water is less likely to fall is dirty, hot water too hot will lead to a drying of the skin

● About emulsification of oil cleansing

The main ingredients of oil cleansing are oils and surfactants. I’ll talk about surfactants later, but they act as a bridge between water and oil. When oil cleansing is applied to the skin, it becomes like a white film. This is a phenomenon called “emulsification”.

Oil cleansing lies and truths

● About surfactants

In the first place, cleansing agents are mainly composed of oil and surfactant. Surfactants are an essential ingredient in cleansing agents as a link between water and oil. The moment the oil cleansing is applied to the skin, it emulsifies white, which is a sign that water and oil are mixed by the surfactant. If you change the amount of oil, water, and surfactant, the shape of the cleansing agent will also change.

● Is it true that it falls off well but it puts a strain on the skin?

Compared to milk, cream, and gel types, oil cleansing contains more surfactant, so it has stronger detergency and is said to remove too much sebum and skin moisturizing ingredients. However, the advantage of oil cleansing is that you can quickly remove dark makeup because it emulsifies quickly. In other words, oil cleansing has a strong detergency and a heavy burden on the skin, but since makeup can be removed quickly, friction on the skin is minimized, and it can be said that the time it takes to apply the cleansing ingredients is short. If you understand the characteristics of oil cleansing properly and use it correctly, the disadvantages can turn into advantages.

● Is it possible to substitute oil cleansing?

I hear that surfactants are not good for the skin, so I would like to substitute other oils, and that I use edible olive oil, seed oil, coconut oil, etc. for cleansing. This is not recommended. Edible oils are made with a focus on taste and aroma. Therefore, fine fibers may remain in the oil, which may be irritating to the skin. Also, if it is stated that cleansing is possible for hair care oil such as camellia oil, it can be used as a substitute. However, if you are a batch remake or have applied a liquid foundation, make-up stains tend to remain on your skin, causing darkening, dullness, and pigmentation, so please remove your make-up properly with a normal cleansing agent. Since it is a daily cleansing, let’s choose it in consideration of usability and usability.

● Can oil cleansing remove keratin plugs?

If you are rubbing around your nose with oil cleansing because you want to remove the keratin plugs that are clogged in your pores, stop it now. In addition, oil cleansing is applied to the cotton swab, which is a hot topic on the word-of-mouth site, and the pores are muffled … This is also NG. Not only is it irritating to the skin, it also causes pigmentation. If you are concerned about dead skin cells in your pores, warm your face with a hot towel before cleansing to soften the dead skin cells around your pores. The steam effect makes it easier to remove the keratin plug.

Can I use oil cleansing in such cases?

● When you are inflamed such as acne

If you have inflamed acne, the makeup itself will be a burden. If you do make up, make it lighter to reduce the strain on your skin as much as possible. When using oil cleansing, be careful not to rub the acne area.

● When doing false eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are easy to remove by rubbing with a cleansing agent, and it is said that oil-type cleansing agents are especially easy to remove the adhesive from the extensions. It’s a good idea to have the extension shop teach you how to care for it.

● When it is extremely dry

It’s hard to say in a nutshell, but it’s best to avoid using oil cleansing if it causes severe dryness. If you are concerned about dryness even after moisturizing care, try using a milk or cream type cleansing agent.


Oil cleansing, which removes makeup smoothly and speedily, is the first step toward beautiful skin by using the appropriate amount in the correct way. Choose oil cleansing that is comfortable to use every day, such as ease of use and feel.

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